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Articles from Clinical Chemistry (July 1, 1998)

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A nondiabetic case of hemoglobin variant (Hb Niigata) with inappropriately high and low HbA1c titers detected by different methods. Watanabe, Tsuyoshi; Kato, Ken; Yamada, Daishiro; Midorikawa, Sanae; Sato, Wakano; Shiga, Masaru; Ots 2228
AACC Award for Outstanding Contributions in Education. Bruns, David E. 596
AACC Award for Outstanding Contributions through Service to the Profession of Clinical Chemistry. Bruns, David E. 712
AACC Award for Outstanding Contributions to Clinical Chemistry in a selected area of research. Bruns, David E. 659
AACC Award for Outstanding Scientific Achievements by a young investigator. Bruns, David E. 666
AACC award winners, 1998: AACC Award for Outstanding Contributions to Clinical Chemistry. Bruns, David E. 650
AACC International Travel Fellowship. Bruns, David E. 1022
AACC's past President's Award. Bruns, David E. 639
Acute effects of fracture on bone markers and vitamin K. Takahashi, Masaaki; Kushida, Kazuhiro; Hoshino, Hironobu; Aoshima, Hiroe; Ohishi, Tsuyoshi; Inoue, T Letter to the editor 1458
Assessment of interlaboratory performance in external proficiency testing programs with a direct HDL-cholesterol assay. Rifai, Nader; Cole, Thomas G.; Iannotti, Elizabeth; Law, Terence; Macke, Michael; Miller, Richard; D 3968
Biological variation of cystatin C: implications for the assessment of glomerular filtration rate. Keevil, Brian G.; Kilpatrick, Eric S.; Nichols, Simon P.; Maylor, Paul W. 2926
CA 125 in ovarian cancer: advances and controversy. Fritsche, Herbert A.; Bast, Robert C. 2142
Capillary electrophoresis in the analysis of the deletion/insertion polymorphism of the angiotensin I-converting enzyme gene. Lehmann, Rainer; Koch, Matthias Letter to the editor 316
Cardiac troponin T in hemodialyzed patients. Ooi, Daylily S.; House, Andrew A. Clinical report 4446
Cardiac troponins I and T in patients with suspected acute coronary syndrome: a comparative study in a routine setting. Hetland, Oyvind; Dickstein, Kenneth Report 5786
Chiron 800 system CO-oximeter module overestimates methemoglobin concentrations in neonatal samples containing fetal hemoglobin. Lynch, Patrick L.M.; Bruns, David E.; Boyd, James C.; Savory, John 1003
Citation classics in intermediary metabolism. Peters, Theodore, Jr. 2151
Comparison of seven immunoassays for the quantification of CA 125 antigen in serum. Davelaar, Elvira M.; van Kamp, Gerard J.; Verstraeten, Rob A.; Kenemans, Peter 4487
Correction. Correction notice 103
Cross-reactivity of fosphenytoin in two human plasma phenytoin immunoassays. Kugler, Alan R.; Annesley, Thomas M.; Nordblom, Gerald D.; Koup, Jeffrey R.; Olson, Stephen C. 4455
D-Dimer testing within the routine clinical chemistry profile. Vukovich, T.C.; Hamwi, A.; Bieglmayer, C. 1299
Detection of h-ras mutations in urine sediments by a mutant-enriched PCR technique. Conejo, Jose Ramon; Parra, Trinidad; Cantero, Miguel; Jimenez, Agustin; Granizo, Vicente; de Arriba, 2447
Detection of mutations in the apolipoprotein CII gene by denaturing gradient gel electrophoresis. Identification of the splice site variant apolipoprotein CII-Hamburg in a patient with severe hypertriglyceridemia. Nauck, Markus S.; Nissen, Henrik; Hoffmann, Michael M.; Herwig, Jurgen; Pullinger, Clive R.; Averna, 6063
Development of a rapid microparticle-enhanced turbidimetric immunoassay for plasma fatty acid-binding protein, an early marker of acute myocardial infarction. Robers, Markus; Van der Hulst, Ferenc F.; Fischer, Marc A.J.G.; Roos, Werner; Salud, Carlos E.; Eise 2632
Drug Abuse Handbook. Warner, Ann 666
Effect of ascorbic acid administration on serum concentration of transferrin receptors. Khumalo, Hlosukwazi; Gomo, Zvenyika A.R.; Gangaidzo, Innocent T.; Moyo, Victor M.; Mandishona, Eberh 3033
False-positive LSD drug screening induced by a mucolytic medication. Lotz, Johannes; Hafner, Gerd; Rohrich, Jorg; Zorntlein, Siegfried; Kern, Thomas; Prellwitz, Winfried Letter to the editor 559
First direct assay for intact human proinsulin. Houssa, Paule; Dinesen, Bo; Deberg, Michelle; Frank, Bruce H.; Van Schravendijk, Chris; Sodoyez-Goff 4990
Fluorometric determination of total retinyl esters in triglyceride-rich lipoproteins. (Lipids and Lipoproteins). Orth, Matthias; Hanisch, Monika; Kroning, Gerd; Porsch-Ozcurumez, Mustafa; Wieland, Heinrich; Luley, 3787
Gel diffusion procedure for the detection of cryoglobulins in serum. Okazaki, Toshio; Nagai, Tatsuo; Kanno, Takashi 708
Highly specific radioimmunoassay for human insulin based on immune exclusion of all insulin precursors. Deberg, Michelle; Houssa, Paule; Frank, Bruce H.; Sodoyez-Goffaux, Francoise; Sodoyez, Jean-claude 5375
