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Climate action the vital role of rural women. Oct 15, 2021 894
Climate fest closes on Sunday at Albert Halls. Oct 15, 2021 319
Atwoli to state: Ensure climate-friendly jobs for workers. Oct 10, 2021 292
'Devastating' drought in Somalia amid irregular climate. Oct 10, 2021 655
Ireland, Belgium post new ambassadors to Seychelles, opening door for climate action, education. Oct 9, 2021 630
Warmer than average weather sticks around with humidity. Oct 8, 2021 204
What you need to know about installing solar panels Solar: Panels will work even in colder, snow-producing climates. Laura Daily Special To The Washington Post Oct 8, 2021 1542
Wolves 'must be reintroduced to UK to fight climate crisis even if farmers lose sheep'; Years of overgrazing by sheep and deer have degraded Britain's lands sharing the countryside with large carnivores again would play a big part in restoring the ecology, says legendary conservationist Roy Dennis. By, Nada Farhoud Oct 7, 2021 576
Walks, film, yoga and more at climate fest. KAIYA MARJORIBANKS Oct 6, 2021 608
Call for climate-smart bankable projects in Indus delta ecoregion. Oct 2, 2021 390
COPS: WE'LL COPE; Halloween, Bonfire Night and 200,000 protesters at global climate summit.. HAMISH MORRISON Oct 2, 2021 350
Pakistan has natural climate to grow hemp: Shibli. Oct 1, 2021 168
Transport secretary hits out at council over railway station money; Shapps hits out in Commons over councils who 'paid lip service' to the climate emergency. MARK SMITH Sep 30, 2021 544
'African Countries Lack Capacity To Cope With Emerging Climate, Health Challenges'. Sep 30, 2021 688
Time to demonstrate a commitment on climate. Sep 29, 2021 445
A different climate. Sep 29, 2021 263
A possible exercise in climate futility. Sep 27, 2021 287
Fifth Third names climate risk officer. Sep 27, 2021 273
Fifth Third names climate risk officer. Sep 27, 2021 275
Egypt government seeks to create attractive climate for local, foreign investments: Maait. Daily News Egypt Sep 27, 2021 404
Climate protesters warned. Sep 25, 2021 254
What are the Fridays for Future strikes? Greta Thunberg's movement encouraging people to act on climate; 18-year-old activist joins demonstration in Germany. By, Jack Gevertz Sep 24, 2021 439
Egypt launches national consultations with WBG for climate action. Egypt Today staff Sep 23, 2021 437
Good Morning Britain's Richard Madeley slams protester for 'doing a Piers Morgan'; A climate activist was involved in a fiery exchange on the ITV show. By, Ryan Paton Sep 22, 2021 361
Prayut unveils Thailand's climate vision at UN. Sep 22, 2021 269
Power Of Humanity Can Overcome COVID-19, Climate Challenges - UNGA President. Sep 22, 2021 681
'Power of humanity' can overcome COVID-19, climate challenges - UN Assembly President. Sep 22, 2021 680
'Human swan' paramotorist injured and support staff member killed in accident; Climate activist Sacha Dench's injuries are not life-threatening but medics were unable to save Dan Burton, a cameraman and member of her support crew, after horror mid-air collision. By, Daniel Harkins, PA Scotland & Debra Hunter Sep 20, 2021 468
INM Monthly Climate Report: August 2021 hottest month since 1950. Report Sep 20, 2021 269
ED: A scientifically sound climate strategy for Bangladesh. Sep 17, 2021 302
New mum becomes first in UK to use climate-friendly pain relief to give birth; Kaja Gersinka "made history" by becoming the first woman in the UK to use climate-friendly pain relief to give birth at a hospital in Newcastle through a device known as Mobile Destruction Unit. By, Tom Wilkinson Sep 14, 2021 335
Mother makes UK history with green gas and air; climate friendly pain relief used at city hospital. MIKE KELLY Reporter Sep 14, 2021 419
Critics question the climate crisis benefits of deep seabed mining. Sep 13, 2021 2018
