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Articles from Clinical Chemistry (June 1, 2000)

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A high factor II/factor X functional ratio is not a useful predictor of the FII G20210A gene mutation in thromboembolic patients undergoing oral anticoagulant treatment. Ordonez, Angel Jose Gonzalez; Carreira, Jose Manuel Fernandez; Alvarez, Maria Victoria; Sanchez, Leo Letter to the editor 1174
AACC meetings. Bruns, David E. Calendar 323
Age-related increases in plasma phosphatidylcholine hydroperoxide concentrations in control subjects and patients with hyperlipidemia. Kinoshita, Mikio; Oikawa, Shinichi; Hayasaka, Kyoko; Sekikawa, Akihiro; Nagashima, Tazuko; Toyota, T 4737
Branched-chain keto-acids and pyruvate in blood: measurement by HPLC with fluorimetric detection and changes in older subjects. Pailla, Karine; Blonde-Cynober, Francoise; Aussel, Christian; De Bandt, Jean-Pascal; Cynober, Luc 4124
Circulating immunoreactive proANP (1-30) and proANP (31-67) in sedentary subjects and athletes. De Palo, Elio F.; Woloszczuk, Wolfgang; Meneghetti, Martina; De Palo, Carlo B.; Nielsen, Henning B.; 3200
Detection of the Finnish-type congenital nephrotic syndrome by restriction fragment length polymorphism and dual-color oligonucleotide ligation assays. Romppanen, Eeva-Liisa; Mononen, Ilkka 4862
Determination of gentamicins [C.sub.1], [C.sub.1a], and [C.sub.2] in plasma and urine by HPLC. Isoherranen, Nina; Soback, Stefan 4137
Disposition of Toxic Drugs and Chemicals in Man. Hammett-Stabler, Catherine A. 361
Effects of hemoglobin C and S traits on seven glycohemoglobin methods. Frank, Elizabeth L.; Moulton, Linda; Little, Randie R.; Wiedmeyer, Hsiao-Mei; Rohlfing, Curt; Robert Clinical report 2341
Erythrocyte sedimentation rate by the Test-1 analyzer. de Jonge, Niels; Sewkaransing, Indra; Slinger, Jeroen; Rijsdijk, John J.M. Letter to the editor 780
Estimation of serum apolipoprotein B by a modified homogeneous assay for HDL-Cholesterol. Sampson, Maureen L.; Csako, Gyorgy; Remaley, Alan T. 941
Genistein: a potent natural antiandrogen. Zand, Rachel S. Rosenberg; Jenkins, David J.A.; Diamandis, Eleftherios P. Letter to the editor 553
How much "UFC" is really cortisol? Murphy, Beverley E. Pearson 1181
HPLC analysis of lipid-derived polyunsaturated fatty acid peroxidation products in oxidatively modified human plasma. Browne, Richard W.; Armstrong, Donald 5215
Improved sensitivity of capillary electrophoresis for detection of bisalbuminemia. Jaeggi-Groisman, Silvia E.; Byland, Christa; Gerber, Hans Letter to the editor 752
Interference by glycolic acid in the Beckman synchron method for lactate: a useful clue for unsuspected ethylene glycol intoxication. Porter, William H.; Crellin, Margaret; Rutter, Philip W.; Oeltgen, Peter 1177
Latex-enhanced immunoturbidimetry allows D-dimer determination in plasma and serum samples. Korte, Wolfgang; Riesen, Walter 1396
Leptin in cerebrospinal fluid from children: correlation with plasma leptin, sexual dimorphism, and lack of protein binding. Landt, Michael; Parvin, Curtis A.; Wong, Michael 2876
Macroprolactin reactivities in prolactin assays: an issue for clinical laboratories and equipment manufacturers. John, Rhys; McDowell, Ian F.W.; Scanlon, Maurice F.; Ellis, Andy R. Letter to the editor 960
National Library of Medicine. Sussman, Howard H. 1209
New approaches to cyclosporine monitoring raise further concerns about analytical techniques. Holt, David W.; Johnston, Atholl; Kahan, Barry D.; Morris, Raymond G.; Oellerich, Michael; Shaw, Les 1382
Nonparametric estimation of reference intervals by simple and bootstrap-based procedures. Linnet, Kristian 1950
Plasma ferritin in acute hepatocellular damage. Bhagat, Chotoo I.; Fletcher, Stephen; Joseph, John; Beilby, John P. Letter to the editor 806
Protein glycosylation and diseases: blood and urinary oligosaccharides as markers for diagnosis and therapeutic monitoring. Durand, Genevieve; Seta, Nathalie 6490
Quantitative Beutler test for newborn mass screening of galactosemia using a fluorometric microplate reader. Fujimoto, Akie; Okano, Yoshiyuki; Miyagi, Tomiko; Isshiki, Gen; Oura, Toshiaki 3508
Rapid detection of angiotensinogen M/T235 polymorphism by fluorescence probe melting curves. Malin, Riikka; Wirta, Valtteri; Hiltunen, Timo P.; Lehtimaki, Terho Letter to the editor 849
Sensitive ELISA for human immunoglobulin D measurement in neonate, infant, and adult sera. Levan-Petit, Isabelle; Cardonna, Joel; Garcia, Martine; Migeon, Julien; Corbi, Cecile; Preud'homme, 2333
Serum and urinary prostate-specific antigen and urinary human glandular kallikrein concentrations are significantly increased after testosterone administration in female-to-male transsexuals. Obiezu, Chrisitna V.; Giltay, Erik J.; Magklara, Angeliki; Scorilas, Andreas; Gooren, Louis J.G.; Yu 2699
Serum concentrations of intact parathyroid hormone in healthy children. Cioffi, Michele; Corradino, Maurizio; Gazzerro, Patrizio; Vietri, Maria-Teresa; Di Macchia, Catia; C 1170
Silver staining of denaturing gradient gel electrophoresis gels. Radojkovic, Dragica; Kusic, Jelena Letter to the editor 764
Troponin T and I assays show decreased concentrations in heparin plasma compared with serum: lower recoveries in early than in late phases of myocardial injury. Gerhardt, Willie; Nordin, Gunnar; Herbert, Ann-Katrin; Burzell, Birgitta Linaker; Isaksson, Anders; 3312
Urinary free cortisol is unrelated to physiological changes in urine volume in healthy women. Putignano, Pietro; Dubini, Antonella; Cavagnini, Francesco Letter to the editor 682

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