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Articles from Clinical Chemistry (November 1, 1997)

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Biological variation of international normalized ratio for prothrombin times, and consequences in monitoring oral anticoagulant therapy: computer simulation of serial measurements with goal-setting for analytical quality. Kjeldsen, Jens; Lassen, Jens Flensted; Petersen, Per Hyltoft; Brandslund, Ivan Clinical report 4138
C-reactive protein--undervalued, underutilized. Gambino, Raymond 1514
Capillary isoelectric focusing and high-performance cation-exchange chromatography compared for qualitative and quantitative analysis of hemoglobin variants. Mario, Nathalie; Baudin, Bruno; Aussel, Christian; Giboudeau, Jacqueline 3925
Clinical evaluation of Toxi * Prep[TM]: a semiautomated solid-phase extraction system for screening of drugs in urine. Steinberg, David M.; Sokoll, Lori J.; Bowles, Kathy C.; Nichols, James H.; Roberts, Roger; Schulthei 5089
Comparison of mean normal prothrombin time (PT) with PT of fresh normal pooled plasma or of a lyophilized control plasma (R82A) as denominator to express PT results: collaborative study of the International Federation of clinical chemistry. D'Angelo, Armando; Galli, Laura; Lang, Hartmut 3677
Comparison of NCEP performance specifications for triglycerides, HDL-, and LDL-cholesterol with operating specifications based on NCEP clinical and analytical goals. Fallest-Strobl, Patricia C.; Olafsdottir, Elin; Wiebe, Donald A.; Westgard, James O. 2532
Concurrent determination of second-generation antidepressants in plasma by using gas chromatography with nitrogen-phosphorus detection. Jourdil, Nicole H.; Fontanille, Philippe D.; Bessard, Germain M. 1555
Convenient, rapid test for lead in blood with use of disposable electrodes. Plotkin, Elliot; McAleer, Jerome F.; Cordeiro, M. Lucinda; Ackland, Martin R.; Sheehan, Timothy M.; 1546
Differentiation between naproxen, naproxen-protein conjugates, and naproxen-lysine in plasma via micellar electrokinetic capillary chromatography--a new approach in the bioanalysis of drug targeting preparations. Albrecht, Christiane; Reichen, Jurg; Visser, Jan; Meijer, Dirk K.F.; Thormann, Wolfgang 3887
Direct comparison of performance characteristics of two immunoassays for bone isoform of alkaline phosphatase in serum. Price, Christopher P.; Milligan, Thomas P.; Darte, Claude 3717
Disappearance of human chorionic gonadotropin and its [alpha]- and [beta]-subunits after term pregnancy. Korhonen, Juha; Alfthan, Henrik; Ylostalo, Pekka; Veldhuis, Johannes; Stenman, Ulf-Hakan 5739
Effect of analytical run length on quality-control (QC) performance and the QC planning process. Parvin, Curtis A.; Gronowski, Ann M. 4119
Evaluation of a near-patient test for C-reactive protein used in daily routine in primary healthcare by use of difference plots. Dahler-Eriksen, Bjarne Steen; Lassen, Jens Flensted; Petersen, Per Hyltoft; Lund, Erik Dalsgaard; La 9013
Evidence that serum NTx (collagen-type I N-telopeptides) can act as an immunochemical marker of bone resorption. Clemens, J. Daniel; Herrick, Michael V.; Singer, Frederick R.; Eyre, David R. 3497
Fiber-optic immunosensor for measurement of myoglobin. Hanbury, C. Michael; Miller, W. Greg; Harris, Robert B. 6192
Graphical interpretation of analytical data from comparison of a field method with a reference method by use of difference plots. Petersen, Per Hyltoft; Stockl, Dietmar; Blaabjerg, Ole; Pedersen, Bent; Birkemose, Erling; Thienpont 5667
Improved detection of minor ischemic myocardial injury with measurement of serum cardiac troponin I. Apple, Fred S.; Falahati, Alireza; Paulsen, Pamela R.; Miller, Elizabeth A.; Sharkey, Scott W. Clinical report 3770