Human cholesteryl ester transfer protein measured by enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay with two monoclonal antibodies against rabbit cholesteryl ester transfer protein: plasma cholesteryl ester transfer protein and lipoproteins among Japanese hypercholesterolemic patients. Sasai, Kanna; Okumura-Noji, Kuniko; Hibino, Takeshi; Ikeuchi, Reiko; Sakuma, Nagahiko; Fujinami, Tak 5584
Interference with nephelometric assay of C-reactive protein by monoclonal immunoglobulin. Lammers, Manfred Letter to the editor 513
Method-specific reference intervals for serum anion gap and 0smolality. Roberts, William L.; Paulson, William D. Letter to the editor 613
Modification of the Abbott cyclosporine monoclonal whole blood assay. Guinarte, J. Carlos; Perez, Luis F.; Tutor, J. Carlos Letter to the editor 443
Monitoring ovarian function by the simultaneous time-resolved fluorescence immunoassay of two urinary steroid metabolites. Barnard, Geoff; Kohen, Fortune 5470
New immunoseparation-based homogeneous assay for HDL-cholesterol compared with three homogeneous and two heterogeneous methods for HDL-cholesterol. Nauck, Matthias; Marz, Winfried; Wieland, Heinrich 5279
Optimized PCR labeling in mutational and microsatellite analysis. Esposito, Diana Liberata; Palmirotta, Raffaele; Veri, Maria Concetta; Mammarella, Sandra; D'Amico, F 5037
Plasma folic acid cutoff value, derived from its relationship with homocyst(e)ine. Brouwer, D.A. Janneke; Welten, H.T.M. Erik; Reijngoud, Dirk-Jan; van Doormaal, Jasper J.; Muskiet, F 4756
Preparation and validation of PCR-generated positive controls for diagnostic dot blotting. Liang, Min-Hui; Johnson, Dennis R.; Wong, Lee-Jun C. 1233
Proton nuclear magnetic resonance spectral profiles of urine in type II diabetic patients. Messana, Irene; Forni, Franca; Ferrari, Franco; Rossi, Cristina; Giardina, Bruno; Zuppi, Cecilia 3911
Quantitation of bcl-2 protein in bladder cancer tissue by enzyme immunoassay: comparison with Western blot and immunohistochemistry. Eissa, Sanaa; Seada, Laila S. 4263
Rapid sequencing of the p53 gene with a new automated DNA sequencer. Bharaj, Bhupinder S.; Angelopoulou, Katerina; Diamandis, Eleftherios P. 3496
Reproducibility of the Roche Amplicor polymerase chain reaction assay for detection of infection by Chlamydia trachomatis in endocervical specimens. Mulcahy, Gabriel M.; Albanese, Ernest A.; Bachl, Bonita L. 2844
Response of several markers of bone collagen degradation to calcium supplementation in postmenopausal women with low calcium intake. Kamel, Said; Fardellone, Patrice; Meddah, Boumedienne; Lorget-Gondelmann, Florence; Sebert, Jean Luc 3644
Sensitive enzymatic assay for erythrocyte creatine with production of methylene blue. Okumiya, Toshika; Jiao, Yufei; Saibara, Toshiji; Miike, Akira; Park, Keunsik; Kageoka, Takeshi; Sasa 5427
Sensitive methods for the detection of ras mutations in lung cancer: some answers, more questions. Gazdar, Adi F.; Virmani, Arvind 2630
Simultaneous determination of mycophenolic acid and its glucuronide in human plasma using a simple high-performance liquid chromatography procedure. Shipkova, Maria; Niedmann, Paul Dieter; Armstrong, Victor William; Schutz, Ekkehard; Wieland, Eberha 4181
Simultaneous determination of oxalate, glycolate, citrate, and sulfate from dried urine filter paper spots in a pediatric population. Blau, Nenad; Matasovic, Ana; Lukasiewicz-Wedlechowicz, Anna; Heizmann, Claus W.; Leumann, Ernst 2106
Stabilization of homocysteine concentration in whole blood. Probst, Reiner; Brandl, Richard; Blumke, Matthias; Neumeier, Dieter 1777
The AACC Lectureship Award. Bruns, David E. 534
The relation between the ultrafiltrable calcium fraction and blood pH and concentrations of total plasma calcium, albumin, and globulin. Cochran, Malcolm; Rumbelow, Brad; Allen, Glenn 2539
Thrombotic risks: a clarification. Burdick, Claude O. Letter to the editor 660
Transient 5-oxoprolinuria and high anion gap metabolic acidosis: clinical and biochemical findings in eleven subjects. Pitt, James J.; Hauser, Simon 4461
Validation of the Point-EXACCT method in non-small cell lung carcinomas. Somers, Veerle A.M.C.; Leimbach, Darcy A.; Theunissen, Paul H.M.H.; Murtagh, James J., Jr.; Holloway 5130
Variation in the quantitation of prostate-specific antigen in reference material: differences in commercial immunoassays. Cheli, Carol D.; Marcus, Martin; Levine, Jack; Zhou, Zeqi; Anderson, Peter H.; Bankson, Daniel D.; B 2889
Water, fat, nitrogen, and sugar content in feces: reference intervals in children. Rivero-Marcotegui, Adriana; Olivera-Olmedo, Jose Emilio; Valverde-Visus, Felix Sanchez; Palacios-Sar 3870

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