The UN must create a climate for constructive negotiations, House President says. Source: Cyprus News Agency Sep 12, 2021 271
Climate, land issues driving Laikipia strife. Sep 11, 2021 529
We can't hide from climate crisis; KEEP IT GREEN BY WEST SCOTLAND MSP ROSS GREER. Sep 10, 2021 441
Pope, patriarch, Canterbury abbot issue climate appeal. NICOLE WINFIELD Associated Press Sep 8, 2021 408
Deadly weather, climate-related disasters increased 5-fold in 50 years: UN report. Sep 3, 2021 1020
The cold chain climate. Moore, Peter Sep 1, 2021 745
Climate protesters block Tower Bridge. Aug 31, 2021 204
Climate protesters block Tower Bridge. Aug 31, 2021 201
Climate protesters block Tower Bridge. Aug 31, 2021 204
Climate protesters block Tower Bridge. Aug 31, 2021 204
Climate protesters block Tower Bridge. Aug 31, 2021 204
U.S. Treasury Begins Inquiry Into Climate Risks in Insurance. Aug 31, 2021 293
Climate protesters block Tower Bridge. Aug 31, 2021 204
Climate protesters block Tower Bridge. Aug 31, 2021 204
Climate protesters block Tower Bridge. Aug 31, 2021 204
Climate protesters block Tower Bridge. Aug 31, 2021 204
Paris slaps 19mph speed limit for cars on nearly all its streets; Move is the latest initiative by city trying to burnish its climate credentials. By, Daniel Smith Aug 30, 2021 203
Climate action needs regional approach. fm Aug 29, 2021 527
Climate scientists predict drier conditions for Horn of Africa sub-region; to affect food security. Aug 28, 2021 453
Climate protesters paint the city red. Aug 28, 2021 161
Swedish food researcher developed potato milk, a more climate-friendly alternative to dairy. Aug 27, 2021 250
OFFICIAL | Bus project is climate-resilient. Aug 25, 2021 252
TD Isang still won't affect PH climate; good weather Saturday likely - Pagasa. Aug 20, 2021 366
OP-ED: The climate crisis is a humanitarian crisis for women and girls in particular. Aug 19, 2021 678
Climate theme in porcelain; MOREL DOUCET'S POTS ARE METAPHOR FOR diversity and fragility OF LIFE. Aug 17, 2021 451
Experts urge plantation drive under city's climate conditions. Aug 17, 2021 282
Manulife Investment Management Acquires Timberland in Maine to Support Climate Action Plan. Aug 16, 2021 159
July was Earth's hottest month ever recorded Climate: This year so far is 6th warmest on record. SETH BORENSTEIN AP Science Writer Aug 14, 2021 483
The deadly meltdown in Europe's weather; Climate crisis explained. NADA FARHOUD Environment Editor Aug 13, 2021 624
Turkey forest fire calls for climate emergency. Soha Nisar Aug 12, 2021 548
UN climate report strengthens case for wise management of Middle East groundwater reserves. Christopher Hamill-Stewart Aug 10, 2021 1136
CS Balochistan stresses for reforestation to save climate. Aug 7, 2021 329
SHAFTED AGAIN BY THE TORIES; Pit communities' fury at Johnson's crass climate jibe. BRIAN READE Aug 7, 2021 684
Need stressed to plant trees according to area climate. Aug 5, 2021 435
Apocalyptic 300ft sandstorm swallows city as buildings vanish and sky turns orange; Dunhuang -a city near the Gobi Desert and known for its harsh climates -became engulfed in a sandstorm that left a tour group caught out in the dramatic scenes. By, Alahna Kindred Jul 27, 2021 354
Malaysia to experience hotter and drier climate until mid-September, says MetMalaysia. Jul 21, 2021 493
Talking about the climate crisis. Eleni Philippou Jul 20, 2021 266
Climate induced displacements. Syed Mohammad Ali Jul 16, 2021 642
The arctic explorers turned citizen climate scientists. CM Guest Columnist Jul 15, 2021 317
Egyptian FM urges Israel to not take any procedures undermining creation of peace climate. Egypt Today staff Jul 12, 2021 280
Datinakhali village battles climate crisis. Jul 10, 2021 1273
Company backs round Britain climate target. IAN BUNTING Jul 7, 2021 395
Project Clean-Green holds an online session for Young Climate Activists. M Ishaque Kolachi Jul 3, 2021 198
Asian coal plant drive a climate goal threat. Jul 1, 2021 211
