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Articles from Clinical Chemistry (August 1, 1998)

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A microassay to assess the oxidative resistance of low-density lipoproteins. Ujhelyi, Laszlo; Balla, Jozsef; Muszbek, Laszlo; Kakuk, Gyorgy; Belcher, John; Jacob, Harry S.; Verc 1786
AACC meetings. Bruns, David E. Calendar 454
Acute coronary syndromes: from bench to bedside--the twenty-first annual Arnold O. Beckman Conference in Clinical Chemistry. Ashwood, Edward R. 2032
Apolipoprotein B and A-I values in 147,576 Swedish males and females, standardized according to the World Health Organization-International Federation of Clinical Chemistry First International Reference Materials. Jungner, Ingmar; Marcovina, Santica M.; Walldius, Goran; Holme, Ingar; Kolar, Werner; Steiner, Eugen 7280
Assessment of current national cholesterol Education Program guidelines for total cholesterol, triglyceride, HDL-cholesterol, and LDL-cholesterol measurements. Caudill, Samuel P.; Cooper, Gerald R.; Smith, S. Jay; Myers, Gary L. 6728
Biochemical characterization and immunolocalization of prostate-specific antigen in human term placenta. Mannello, Ferdinando; Malatesta, Manuela; Fusco, Eugenio; Bianchi, Giuseppe; Cardinali, Antonella; G 2091
Biochemical markers of the acute coronary syndromes. Christenson, Robert H.; Azzazy, Hassan M.E. 8567
Cardiac marker point-of-care testing in the emergency department and cardiac care unit. Brogan, Gerard X., Jr.; Bock, Jay L. 4090
Changes in the concentrations of plasma selenium and selenoproteins after minor elective surgery: further evidence for a negative acute phase response? Nichol, Colin; Herdman, Jacqueline; Sattar, Naveed; O'Dwyer, Patrick J.; St. O'Reilly, Denis J.; Lit 2399
Comparison of the Abbott IMx Tacrolimus I and Tacrolimus II assays. Garg, Uttam C.; Austin, Gloria; Barnes, Charles; Hamilton, Marilyn 1051
Confidence intervals and free prostate-specific antigen. Badrick, Tony; Hickman, Peter E. Letter to the editor 657
Coronary atherosclerosis and its effect on cardiac structure and function: evaluation by electron beam computed tomography. Stanford, William; Thompson, Brad H. 8326
Correction. Correction notice 587
Correlation of sperm motility with mitochondrial enzymatic activities. Ruiz-Pesini, Eduardo; Diez, Carmen; Lapena, Ana Cristina; Perez-Martos, Acisclo; Montoya, Julio; Alv 2555
Correlations between cholesterol, vitamin E, and vitamin [K.sub.1] in serum: paradoxical relationships to established epidemiological risk factors for cardiovascular disease. Cham, Bill E.; Smith, Jeffery L.; Colquhoun, David M. 1929
Dally BlankCell procedure in Elecsys 2010 improves the reproducibility of thyrotropin, free thyroxine, and triidothyronine. Navarro, Miguel Angel; Palencia, Teresa; Bonnin, Maria Rosa; Rosel, Pilar Letter to the editor 1277
Detection of xanthochromia in cerebrospinal fluid. Chalmers, Ainsley H.; Kiley, Michelle 1444
Determination of nitrite and nitrate in stored urine. Moshage, Han; Stegeman, Coen A.; Jansen, Peter L.M. Letter to the editor 1090
Determination of total homocysteine. Pietzsch, Jens; Pixa, Andreas Letter to the editor 884
Development of an enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay with monoclonal antibody for quantification of homovanillic in human urine samples. Shi, Run Zhang; Ho, Yee-Ping; Yeung, John Hok Keung; Or, Penelope Mei Yu; To, Kenneth Kin Wah; Lau, 3724
Differences of bone alkaline phosphatase isoforms in metastatic bone disease and discrepant effects of clodronate on different skeletal sites indicated by the location of pain. Magnusson, Per; Larsson, Lasse; Englund, Gunnar; Larsson, Brita; Strang, Peter; Selin-Sjogren, Lena Clinical report 5465
Discrimination between celiac and other gastrointestinal disorders in childhood by rapid human lymphocyte antigen typing. Sacchetti, Lucia; Calcagno, Giuseppe; Ferrajolo, Anna; Sarrantonio, Claudia; Troncone, Riccardo; Mic 2510
Early detection of peritonitis in continuous ambulatory peritoneal dialysis patients by use of chemiluminescence: evaluation of diagnostic accuracy by receiver-operating characteristic curve analysis. Dalaman, Gonul; Haklar, Goncagul; Sipahiu, Armand; Ozener, Cetin; Akoglu, Emel; Yalcin, A. Suha Report 3452
Earning your keep: succeeding in laboratory reimbursement. Young, Donald S. 10177
Effect of urine pH, storage time, and temperature on stability of catecholamines, cortisol, and creatinine. Miki, Keiichi; Sudo, Ayako 2497
Elecsys testosterone assay evaluated. Sanchez-Carbayo, Marta; Mauri, Montserrat; Alfayate, Rocio; Miralles, Carmen; Soria, Federico 1549
Endothelium and acute coronary syndromes. Liao, James K. 7195
Evaluating stat testing options in an academic health center: therapeutic turnaround time and staff satisfaction. Kilgore, Meredith L.; Steindel, Steven J.; Smith, John A. Survey 3826
Evolving lipoprotein risk factors: lipoprotein(a) and oxidized low-density lipoprotein. Jialal, Ishwarlal 4399