Improved purification of human bone sialoprotein and development of a homologous radioimmunoassay. Karmatschek, Markus; Maier, Ina; Seibel, Markus J.; Woitge, Henning W.; Ziegler, Reinhard; Armbruste 4853
Improved therapeutic drug monitoring of tacrolimus (FK506) by tandem mass spectrometry. Taylor, Paul J.; Hogan, Nicholas S.; Lynch, Stephen V.; Johnson, Anthony G.; Pond, Susan M. 1080
Interference of Anthracycline derivatives with measurement of proteins with BCA. Kader, Abdul; Liu, Hu 1289
Intramuscular administration of 5[alpha]-dihydrotestosterone heptanoate: changes in urinary hormone profile. Coutts, Sarah B.; Kicman, Andrew T.; Hurst, Derek T.; Cowan, David A. 4640
Low concentrations of folate in serum and erythrocytes of smokers: methionine loading decreases folate concentrations in serum of smokers and nonsmokers. Mansoor, Mohammad A.; Kristensen, Ole; Hervig, Tor; Drablos, Per A.; Stakkestad, Jacob A.; Woie, Lei 1754
Model for establishing biological variation in nonhealthy situations: renal posttransplantation data. Biosca, Carmen; Ricos, Carmen; Jimenez, Carlos Victor; Lauzurica, Ricardo; Galimany, Roman 2415
Molecular diagnostics of infectious diseases. Tang, Yi-Wei; Procop, Gary W.; Persing, David H. 15494
Optimization of nonisotopic PCR-single-strand conformation polymorphism analysis. Blanche, Helene; Valette, Christel; Bellanne-Chantelot, Christine 1521
Pericardial access device: a new challenge for TDM? Bruns, David E. 209
Public servants speak out. Bruns, David E. 136
Quantification of c-erbB-2 gene expression in breast cancer by competitive RT-PCR. Revillion, Francoise; Hornez, Louis; Peyrat, Jean-Philippe 4576
Rapid detection of 21-hydroxylase deficiency mutations by allele-specific in vitro amplification and capillary zone electrophoresis. Carrera, Paola; Barbieri, Anna Maria; Ferrari, Maurizio; Righetti, Pier Giorgio; Perego, Marilena; G 3107
Rapid detection of the Fibrinogen A[alpha]16Arg [right arrow] his mutation. Ridgway, Hayley J.; Brennan, Stephen O.; Fellowes, Andrew P.; George, Peter M. 1315
Rapid diagnosis of MCAD deficiency: quantitative analysis of octanoylcarnitine and other acylcarnitines in newborn blood spots by tandem mass spectrometry. Chace, Donald H.; Hillman, Steven L.; Van Hove, Johan L.K.; Naylor, Edwin W. 5302
Rapid identification of angiotensin-converting enzyme genotypes by capillary electrophoresis. Huang, XiaoHong; Salomaki, Anne; Malin, Riikka; Koivula, Timo; Jokela, Hannu; Lehtimaki, Terho 1324
Rapid identification of HLA DQA1*0501, DQB1*0201, and DRB1*04 alleles in Celiac disease by a PCR-Based methodology. Sacchetti, Lucia; Sarrantonio, Claudia; Pastore, Lucio; Carlino, Valeria; Calcagno, Giuseppe; Ferraj 1712
Reporting diagnostic accuracy. Bruns, David E. 732
Serum concentrations of interleukin-6 are increased when sampled through an indwelling venous catheter. Gudmundsson, Adalsteinn; Ershler, William B.; Goodman, Brian; Lent, Stephanie J.; Barczi, Steven; Ca 1918
Stability of a control material suitable for quantitative measurement of urine Myoglobin. Copeland, Kenneth R.; Loun, Bounthon; Sedor, Frank A. 1431
The cloning debates and progress in biotechnology. Wolf, Paul L.; Liggins, George; Mercola, Dan 1683
Thyroxine, thyrotropin, and age in a euthyroid hospital patient population. Davey, Richard 4756
Urine pyridinium cross-links determination by Beckman cross links kit. Fermo, Isabella; Arcelloni, Cinzia; Casari, Erminia; Paroni, Rita 1260
Use of the Friedewald formula to estimate LDL-cholesterol in patients with chronic renal failure on dialysis. Johnson, Roger; McNutt, Prudence; MacMahon, Stephen; Robson, Richard 1710
Very long chain fatty acid analysis of dried blood spots on filter paper to screen for adrenoleukodystrophy. Inoue, Kyoko; Suzuki, Yasuyuki; Yajima, Shigehiro; Shimozawa, Nobuyuki; Orii, Tadao; Kondo, Naomi 1949

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