House Passes ESG and Climate Disclosures Bill--ESG Regulations Likely Coming in Near Future. Salmon, Stephanie Jul 1, 2021 221
HERE COMES THE RAIN AGAIN: Will Lake Charles, Louisiana, become America's latest climate sacrifice? Kardas-Nelson, Mara Jul 1, 2021 5578
Gemini launches Gemini Green to add climate conscious practices to decarbonize bitcoin. Jun 29, 2021 234
Gemini launches Gemini Green to add climate conscious practices to decarbonize bitcoin. Jun 29, 2021 236
Govt taking bold steps for climate protection to secure our future: PM Imran Khan. Jun 29, 2021 377
World Environment Day: ACCA, CERB host corporate roundtable on climate action. Jun 27, 2021 371
We should be leading by example on the climate. Jun 26, 2021 415
Climate Induced Migration is Poised to Sharply Increase. Does Climate Migration Pose A Security Threat? Jun 24, 2021 174
Country's general climate is not conducive to national dialogue (Chazi Chaouachi). Jun 15, 2021 214
Leaders.. it's time to lead; Prince Charles makes climate call as royals make presence felt at G7. BEN GLAZE Jun 12, 2021 712
LEADERS.. IT'S TIME TO LEAD S.. E D; GLOBAL SUMMIT: THE E PLANET IS WATCHING Charles heads climate calls to G7. BEN GLAZE Deputy Political Editor at the G7 Summit in Cornwall Jun 12, 2021 792
LEADERS.. IT'S TIME TO LEAD; GLOBAL SUMMIT: THE E PLANET IS WATCHING Charles heads climate calls to G7. BEN GLAZE Deputy Political Editor at the G7 Summit in Cornwall Jun 12, 2021 786
LEADERS.. IT'S TIME TO LEAD; GLOBAL SUMMIT: THE PLANET IS WATCHING Charles heads climate calls to G7. BEN GLAZE Deputy Political Editor at the G7 Summit in Cornwall Jun 12, 2021 784
Climate crisis driving Filipinos to relocate -- UN migration report. Jun 10, 2021 542
Wave to the world; SUMMIT PUTS FOCUS ON CORNISH VILLAGE Locals divided on massive G7 upheaval Leaders 'have to fight climate crisis' EXCLUSIVE. BEN GLAZE Deputy Political Editor in Cornwall Pictures: ROWAN GRIFFITHS Jun 10, 2021 583
Wave t ve to the world; SUMMIT. PUTS FOCUS ON CORNISH VILLAGE Locals divided on massive G7 upheaval Leaders 'have to fight climate crisis' EXCLUSIVE. BEN GLAZE Deputy Political Editor in Cornwall Pictures: Jun 10, 2021 581
Leaders will be heading to city for global climate event. Staff Reporter Jun 10, 2021 568
Persefoni names climate risk expert to sustainability advisory board. Jun 8, 2021 176
Persefoni names climate risk expert to sustainability advisory board. Jun 8, 2021 178
Pakistan reaffirms commitment to play role in combating climate crisis: FO. Jun 7, 2021 152
World Environment Day: Declaring Scotland a 'Rewilding Nation' ahead of United Nations Cop26 climate summit would create a beacon of hope for the world - Steve Micklewright; Today is World Environment Day, the United Nations day for encouraging worldwide awareness and action to protect our environment. As the UN launches its Decade on Ecosystem Restoration, the global call is for urgent action to revive our damaged ecosystems. Steve Micklewright Jun 5, 2021 1038
Study reveals less aviation during global lockdown had positive impact on climate. Jun 5, 2021 485
World Environment Day: ACCA, CERB to host a corporate roundtable on climate action. Jun 5, 2021 268
Extinction Rebellion environmental activists blockade Peterhead power station by chaining themselves to a washing machine; Climate activists blockaded the SSE gas power station in Peterhead on Thursday morning - with environmentalists chaining themselves to a washing machine to highlight "greenwashing" policies. Gary Flockhart Jun 3, 2021 310
CRI develops climate-smart, pest-resistant cotton variety. Jun 2, 2021 199
Ecosystems degradation threatening water, food security: Climate experts. May 31, 2021 611
Hun Sen to attend virtual climate summit. May 28, 2021 211
Dedicated Callum's 500km cycle to support victims of climate disasters. May 26, 2021 164
STREAMING REVIEWS: Diplomacy & love in a cold climate, take two. May 26, 2021 854
