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Articles from Clinical Chemistry (January 1, 2002)

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Addition of quantitative 3-hydroxy-octadecanoic acid to the stable isotope gas chromatography-mass spectrometry method for measuring 3-hydroxy fatty acids. Jones, Patricia M.; Tjoa, Susan; Fennessey, Paul V.; Goodman, Stephen I.; Bennett, Michael J. 2366
Antigen microarrays for serodiagnosis of infectious diseases. Mezzasoma, Letizia; Bacarese-Hamilton, Tito; Cristina, Manlio Di; Rossi, Ruggero; Bistoni, Francesco 4206
Arsenic metabolites in human urine after ingestion of an arsenosugar. Francesconi, Kevin A.; Tanggaard, Rene; McKenzie, Christine J.; Goessler, Walter 6568
Breath acetone as a measure of systemic ketosis assessed in a rat model of the ketogenic diet. Likhodii, Sergei S.; Musa, Kathy; Cunnane, Stephen C. 4459
Brush with Death: A Social History of Lead Poisoning. Moyer, Thomas P. 390
Caveats in carbohydrate-deficient transferrin determination. Tagliaro, Franco; Bortolotti, Federica; Dorizzi, Romolo M.; Marigo, Mario Letter to the editor 1724
Clinical chemistry since 1800: growth and development. Rosenfeld, Louis 9517
Comparative costs of treating adults and children within selected diagnosis-related groups. Young, Donald S.; Sachais, Bruce S.; Jefferies, Leigh C. 8547
Comparison of two methods for measuring salivary Cortisol. Raff, Hershel; Homar, Peter J.; Burns, Edith A. Letter to the editor 910
Compliance of general practitioners with a guideline-based decision support system for ordering blood tests. van Wijk, Marc A.M.; van der Lei, Johan; Mosseveld, Mees; Bohnen, Arthur M.; van Bemmel, Jan H. 4545
Corrected call for nominations. 216
Correction. Correction notice 101
Detection of oligoclonal immunoglobulins in cerebrospinal fluid by an immunofixation-peroxidase method. Richard, Sophie; Miossec, Veronique; Moreau, Jean-Francois; Taupin, Jean-Luc 5231
Determination of coumarin-type anticoagulants in human plasma by HPLC-electrospray ionization tandem mass spectrometry with an ion trap detector. Kollroser, Manfred; Schober, Caroline 3665
Determination of oligosaccharides in pompe disease by electrospray ionization tandem mass spectrometry. Rozaklis, Tina; Ramsay, Steven L.; Whitfield, Phillip D.; Ranieri, Enzo; Hopwood, John J.; Meikle, P 6273
Differential DNA methylation between fetus and mother as a strategy for detecting fetal DNA in maternal plasma. Poon, Leo L.M.; Leung, Tse N.; Lau, Tze K.; Chow, Katherine C.K.; Lo, Y.M. Dennis 4052
Direct serum total iron-binding capacity assay suitable for automated analyzers. Siek, Gordon; Lawlor, Joseph; Pelczar, Donna; Sane, Meena; Musto, Joseph 3389
DNA microarray to monitor the expression of MAGE-A genes. Zammatteo, Nathalie; Lockman, Laurence; Brasseur, Francis; De Plaen, Etienne; Lurquin, Christophe; L 6227
DNA Microarrays: A Practical Approach/Microarray Biochip Technology/DNA Arrays: Methods and Protocols. Mifflin, Theodore E. 1788
Effect of disease complications on hospital costs. Young, Donald S.; Sachais, Bruce S.; Jefferies, Leigh C. 7813
Effect of piperacillin-tazobactam on clinical capillary zone electrophoresis of serum proteins. Bossuyt, Xavier; Peetermans, Willy E. Letter to the editor 679
False-positive lysergic acid diethylamide immunoassay screen associated with fentanyl medication. Gagajewski, Angelique; Davis, Gershwin K.; Kloss, Julie; Poch, Gregory K.; Anderson, Cynthia J.; App Letter to the editor 1384
