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Climax Portable Machining & Welding Systems.

The BW3000 AutoBoreWelder from Climax Portable Machining & Welding Systems is an automated welding system designed to attach directly to several of Climax' boring machine mounting fixtures, allowing a single setup for both welding and machining operations. These automated welders can weld in vertical, horizontal and inverted position and offer precise, high-quality, and uniform welding performance for bore, flange and valve repair while decreasing weld time. Precise, uniform welds also mean less wire is consumed, which reduces costs, and there is less need for rework compared to hand welding.

The AutoBoreWelder is easy to set up and operate whether in the field or in the shop. It offers both rotary and axial motion. It can reach up to 152.4 cm into the bore, and as the torch rotates, it deposits one continuous layer of metal inside the bore, laying up to 2.27 kg of metal per hour. A variety of torches allows buildup of bores from 1.3 cm to 137 cm. The BW3000 system also has an autoskip function which allows the operator to designate a portion of the piece not to be welded, such as keyways or grease fittings. 503-538-7600,
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Publication:Pipeline & Gas Journal
Date:Dec 1, 2012
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