Mad for Madeira; Portugal's Atlantic islands are on the green list for non-quarantine travel. Madeira and the Azores are quite different, although visitors to both can expect superb scenery. and a mild climate. Vicky Lissaman picks the highlights ... WITH SALLY McLEAN May 22, 2021 1320
Biden is respoding to climate activists. May 21, 2021 406
Insurance Development Forum Launches Project to Build Colombian Climate Resilience. May 20, 2021 382
Pope Francis planning to attend COP26 summit in Glasgow; Pope Francis is set to attend the COP26 climate summit in Glasgow when it is due to be held later this year. Conor Matchett May 16, 2021 312
China could rule world's technology 'Russia is affecting the weather whilst China is shaping the climate'. May 15, 2021 409
Presiding over our climate challenges. ANDY PHILIP May 14, 2021 401
Climate hub prepares to open in Lewes town centre; A climate hub is set to open in Lewes town centre later this month - becoming one of the first centres of its kind in the UK. Isabella Cipirska May 10, 2021 606
Eelgrass grains is a potential superfood that may also help fight the climate crisis. May 6, 2021 269
UK weather: Mini 20C weekend heatwave after miserable downpours and icy cold; On the back of torrential weather and icy cold London will bask in temperatures of 20C, say forecasters, with many looking forward to sunnier climates this weekend. By, William Walker May 6, 2021 486
'It's time for actions not words on climate' Committee takes step forward on fossil fuel strategy. May 5, 2021 554
Biden Administration Proposes New Civilian Climate Corps. DeSantis, Mark K. May 1, 2021 1029
An Integrated Artificial Neural Network-based Precipitation Revision Model. Li, Tao; Xu, Wenduo; Wang, Li Na; Li, Ningpeng; Ren, Yongjun; Xia, Jinyue Report May 1, 2021 6640
This Isn't the First New Normal: Finding Correlations Between the Tambora Climate Disaster and the Development of Lieder in 1815-16. Foley, Christopher Apr 29, 2021 2788
Climate risk drives push to save Australia's weird, elusive platypuses. Reuters News Service Apr 27, 2021 408
18th Seoul Eco Film Festival to highlight pandemic, climate crisis, ecological destruction. Apr 27, 2021 628
State President Phuc to attend, deliver speech at Leaders Summit on Climate. Apr 22, 2021 178
Minister: Imported vegetables grown in colder climates. Apr 21, 2021 219
NOAA's updating U.S. climate data to establish 'new normal'. SUBMITTED by the National Weather Service Apr 21, 2021 502
UN warns of climate 'abyss'. Reuters News Service Apr 19, 2021 355
Top court renders climate justice. Apr 19, 2021 1019
Essence of climate issue is impact on humanity. Apr 17, 2021 443
UK weather: Mini heatwave to hit country this weekend as temperatures soar into teens; Forecasters said while the early morning will be cold plenty of sunshine is expected over the coming days leading to warmer climates and higher temperatures than in recent days. By, William Walker Apr 16, 2021 477
Labour in 'climate justice' demand. Apr 9, 2021 166
DENR launches search for climate, disaster resiliency movers, workers. Apr 7, 2021 509
Got good stories? DENR announces 'Climate and Disaster Resiliency Recognition Awards'. Apr 6, 2021 522
Exposed by climate. Huma YusufPublished Apr 5, 2021 730
Growing citrus trees in a cooler climate. Apr 3, 2021 932
Growing citrus trees in a cooler climate. Apr 3, 2021 939
More than Just a Word: Defining "Consistency" in Earth System Monitoring. Apr 1, 2021 1529
Evaluating Climate Models: The ARM Data-Oriented Metrics and Diagnostics Toolkit. Apr 1, 2021 1363
Evaluating Climate Models: The ARM Data-Oriented Metrics and Diagnostics Toolkit. Apr 1, 2021 1939
Ticks thriving in Western Isles because of mild climate, study suggests; Ticks could be surviving in the Western Isles due to its mild oceanic climate, a new study has found. Rachel Mackie Report Mar 29, 2021 323
Goodwill ambassadors, WWF call for climate action. Mar 28, 2021 457