Extensive experience and validation of polyethylene glycol precipitation as a screening method for macroprolactinemia. Vieira, Jose Gilberto H.; Tachibana, Teresinha T.; Obara, Leda H.; Maciel, Rui M.B. 1022
Genetic testing for Gilbert's syndrome: how useful is it in determining the cause of jaundice? Rudenski, Aram S.; Halsall, David J. Report 3186
Homocysteine and vitamins in cardiovascular disease. Jacobsen, Donald W. 8952
Identification and haplotype analysis of apolipoprotein B-100 [Arg.sub.3500] [right arrow] Trp mutation in hyperlipidemic Chinese. Tai, Der-Yan; Pan, Ju-Pin; Lee-Chen, Guey-Jen 4663
Importance of glycolic acid analysis in ethylene glycol poisoning. Fraser, Albert D. Letter to the editor 1393
Increased concentrations of cardiac troponin I are equivalent to increased cardiac troponin T in identifying chest pain patients at short-term risk of myocardial infarction. Bluestein, Barry; Parsons, George; Foster, Kimberly 4356
Interferences with two-site immunoassays by human anti-mouse antibodies formed by patients treated with monoclonal antibodies: comparison of different blocking reagents. Reinsberg, Jochen 2186
International Federation of Clinical Chemistry standardization project for the measurement of lipoprotein(a). Phase I. Evaluation of the analytical performance of lipoprotein(a) assay systems and commercial calibrators. Tate, Jillian R.; Rifai, Nader; Berg, Kare; Couderc, Remy; Dati, Francesco; Kostner, Gert M.; Sakura 8383
Medicare coding and reimbursement for clinical laboratory services. Root, Charles B. 8602
Medicare's demonstration of competitive bidding for clinical laboratory services: what it means for clinical laboratories. Hoerger, Thomas J.; Lindrooth, Richard C.; Eggleston, Jennifer L. 5372
Microparticle-enhanced nephelometric immunoassay of lysozyme in milk and other human body fluids. Montagne, Paul; Cuilliere, Marie Louise; Mole, Claire; Bene, Marie Christine; Faure, Gilbert 4248
Molecular detection of circulating prostate cells in cancer II: comparison of prostate epithelial cells isolation procedures. (Technical Briefs). Berteau, Pierre; Dumas, Frederic; Gala, Jean-Luc; Eschwege, Pascal; Lacour, Bernard; Philippe, Maria 2327
Multicenter international work flow study of an automated polymerase chain reaction instrument. Klapper, Paul E.; Jungkind, Donald L.; Fenner, Thomas; Antinozzi, Roberto; Schirm, Jurjen; Blanckmei 2376
Mutation screening by denaturing gradient gel electrophoresis in North American patients with acute intermittent porphyria. Petersen, Niels Erik; Nissen, Henrik; Horder, Mogens; Senz, Janine; Jamani, Azim; Schreiber, William 2439
Obesity and cardiovascular disease. Sowers, James R. 4132
On the meaning of "sensitivity": a rejoinder. Ekins, Roger; Edwards, Philip Letter to the editor 4567
Optimized procedure for DNA isolation from fresh and cryopreserved clotted human blood useful in clinical molecular testing. Salazar, Luis A.; Hirata, Mario H.; Cavalli, Selma A.; Machado, Marcos O.; Hirata, Rosario D.C. 1348
Other meetings. Bruns, David E. Calendar 83
Outcomes Assessment for point-of-care testing. Rainey, Petrie M. Clinical report 1924
Radioreceptor assay of an endothelin A receptor antagonist in plasma and urine. Cernacek, Peter; Franchi, Luigi; Dupuis, Jocelyn; Rouleau, Jean-Lucien; Levy, Mortimer 5336
Rapid, stable ambient storage of leukocyte RNA from whole blood. Aso, Yoshimasa; Kawamura, Masafumi; Hamaguchi, Yohei; Shioiri, Toshiki; Mitsuhashi, Masato Letter to the editor 873
Role of nitric oxide in cardiovascular disease: focus on the endothelium. Cannon, Richard O., III 6467
Serum procalcitonin, but not C-reactive protein, identifies sepsis in trauma patients. Benoist, Jean-Francois; Mimoz, Olivier; Assicot, Marcel; Edouard, Alain Letter to the editor 742
Simultaneous HPLC determination with light-scattering detection of lactulose and mannitol in studies of intestinal permeability in pediatrics. Marsilio, Renzo; D'Antiga, Lorenzo; Zancan, Lucia; Dussini, Noemi; Zacchello, Franco 4709
Single dilution for urine assays on the Vitros 250 or 700 analyzers. Raby, Nadine; Bonneau, Christine; Gillier, S.; Le, Jaroslava; Granouillet, Robert; Frey, Jacques; Ch 1262
Teaching the microscopic examination of urine sediment to second year medical students using the Urinalysis-Tutor computer program. Phillips, Carla; Henderson, Paul J.; Mandel, Lynn; Kim, Sara; Schaad, Doug; Cooper, Mindy; Bien, Cla 3855
The AACC celebrates its 50th anniversary: excerpt from an article in the history division newsletter-prepared by Nathan Radin with input from Samuel Meites, Louis Rosenfeld, Wendell T. Caraway, and J. Stanton King. Bruns, David E. Excerpt 2385
The nonlinearity seen for LDL-cholesterol with lyophilized material is a matrix effect. Kroll, Martin H.; Chesler, Ruth Letter to the editor 911
Useful laboratory tests for studying thrombogenesis in acute cardiac syndromes. Fareed, Jawed; Hoppensteadt, Debra A.; Leya, Fred; Iqbal, Omer; Wolf, Helmut; Bick, Roger 6272

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