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Articles from Clinical Chemistry (August 1, 2000)

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A simple PCR-heteroduplex screening method for detection of a common mutation of the catalase gene in Hungary. Goth, Laszlo; Gorzsas, Andras; Kalmar, Tibor 1173
Advances in Clinical Laboratory Hematology. The twenty-third Arnold O. Beckman Conference in Clinical Chemistry. Ashwood, Edward R. Conference notes 1104
Agreement study of methods based on the elimination principle for the measurement of LDL- and HDL-cholesterol Compared with ultracentrifugation in patients With liver cirrhosis. Gomez, Frederic; Camps, Jordi; Simo, Josep M.; Ferre, Natalia; Joven, Jorge 2082
An IgM [lambda] antibody to Escherichia coli produces false-positive results in multiple immunometric assays. Covinsky, Michael; Laterza, Omar; Pfeifer, John D.; Farkas-Szallasi, Tunde; Scott, Mttchell G. 3391
Analytical and clinical evaluation of two homogeneous assays for LDL-cholesterol in hyperlipidemic patients. Esteban-Salan, Margarita; Guimon-Bardesi, Amada; De La Viuda-Unzueta, Jesus Maria; Azcarate-Ania, Ma 7136
Analytical quality of near-patient blood cholesterol and glucose determinations. Plessis, Marita du; Ubbink, Johan B.; Vermaak, W.J. Hayward 4233
Bone lead concentrations assessed by in vivo x-ray fluorescence. Ambrose, Theresa M.; Al-Lozi, Muhammad; Scott, Mitchell G. Clinical report 5741
Bone marrow and peripheral blood hematopoietic stem cell transplantation: focus on autografting. Baynes, Roy D.; Hamm, Caroline; Dansey, Roger; Klein, Jared; Cassells, Lucinda; Karanes, Chatchada; 10382
Coagulation and bleeding disorders: review and update. Triplett, Douglas A. 6946
Cobalamin and folate evaluation: measurement of methylmalonic acid and homocysteine vs vitamin [B.sub.12] and folate. Klee, George G. 5389
Colorimetric microwell plate detection of the factor V Leiden mutation. Kowalski, Adalbert; Radu, Daniela; Gold, Bert 2788
Description of a computer program to assess cancer antigen 15.3, carcinoembryonic antigen, and tissue polypeptide antigen information during monitoring of metastatic breast cancer. Soletormos, Gyorgy; Schioler, Vibeke 4268
Does iron concentration in a liver needle biopsy accurately reflect hepatic iron burden in [beta]-thalassemia? Crisponi, Guido; Ambu, Rossano; Cristiani, Franco; Mancosu, Gabriella; Nurchi, Valeria Marina; Pinna 2615
Does trisialo-transferrin provide valuable information for the laboratory diagnosis of chronically increased alcohol consumption by determination of carbohydrate-deficient transferrin? Dibbelt, Leif 1768
Evaluation of novel assays in clinical chemistry: quantification of plasma total homocysteine. Nexo, Ebba; Engbaek, Frode; Ueland, Per Magne; Westby, Christina; O' Gorman, Paudy; Johnston, Carole 4016
Evidence-based implementation of free phenytoin therapeutic drug monitoring. Burt, Martha; Anderson, David C.; Kloss, Julie; Apple, Fred S. Clinical report 2565
Evidence-based laboratory medicine: supporting decision-making. Price, Christopher P. 7093
Falsely increased values for rabbit immunoglobulin-based nephelometric immunoassays attributable to human anti-rabbit antibodies. Butch, Anthony W. Letter to the editor 1254
Flow cytometric analysis of reverse transcription-PCR products: Quantification of [p21.sup.WAFI/CIPI] and proliferating cell nuclear antigen mRNA. Wedemeyer, Niels; Gohde, Wolfgang; Potter, Thomas 3988
Flow cytometry: Principles and clinical applications in hematology. Brown, Michael; Wtttwer, Carl 5747
Genetic analysis of dna excreted in urine: a new approach for detecting specific genomic DNA sequences from cells dying in an organism. Botezatu, Irina; Serdyuk, Ol'ga; Potapova, Galina; Shelepov, Valery; Alechina, Raisa; Molyaka, Yuriy 4339
Genotyping of factor V G169IA (Leiden) without the use of PCR by invasive cleavage of oligonucleotide probes. Hessner, Martin J.; Budish, Mary Ann; Friedman, Kenneth D. 3805