Three collaboration avenues to ensure climate services are actually locally-led and gender-responsive. Mar 28, 2021 1699
'The Ocean, Our Climate, and Weather': 156th National & 71st World Meteorological Day 2021. Mar 23, 2021 166
Climate refugees. Mar 17, 2021 577
Climate-friendly future needs substantial state investment - warning. HAMISH PENMAN Mar 16, 2021 543
Govt's climate conservation policies being recognised globally Imran. Mar 14, 2021 433
RMP: Climate of persecution and fear persists even today. Mar 12, 2021 567
Putting people at the centre is key to rebuilding - Professor Ian Welsh OBE; In a year like no other, it's perhaps no surprise that the Scottish Parliament elections have crept up with much less fanfare than you might expect. And yet, the outcome will shape how we deal with some significant issues - rebuilding after Covid-19, the crisis in social care and the climate emergency. Professor Ian Welsh OBE Mar 9, 2021 477
Join in the fun of Climate Week North East; ADVERTISEMENT. Mar 5, 2021 394
Join in the fun of Climate Week North East. Mar 4, 2021 383
Unique FACTS: Datasets and Tools for Assessing Weather and Climate Variability. Murray, Donald; Hoell, Andrew; Hoerling, Martin; Perlwitz, Judith; Quan, Xiao-Wei; Allured, Dave; Zh Mar 1, 2021 2176
Need stressed to developing climate resilient seed varieties. Feb 26, 2021 404
PM proposes measures to galvanise int'l efforts to address climate-related risks to peace, security. Feb 24, 2021 653
Climate week in the time of Covid. KARLA SINCLAIR Feb 22, 2021 692
Teen activist fights for nature-based climate solutions. CM Guest Columnist Feb 21, 2021 254
Making mergers work in a post-pandemic climate. Robert Bain Feb 19, 2021 755
Sweden's Ambassador Haggmark speaks at launch of Cambodian climate report. Feb 19, 2021 188
Amnesty and climate activist. Feb 18, 2021 377
Amid recession, BPI exec urges climate-readiness. Feb 15, 2021 550
Indian Climate Activist Linked To Greta Thunberg Arrested. Feb 15, 2021 209
Winter Covid-19: Climate less important than control measures. Feb 14, 2021 384
Climate, AI, Privacy, Racial Bias Among State Insurance Regulators' 2021 Priorities. Feb 10, 2021 1143
COVID, conflict, climate: the UK's priorities while leading Security Council. Ephrem Kossaify Feb 2, 2021 916
ED: Creating a climate that welcomes investment. Jan 30, 2021 356
'WE Call 2 Coastal Climate Actions 2021' virtual meeting was held. Jan 30, 2021 402
Climate emergency proposal for the county. Jan 25, 2021 248
Ted Cruz tweets Biden prioritizing 'citizens of Paris' with climate accord, gets mocked. Jan 22, 2021 375
UN Calls for All Countries to Declare Climate Emergency. Jan 18, 2021 311
Last decade to fix climate issues, say activists. Jan 16, 2021 361
Climate-smart wheat initiative rekindles hope. Jan 15, 2021 315
Car parks and climate emergency don't add up. Jan 13, 2021 725
European Chamber of Commerce event to focus on climate goals. Jan 13, 2021 366
Scottish Football transfer LIVE: Celtic isolation decision, Rangers get midfield transfer boost, Parkhead ace backed for new deal, Killie sign up star; No matter the time, no matter the climate, at any one point Scottish football is on the cusp of an intriguing controversy, whether it is on or off the field. Joel Sked Jan 11, 2021 155
Balochistan govt initiates climate resilient, low water consuming farming. Jan 9, 2021 341
Balochistan govt initiates climate resilient, low water consuming farming. Jan 9, 2021 341
More tree planting in PS12m climate scheme. Jan 7, 2021 463
Medallion Resources says rare earth extraction process set to be assessed to quantify climate and environmental impact. Jan 6, 2021 468
Boris Johnson seeking [pounds sterling]70,000-a-year eco tsar to push 'green revolution' on social media; The initiative, ahead of November's COP26 climate conference in Glasgow, comes after the Sunday Mirror revealed how social media influencers earned thousands promoting the Covid-19 test and trace service. By, Alan Selby Conference news Jan 2, 2021 292
