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Articles from Clinical Chemistry (June 1, 1997)

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AACC Awards. Bruns, David E. 118
Analytical performance of the Sanofi Access[R] cardiac troponin-I procedure. Lozano, Diego; Carreno, Pino; Moreno, Inmaculada; Mendez, Manuel 1322
Antioxidant activity of the stilbene astringin, newly extracted from Vitis vinifera cell cultures. Merillon, Jean-Michel; Fauconneau, Bernard; Teguo, Pierre Waffo; Barrier, Laurence; Vercauteren, Jos Letter to the editor 856
Are cystatin C and [[beta].sub.2] microglobulin better markers than serum creatinine for prediction of a normal glomerular filtration rate in pediatric subjects? Filler, Guido; Witt, Iris; Priem, Friedrich; Ehrich, Jochen H.H.; Jung, Klaus 1052
Assessment of a portable clinical blood analyzer during space flight. Smith, Scott M.; Davis-Street, Janis E.; Fontenot, Tina B.; Lanes, Helen W. 5448
Cardiac troponin I and T alterations in hearts with severe left ventricular remodeling. Ricchiuti, Vincent; Zhang, Jianyi; Apple, Fred S. 4075
Cardiac troponin I, cardiac troponin T, and creatine kinase MB in dialysis patients without ischemic heart disease: evidence of cardiac troponin T expression in skeletal muscle. McLaurin, Mary D.; Apple, Fred S.; Voss, Ellen M.; Herzog, Charles A.; Sharkey, Scott W. 4583
Clinical evaluation of the Cell-Dyn[R] 1700CS blood counter. Petani, Sandra; Topic, Elizabeta; Turcic, Graciela; Daschner, Mathias 2726
Comparison of methods for measurement of [Na.sup.+]/[Li.sup.+] countertransport across the erythrocyte membrane. van Norren, Klaske; Borggreven, Joop M.P.M.; Hovingh, Annemarie; Willems, Hans L.; de Boo, Theo; Elv Letter to the editor 3063
Comparison of two assays for measuring LDL cholesterol. (Lipids and Lipoproteins. Maitra, Anirban; Hirany, Shaina V.; Jialal, Ishwarlal 5259
Denaturing gradient-gel electrophoresis screening of familial defective apolipoprotein B-100 in a mixed Asian cohort: two cases of [arginine.sub.3500] [right arrow] tryptophan mutation associated with a unique haplotype. Choong, Meng-Ling; Koay, Evelyn S.C.; Khoo, Kah-lin; Khaw, Min-Cheh; Sethi, Sunil K. 6232
Determination of D-lactate by enzymatic methods in biological fluids: study of interferences. Marti, Ramon; Varela, Encarna; Segura, Rosa M.; Alegre, Jose; Surinach, Jose M.; Pascual, Carles 3608
Determination of MEGX by HPLC with fluorescence detection. Andreeva, Maria; Niedmann, Paul Dieter; Schutz, Ekkehard; Wieland, Eberhard; Armstrong, Victor Willi 2069
DNA Simplified: The Hitchhiker's Guide to DNA. Fu, Paul C. 295
Effect of high room temperature on urinary iodine assay. Dung, Nguyen Tri; Wellby, Maurice L. 516
Enzyme immunoassay for measuring 25-hydroxyvitamin [D.sub.3] in serum. Lind, Charlotte; Chen, Jiewei; Byrjalsen, Inger 5082
Equivalence of critical error calculations and process capability index []. Chesher, Doug; Burnett, Leslie Letter to the editor 1005
Evaluation of selected-ion storage ion-trap mass spectrometry for detecting urinary anabolic agents. Bowers, Larry D.; Borts, David J. 4555
Evaluation of the Menarini-Arkray HA 8140 hemoglobin [A.sup.1c] analyzer. John, W. Garry; Braconnier, Francois; Miedema, Kor; Aulesa, Carlos; Piras, Giampiero 4461
Evaluation of two homogeneous methods for measuring high-density lipoprotein cholesterol. (Lipids and Lipoproteins). Huang, Yi-Chang; Kao, Jau-Tsuen; Tsai, Keh-Sung 4316
Free triiodothyronine concentration in serum of 1050 euthyroid children is inversely related to their age. Verheecke, Paul 2922
Gastrointestinal absorption, tissue retention, and urinary excretion of dietary aluminum in rats determined by using [sup.26]Al. Jouhanneau, Philippe; Raisbeck, Grant M.; Yiou, Francoise; Lacour, Bernard; Banide, Helene; Drueke, 4369
Genetic mutations of butyrylcholine esterase identified from phenotypic abnormalities in Japan. Maekawa, Masato; Sudo, Kayoko; Dey, Dilip Chandra; Ishikawa, Jinko; Izumi, Masakazu; Kotani, Kazuo; 3802