Glyceraldehyde preserves glucose concentrations in whole blood specimens. Landt, Michael 3958
Identification of two LDL-receptor mutations causing familial hypercholesterolemia in Indian subjects by a simplified rapid PCR-heteroduplex method. Ashavaid, Tester F.; Kondkar, Altaf A.; Nair, Kappiareth G. 1702
In Memoriam. Obituary 162
Interferences in immunoassay--still a threat. Kricka, Larry J. 1411
Ischemic exercise testing in suspected McArdle disease. Zaman, Zahur; De Raedt, Stefaan 664
Laboratory investigation of hemoglobinopathies and thalassemias: review and update. Clarke, Gwendolyn M.; Higgins, Trefor N. 4900
LDL particle size by gradient-gel electrophoresis cannot be estimated by LDL-cholesterol/apolipoprotein B ratios. Furuya, Daisuke; Yagihashi, Atsuhito; Nasu, Syunichi; Endoh, Teruo; Nakamura, Tohru; Kaneko, Reiko; 1220
Molecular testing of urine: catching DNA on the way out. Lo, Y.M. Dennis 1517
Multifaceted approach to the diagnosis and classification of acute leukemias. McKenna, Robert W. 4701
Nonalcoholic red wine extract and quercetin inhibit LDL oxidation without affecting plasma antioxidant vitamin and carotenoid concentrations. Chopra, Mridula; Fitzsimons, Patricia E.E.; Strain, John J.; Thurnham, David I.; Howard, Alan N. Report 6830
Opportunistic discovery of occult disease by use of test panels in new, symptomatic primary care outpatients: yield and cost of case finding. Takemura, Yuzuru; Ishida, Haku; Inoue, Yuji; Kobayashi, Hiroyuki; Beck, J. Robert 5249
Plasma cystatin C is superior to 24-h creatinine clearance and plasma creatinine for estimation of glomerular filtration rate 3 months after kidney transplantation. Bricon, Thierry Le; Thervet, Eric; Froissart, Marc; Benlakehal, Mourad; Bousquet, Bernard; Legendre, Letter to the editor 1121
Prognostic significance of low serum cholesterol after cardiothoracic surgery. Stachon, Axel; Boning, Andreas; Weisser, Heike; Laczkovics, Axel; Skipka, Guido; Krieg, Michael 4621
Quantification and characterization of pregnancy associated complexes of angiotensinogen and the proform of eosinophil major basic protein in serum and amniotic fluid. Christiansen, Michael; Jaliashvili, Irakli; Overgaard, Michael T.; Ensinger, Christian; Obrist, Pete 5195
Rapid detection of the CYP2D6*3, CYP2D6*4, and CYP2D6*6 alleles by tetra-primer PCR and of the CYP2D6*5 allele by multiplex long PCR. Hersberger, Martin; Marti-Jaun, Jacqueline; Rentsch, Katharina; Hanseler, Edgar 3621
Rapid single-tube genotyping of the factor V Leiden and prothrombin mutations by real-time PCR using dual-color detection. van den Bergh, Frank A.J.T.M.; van Oeveren-Dybicz, Arletta M.; Bon, Michelle A.M. 2736
Riboflavin as a determinant of plasma total homocysteine: effect modification by the methylenetetrahydrofolate reductase C677T polymorphism. Hustad, Steinar; Ueland, Per Magne; Vollset, Stein Emil; Zhang, Ying; Bjorke-Monsen, Anne Lise; Schn 4562
Space flight is associated with rapid decreases of undercarboxylated osteocalcin and increases of markers of bone resorption without changes in their circadian variation: observations in two cosmonauts. Caillot-Augusseau, Anne; Vico, Laurence; Heer, Martina; Voroviev, Dimitri; Souberbielle, Jean-Claude 4859
Stability of several biochemical markers of bone metabolism. Lomeo, Angelo; Bolner, Andrea 1544
The CBC at the turn of the millennium: an overview. Ward, Patrick C.J. 3143
The clinical lab at the millennium: 1970 to 2030. Bruns, David E. 3094
Transfusion medicine: an overview and update. Ness, Paul M. 6153
Understanding and identifying monoclonal gammopathies. Attaelmannan, Mohammed; Levinson, Stanley S. 6478
Validation of an assay for routine monitoring of sirolimus using HPLC with mass spectrometric detection. Holt, David W.; Lee, Terry; Jones, Kirsty; Johnston, Atholl 3439

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