Sunspots Influence on Climatic Variability of Karachi and Rohri. Aftab, Kanwal; Jilani, Saifuddin Ahmed Jan 1, 2021 2618
Displacement Ventilation System for A High-Ceiling Auditorium in Hot Climate--Design Implementation and Construction Challenges. Chehade, Hassan; Itani, Mohamad Yehia; Akhdar, Adnan Jan 1, 2021 3357
Requirements for Building Thermal Conditions under Normal and Emergency Operations in Extreme Climates. Zhivov, Alexander M.; Rose, William; Patenaude, Raymond; Williams, W. Jon Jan 1, 2021 8834
Best Practices for HVAC, Plumbing, and Heat Supply in Arctic Climates. Winfield, Emily C.; Rader, Robin J.; Zhivov, Alexander M.; Adams, Thomas A.; Dyrelund, Anders; Frede Jan 1, 2021 10120
Freezing Climate: Challenges Afghan Children's Survival. Dec 31, 2020 460
Farmers of merged tribal districts provided climate-resilient wheat seeds. Dec 25, 2020 280
Biden picks Pakistani-born expert as his climate aide. Dec 19, 2020 309
Pakistani-American Ali Zaidi named in Biden's climate team. Dec 19, 2020 347
FAO promotes use of climate-friendly farming methods in Turkmenistan. Dec 18, 2020 364
Lloyd's Moves to End Insurance and Investments in Coal for Climate Sustainability. L.S. Howard Dec 17, 2020 228
Ancient climate revealed. KARLA SINCLAIR Dec 12, 2020 604
'Ordinary people' to be selected for climate crisis panel. DANIEL HOLLAND Local Democracy Reporter Dec 11, 2020 477
Climate crisis threatens PH recovery--Dominguez. Dec 9, 2020 382
Tributes for Extinction Rebellion campaigner after she dies from cancer aged 72; Fi Radford worked as an academic librarian, the couple retired to France, but 10 years ago she convinced her husband to move to Bristol so she could take up climate emergency activism. By, Nada Farhoud Dec 6, 2020 459
Global climate crisis and the effect it has on the global pandemic known as covid-19. Dec 3, 2020 1100
Climate activist Harry longs to rain over us. CHRISTOPHER BUCKTIN US Editor Dec 2, 2020 241
Understanding the Impact of Rainfall on Diarrhea: Testing the Concentration-Dilution Hypothesis Using a Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis. Kraay, Alicia N.M.; Man, Olivia; Levy, Morgan C.; Levy, Karen; Ionides, Edward; Eisenberg, Joseph N. Dec 1, 2020 17742
Brian Poe Llamanzares continues relief work in the face of climate crisis and pandemic. Nov 27, 2020 365
Consumer Climate In Germany Hurt By Second Coronavirus Wave - GfK. Nov 26, 2020 277
GBV and climate. Nov 25, 2020 823
Pagasa: La Trinidad climate drops to 10.5 AdegC; expect colder days ahead. Nov 24, 2020 400
Satellite to track rising seas as climate warms. Nov 21, 2020 499
Respectful reality of the climate protesters' 'ambush' on Cenotaph. Tony Bennett Nov 21, 2020 763
UCQ's online event discusses role of nursing in current healthcare climate. Nov 19, 2020 509
PIDS prods Pagasa on removing barriers to climate info access. Nov 13, 2020 432
Perfect climate to plant trees. GURDIP THANDI Local Democracy Reporter Nov 12, 2020 229
Trump tries to block accession, Biden strides with corona-climate war. Nov 11, 2020 919
'Fast fashion' comes under scrutiny of climate activists. Nov 10, 2020 177
Investment, consumption climate sloping upward in Pakistan. Ahsan Nisar Nov 8, 2020 713
Bicol students call for strong climate commitment from gov't. Nov 8, 2020 454
BLICR program welcomes public and private sector fellows to champion climate resilience. Nov 6, 2020 468
Climate: average temperature in summer 2020 exceeds reference average in Tunisia (INM). Nov 5, 2020 562
Climate activists to face trial over alleged attacks on charity HQs. Nov 4, 2020 273
Labor group backs Greenpeace call for climate emergency declaration. Nov 3, 2020 314
Group renews call for climate emergency declaration after Rolly lashes Philippines. Nov 2, 2020 522
Above-average rainfall seen to last until 2021. Nov 1, 2020 860
