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Climax automated welding technology is portable.


The Climax BW1000 AutoBoreWelder is an automated spiral welding system that provides high quality bore welding technology in a ruggedly constructed, highly portable and easily affordable package.

The company said you can:

* Increase both your welding and machining productivity.

* Dramatically reduce repair time and costs.

* Repair equipment on-site.

* Maximize equipment uptime.

* Extend the working life of your capital equipment.

The Climax BW1000 AutoBoreWelder is lightweight and portable: weighing just 17 lb. (7.7 kg) it is easy to transport from the shop to the field.

The technology interfaces with most wire feeders, and requires only one setup for both welding and boring. The Climax Bore Welder Interface Kit simplifies the boring and welding setup process: Because the BW1000 AutoBoreWelder uses the same mounting fixtures as the Climax BB3000, BB4500 or BB5000 Boring Systems, you can weld up one section of your job and bore out another section at the same time. Simply use an extra set of bearing mounts to line bore one set of bores while bore welding another, which cuts your work time.


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Publication:Rock Products
Date:Jul 1, 2014
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