Growth hormone (GH) assays: influence of standard preparations, GH isoforms, assay characteristics, and GH-binding protein. Jansson, Chatarina; Boguszewski, Cesar; Rosberg, Sten; Carlsson, Lena; Albertsson-Wikland, Kerstin 4179
Hair iron content: possible marker to complement monitoring therapy of iron deficiency in patients with chronic inflammatory bowel disease? Beutler, Ernest Letter to the editor 1171
Handling of blood samples for determination of thalidomide. Eriksson, Tommy; Bjorkman, Sven Letter to the editor 1729
Highly sensitive gas chromatographic analysis of ethanol in whole blood, serum, urine, and fecal supernatants by the direct injection method. Tangerman, Albert 4569
Initial evaluation of cystatin C measurement by particle-enhanced immunonephelometry on the Behring nephelometer systems (BNA, BN II). Finney, Hazel; Newman, David J.; Gruber, Walter; Merle, Peter; Price, Christopher P. 5074
Interference of methylene blue with CO-Oximetry of hemoglobin derivatives. Gourlain, Herve; Buneaux, Francoise; Borron, Stephen W.; Gouget, Bernard; Levillain, Pierre 2483
Lester Wells. Bruns, David E. 119
Meetings. Bruns, David E. Calendar 260
Microalbumin and freezing. Innanen, Veikko T.; Groom, Barbara M.; de Campos, Flavia M. Letter to the editor 1190
Microalbuminuria and borderline-increased albumin excretion determined with a centrifugal analyzer and the Albumin Blue 580 fluorescence assay. Kessler, Manfred A.; Meinitzer, Andreas; Petek, Walter; Wolfbeis, Otto S. 4342
Misleading results from immunoassays of serum free thyroxine in the presence of rheumatoid factor. Norden, Anthony G.W.; Jackson, Rodwin A.; Norden, Lorraine E.; Griffin, A. Jane; Barnes, Margaret A. 3708
Nonisotopic method for precise detection of [(CAG).sub.n] repeats. Melegh, Bela; Molnar, Janos Letter to the editor 301
PCR-based test for two cystic fibrosis mutations (A455E, 711+1 G [right arrow] T) common among French Canadians. Strasberg, Paula M.; Noreau, Danielle; McGlynn-Steele, Leslie; Koultchitski, Galina; Ray, Peter N. 1235
Pitfalls in discriminating sulfhemoglobin from methemoglobin. Demedts, Paul; Wauters, Annick; Watelle, Mirjam; Neels, Hugo Letter to the editor 439
Platelet distribution width for differential diagnosis of thrombocytosis. Osselaer, Jean-claude; Jamart, Jacques; Scheiff, Jean-marie 2787
QC Validator, Version 2.0. Emancipator, Kenneth 529
Rapid and large-scale method to detect K-ras gene mutations in tumor samples. Lopez-Crapez, Evelyne; Chypre, Camille; Saavedra, Jacqueline; Marchand, Joseph; Grenier, Jean 4360
Rapid qualitative TSH test to screen for primary hypothyroidism. Hershman, Jerome M.; Berg, Lori Letter to the editor 497
Reference values for retinol, tocopherol, and main carotenoids in serum of control and insulin-dependent diabetic Spanish subjects. Olmedilla, Begona; Granado, Fernando; Gil-Martinez, Enrique; Blanco, Inmaculada; Rojas-Hidalgo, Enri 4790
Semiautomated procedures for evaluation of carbohydrate-deficient transferrin in the diagnosis of alcohol abuse. Bean, Pamela; Liegmann, Karsten; Lovli, Trond; Westby, Christina; Sundrehagen, Erling 4522
Simultaneous identification and quantitation of codeine, morphine, hydrocodone, and hydromorphone in urine as trimethylsilyl and oxime derivatives by gas chromatography--mass spectrometry. Broussard, Larry A.; Presley, Lance C.; Pittman, Thomas; Clouette, Randy; Wimbish, Gary H. Report 2158
The Empowered Laboratory Team. Wilkinson, Ian 284
The search continues--an ideal marker of GFR. Swan, Suzanne K. 1689
Trade-offs in mass spectrometry. Fitzgerald, Robert L.; Herold, David A.; Yergey, Alfred L. 851
Undisclosed radioactivity in specimens: how much of a problem? Astill, Mark E.; Nuttall, Kern L. Letter to the editor 746
Use of polymerase chain reaction to identify pneumococcal infection associated with hemorrhage and shock in two previously healthy young children. Messmer, Trudy O.; Whitney, Cynthia G.; Fields, Barry S. 3447

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