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Articles from Clinical Chemistry (November 1, 1998)

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Acquired hyperhomocysteinemia in heart transplant recipients. Jacobsen, Donald W. 2147
Automated enzymatic assay for the determination of sucrose in serum and urine and its use as a marker of gastric damage. Vinet, Bernard; Panzini, Benoit; Boucher, Mathieu; Massicotte, Julie 2375
Automated measurement of serum ferroxidase activity. Erel, Ozcan 4696
Cancer and Clinical Biochemistry. D'Costa, Mario 616
Cardiac troponin I and minor cardiac damage: biochemical markers in a clinical model of myocardial lesions. Del Rey, Jose Manuel; Madrid, Antonio Hernandez; Valino, Jose Manuel; Rubi, Jose; Mercader, Jose; Mo Report 4534
Citation classics in lipid measurement and applications. Gotto, Antonio M.; Cooper, Gerald R. 2708
Clinical Chemistry On-line ( Bruns, David E. 186
Clinical evaluation of the Serum CrossLaps One Step ELISA, a new assay measuring the serum concentration of bone-derived degradation products of type I collagen C-telopeptides. Christgau, Stephan; Rosenquist, Christian; Alexandersen, Peter; Bjarnason, Nina Hannover; Ravn, Pern 6263
Clinical Use of Laboratory Data: A Practical Guide. Henricks, Walter H. 633
Correlation between total homocysteine and cyclosporine concentrations in cardiac transplant recipients. Cole, David E.C.; Ross, Heather J.; Evrovski, Jovan; Langman, Loralie J.; Miner, Steven E.S.; Daly, Report 3928
Detection of intracellular antigens by flow cytometry: comparison of two chemical methods and microwave heating. Millard, Isabelle; Degrave, Etienne; Philippe, Marianne; Gala, Jean-Luc 6807
Direct reverse transcription-PCR on oligo(dT)-immobilized polypropylene microplates after capturing total mRNA from crude cell lysates. Hamaguchi, Yohei; Aso, Yoshimasa; Shimada, Hiroshi; Mitsuhashi, Masato 4350
Electrospray ionization mass analysis of normal and genetic variants of human serum albumin. Brennan, Stephen O. 3772
Genotyping method for methylenetetrahydrofolate reductase (C677T thermolabile variant) using heteroduplex technology. Clark, Zoe E.; Bowen, Derrick J.; Whatley, Sharon D.; Bellamy, Michael F.; Collins, Peter W.; McDowe 1373
Handbook of Parametric and Nonparametric Statistical Procedures. Holmes, Earle W. 503
Hb [A.sub.2] in subjects with Hb D. Dash, Sumitra; Huisman, Titus H.J. Letter to the editor 571
HPLC detection of fetal blood in meconium: improved sensitivity compared with qualitative methods. Chen, Dan; Wilhite, Timothy R.; Smith, Carl H.; Blinder, Morey A.; Landt, Michael 2046
Influence of methodology on the detection and diagnosis of congenital analbuminemia. Lyon, Andrew W.; Meinert, Paul; Bruce, Garth A.; Laxdal, Victor A.; Salkie, Mark L. 2754
Influence of uremic toxins and nonesterified fatty acids on drug and thyroid hormone binding in serum. Lim, Chen-Fee; Stockigt, J.R. Letter to the editor 967
Is prostate-specific antigen a marker for pregnancies affected by down syndrome? Spencer, Kevin; Carpenter, Paul 2627
K-ras gene mutations in the diagnosis of fine-needle aspirates of pancreatic masses: prospective study using two techniques with different detection limits. Mora, Josefina; Puig, Pere; Boadas, Jaume; Urgell, Eulalia; Montserrat, Enric; Lerma, Enrique; Gonza Clinical report 4280
Lactate dehydrogenase-immunoglobulin G complex in the serum of the postburn patient. Liu, Zejun; He, Changsheng; Huang, Xingyu; Wei, Mingjing 671
Lipoprotein(a) as a risk factor for ischemic heart disease: metaanalysis of prospective studies. Craig, Wendy Y.; Neveux, Louis M.; Palomaki, Glenn E.; Cleveland, Meghan M.; Haddow, James E. 4436
Lyophilized bovine hemoglobin as a possible reference material for the determination of hemoglobin derivatives in human blood. Maas, Bart H.A.; Buursma, Anneke; Ernst, Rob A.J.; Maas, Anton H.J.; Zijlstra, Willem G. 5997
Molecular diagnosis of Finnish type infantile neuronal ceroid lipofuscinosis by restriction fragment length polymorphism and oligonucleotide ligation assay. Romppanen, Eeva-Liisa; Valtonen, Pirjo; Mononen, Tarja; Mononen, Ilkka 2089
New English on the Internet. Bruns, David E. 103
Positive interference of icodextrin metabolites in some enzymatic glucose methods. Janssen, Willy; Harff, Gottfried; Caers, Monique; Schellekens, Andries Letter to the editor 848
Rapid and automated assay for thyrotropin in Guthrie cards on the ACS:180. Neto, Eurico Camargo; Schulte, Jaqueline 1682
Regression-based reference limits: determination of sufficient sample size. Virtanen, Arja; Kairisto, Veli; Uusipaikka, Esa 3657
RNA chip: quality assessment of RNA by microchannel linear gel electrophoresis in injection-molded plastic chips. Ogura, Mieko; Agata, Yoichi; Watanabe, Kenji; McCormick, Randy M.; Hamaguchi, Yohei; Aso, Yoshimasa; 3200
Screening assay for ethylene glycol in serum. Zoppi, Francesco; Maher, Kay Letter to the editor 743
Seminars in Clinical Biochemistry, 2nd ed. Schreiber, William E. 475
Serum CrossLaps One Step ELISA. First application of monoclonal antibodies for measurement in serum of bone-related degradation products from C-terminal telopeptides of type I collagen. Rosenquist, Christian; Fledelius, Christian; Christgau, Stephan; Pedersen, Brian J.; Bonde, Martin; Report 5820
Serum ubiquinone-10 in a pediatric population. Artuch, Rafael; Moreno, Joan; Quintana, Montserrat; Puig, Rosa M.; Vilaseca, M. Antonia Letter to the editor 1281
Should we accept mediocrity? Bruns, David E. 550
Simplified interpretative format for assessing test interference: studies with hemoglobin-based oxygen carrier solutions. Kazmierczak, Steven C.; Catrou, Paul G.; Boudreau, Donald 4231
Stability of neuroactive amino acids in cerebrospinal fluid under various conditions of processing and storage. Anesi, Adriano; Rondanelli, Mariangela; d'Eril, Gianvico Melzi 2285
The evolution of clinical chemistry as reflected in textbooks published in the United States. Doumas, Basil T. 1956
The Scientific Expert in Court. Principles and Guidelines. White, Robert M. 857
Validity of linear regression in method comparison studies: is it limited by the statistical model or the quality of the analytical input data? Stockl, Dietmar; Dewitte, Katy; Thienpont, Linda M. 5481
Why is troponin T increased in the serum of patients with end-stage renal disease? McNeil, Alan R.; Marshall, Mark; Ellis, Chris J.; Hawkins, Robert C. Letter to the editor 493

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