First drone goes flying to the North Pole on a climate mission. Nov 1, 2020 1319
Effects of surface materials of self-draining beds on cattle behavior in a temperate climate. Liu, Ping; Guo, Lulu; Zhang, Fulan; Li, Lin; Mao, Huaming; Gu, Zhaobing Report Nov 1, 2020 4962
Composting--Indoors? Indoor composting reduces food waste in any space or climate, with all the benefits of an outdoor bin. Zanteson, Lori Nov 1, 2020 534
Climatology of Atmospheric Rivers for the Seven National Climate Assessment Regions. Slinskey, Emily A.; Loikith, P.C.; Waliser, D.E.; Guan, B.; Martin, A. Nov 1, 2020 654
Cyprus welcomes UN readiness but peace climate negative. fm Oct 29, 2020 361
Postcard campaign over climate. Oct 27, 2020 177
Sparring on the virus, climate, race. Lemire, By Jonathan; Superville, Darlene; Weissert, Will; Press, Michelle L. Price Associated Oct 23, 2020 527
Research uses ancient lake sediments to extend climate record. Oct 20, 2020 231
Bayer dangles 'climate-smart' incentives to farmers. Oct 20, 2020 339
ActionAid organizes walk on Cox's Bazar beach for climate and gender justice. Oct 20, 2020 374
UK records wettest day ever with enough rain to fill Loch Ness; "In climate statistics, 2019 will be remembered for possessing the UK's hottest day, whereas 2020 will be associated with rainfall records.". By, Neil Shaw Oct 16, 2020 498
2 DECADES OF DISASTER; Climate crisis leads to rise in extreme weather 1.23 million lives lost since turn of millennium. NEIL LESLIE Oct 13, 2020 536
Greenpeace renews call to Duterte to declare climate emergency. Oct 13, 2020 475
Celebrities lead TED event in global call to act on climate crisis. Oct 12, 2020 542
Prince William: We must try to fix the climate. Oct 10, 2020 213
wills: we must try to fix the climate; Prince adds voice to major web conference. RUSSELL MYERS Royal Editor Conference news Oct 10, 2020 354
WANEP Trains Bauchi Farmers, Stakeholders On Climate Resilience, Enhancing Food Security. Oct 10, 2020 532
Research highlights. Crowder, Lucien Report Oct 1, 2020 3154
Oguk labels claims within new climate report 'misleading'. ALLISTER THOMAS Sep 30, 2020 427
Environment advocates call for PH climate emergency action plan. Sep 29, 2020 594
News digest: Slovakia's activists join the climate strike. Sep 25, 2020 492
Motion set to declare climate emergency. Sep 23, 2020 271
'Declare climate emergency to ensure transition to low-carbon pathway', groups urge Duterte. Sep 23, 2020 411
New York Calls on Insurers to Address Climate-Related Financial Risks. Elizabeth Blosfield Sep 22, 2020 913
Charles warns climate crisis will dwarf Covid; ? Royal says swift action needed to seize opportunity for 'reset'. TED HENNESSEY Sep 21, 2020 326
S.Punjab Agri Secy for preparation of climate smart cotton seed. Sep 16, 2020 226
PM seeks strong global support for climate victims. Sep 16, 2020 781
MP hits out at 'hypocrisy' over climate. Sep 15, 2020 200
OP-ED: Is there a way to help the millions of climate refugees? Sep 11, 2020 1049
Kitui farmer grows rice despite harsh climate. Sep 8, 2020 601
Webinar on 'Pakistan's preparedness for Climatic Calamities' Experts call for inclusive and participatory urban. Sep 7, 2020 512
Why Extinction Rebellion is the antithesis of progress - Brian Monteith; The militant climate campaign Extinction Rebellion was in the headlines again at the weekend - for attempting to halt the news headlines. Brian Monteith Sep 7, 2020 1067
UK Official Commends Morocco's Leadership in Climate Action. Sep 3, 2020 326
Hot, humid weather in PH to persist; storm outside PAR won't affect climate. Sep 1, 2020 551
Strategies for Improved Yield and Water Use Efficiency of Lettuce (Lactuca sativa L.) through Simplified Soilless Cultivation under Semi-Arid Climate. Michelon, Nicola; Pennisi, Giuseppina; Myint, Nang Ohn; Dall'Olio, Giacomo; Batista, Lucrecia Pachec Sep 1, 2020 7926