Heterophilic antibody interference with cardiac T quantitative rapid assay. White, Graham H.; Tideman, Philip A. Letter to the editor 1549
HPLC determination of thiopurine nucleosides and nucleotides in vivo in lymphoblasts following mercaptopurine therapy. Dervieux, Thierry; Chu, Yaqin; Su, Yi; Pui, Ching-Hon; Evans, William E.; Relling, Mary V. 4717
Impact of the third cholesterol report from the adult treatment panel of the national cholesterol education program on the clinical laboratory. Warnick, G. Russell; Myers, Gary L.; Cooper, Gerald R.; Rifai, Nader 5885
Importance of the detection method for thyroglobulin antibodies for the validity of thyroglobulin measurements in sera from patients with graves disease. Massart, Catherine; Maugendre, Didier 3207
Influence of adsorption and deproteination on potential free thyroxine reference methods. Holm, Steen S.; Andreasen, Lisbeth; Hansen, Steen H.; Faber, Jens; Staun-Olsen, Poul 5416
J. Stanton King, 1922-2001. Bruns, David E. 202
Liver and adipose tissue fatty acid ethyl esters obtained at autopsy are postmortem markers for premortem ethanol intake. Refaai, Majed A.; Nguyen, Phan N.; Steffensen, Thora S.; Evans, Richard J.; Cluette-Brown, Joanne E. Clinical report 3994
Muscular Dystrophy: Methods and Protocols. Prior, Thomas W. 538
On-site testing of 3,4-methylenedioxymethamphetamine (ecstasy) in saliva with Drugwipe and Drugread: a controlled study in recreational users. Pichini, Simona; Navarro, Monica; Farre, Magi; Ortuno, Jordi; Roset, Pere Nolasc; Pacifici, Roberta; 2303
Performance of precision G blood glucose analyzer with a new test strip G2b on neonatal samples. Meric, Burcu; Kilicaslan, Nazife; Kerman, Kagan; Ozkan, Dilsat; Kurun, Umran; Aksu, Nejat; Ozsoz, Me 1618
Plasma homocysteine concentrations in patients with liver cirrhosis. Ferre, Natalia; Gomez, Frederic; Camps, Jordi; Simo, Josep M.; Murphy, Michelle M.; Fernandez-Ballar 1804
Practice guidelines and practicing physicians--who's guiding whom? van Walraven, Carl 1163
Rapid liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry method for routine analysis of cyclosporin a over an extended concentration range. Keevil, Brian G.; Tierney, David P.; Cooper, Donald P.; Morris, Michael R. 5238
Ratio of transferrin (Tf) to Tf-receptor complex in circulation differs depending on Tf iron saturation. Kato, Junji; Kobune, Masayoshi; Kohgo, Yutaka; Fujikawa, Koshi; Takimoto, Rishu; Torimoto, Yoshihiro 2088
Reference interval for troponin I on the ACS: Centaur Assay: a recommendation based on the recent redefinition of myocardial Infarction. Armstrong, Guy P.; Barker, Antony N.; Patel, Hitesh; Hart, Hamish H. Letter to the editor 1184
Rifampin interference with opiate immunoassays. Daher, Rose; Haidar, Joud H.; Amin, Hadi Al- Letter to the editor 964
Telomerase detection in body fluids. Hess, Jennifer L.; Highsmith, W. Edward, Jr. 4827
Tietz Fundamentals of Clinical Chemistry, Fifth Edition. Sonntag, Oswald 516
Unexplained DNA melting behavior in a genotyping assay. Burggraf, Siegfried; Kosel, Siegfried; Lohmann, Sabine; Beck, Reinhard; Olgemoller, Bernhard Letter to the editor 1180
Yield and cost of individual common diagnostic tests in new primary care outpatients in Japan. Takemura, Yuzuru; Ishida, Haku; Inoue, Yuji; Beck, J. Robert 9192

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