Factors Determining the Adoption of Strategies Used by Smallholder Farmers to Cope with Climate Variability in the Eastern Free State, South Africa. Myeni, Lindumusa; Moeletsi, Mokhele Edmond Sep 1, 2020 9032
Crop Productivity and Climatic Conditions: Evidence from Hungary. Bakucs, Zoltan; Ferto, Imre; Vigh, Eniko Sep 1, 2020 6143
New climate economy. Aug 31, 2020 783
OP-ED: The climate-Covid double-punch. Aug 29, 2020 832
Climate arbitration for better law enforcement. Aug 29, 2020 1588
New climate economy. Ali Tauqeer Sheikh Aug 28, 2020 797
Agriculture Bill at Holyrood now can be strenghtened to help planet - Andrew Stark; Farmers should be supported to enable them meet climate targets and enhance nature, argues Andrew Stark. Andrew Stark Aug 25, 2020 695
A tour of Spain to warm us all and let's sample something new; Wine columnist John Kelman, of Rutabaga, looks to Spain's warmer climate for his wine picks this week. John Kelman Aug 22, 2020 916
Norway Reaffirms Commitment to Support Ethiopia's Climate-Resilient Green Economy. Aug 22, 2020 298
CMU-Q names associate dean for diversity and climate. Aug 18, 2020 397
Climate Crisis Demands Diverse Leadership. Aug 18, 2020 606
Alternative climate facts. Aug 8, 2020 206
Enhancing Women's Access to CIS Crucial to Adapt Climate Risks: UNECA. Aug 7, 2020 393
Legarda bats for green COVID-19 recovery plan to promote economy, climate resilience. Aug 6, 2020 531
Fears academics will 'self-censor' One in seven report hostile climate towards pro-Brexit views. DAVID BANNER Aug 3, 2020 338
Fears academics will 'self-censor' One in seven report hostile climate towards pro-Brexit views. DAVID BANNER Aug 3, 2020 338
Climate Regionalization of Asphalt Pavement Based on the K-Means Clustering Algorithm. Yang, Yanhai; Qian, Baitong; Xu, Qicheng; Yang, Ye Jul 31, 2020 8120
Insights on Climate-Driven Fluctuations of Cave [sup.222]Rn and C[O.sub.2] Concentrations Using Statistical and Wavelet Analyses. Pla, Concepcion; Fernandez-Cortes, Angel; Cuezva, Soledad; Galiana-Merino, Juan Jose; Canaveras, Jua Jul 31, 2020 10131
Groups hit lack of concrete plan on addressing climate crisis in Duterte's SONA. Jul 28, 2020 652
Data reveals city has lot of gaps to plug; CLIMATE. Jul 14, 2020 289
Climate Action Sustainable Development Goal achieved 10 years before 2030 deadline. Jul 13, 2020 452
Rep. Legarda calls for integration of climate programs and economic plans. Jul 12, 2020 465
Greta Thunberg joins PH climate activists in call to junk anti-terrorism law. Jul 8, 2020 750
Climate activist Greta Thunberg joins calls to junk anti-terrorism law. Jul 7, 2020 383
Climate activists' national park plea. Jul 5, 2020 216
11 agro climate zones suitable for cultivation of fruits vegetables flowers. Jul 5, 2020 547
Stunts don't help achieve climate goals; The Voice of the North. Jul 4, 2020 248
Environmental Health Leadership on Climate Solutions Amidst COVID-19. Perkowitz, Robert M.; Speiser, Meighen; Rehr, Rebecca C.; DeJarnett, Natasha Jul 1, 2020 2335
When will the water run out? Utah lusts for high-tech development, but can its desert climate keep up with demand? Penrod, Emma Jul 1, 2020 2883
Success Rate of Individual Pollinizers for the Pear Cultivars "Ingeborg" and "Celina" in a Nordic Climate. Cerovic, Radosav; Aksic, Milica Fotiric; Meland, Mekjell Jul 1, 2020 7901
Sulfur Uptake from Fertilizer Fortified with Sulfate and Elemental S in Three Contrasting Climatic Zones. Degryse, Fien; Baird, Roslyn; da Silva, Rodrigo C.; Holzapfel, Christopher B.; Kappes, Claudinei; Ty Jul 1, 2020 8490
Scenario Planning for Climate Adaptation in Agricultural Systems. Olabisi, Laura Schmitt; Onyeneke, Robert Ugochukwu; Choko, Onyinye Prince; Chiemela, Stella Nwawulu; Jul 1, 2020 4757
How Do Climate and Nonclimatic Variables Influence the Production of Agricultural Staple Crops in Vulnerable Rural Communities in the Bawku Municipality of Northern Ghana? Ayumah, Rashida; Asante, Felix; Guodaar, Lawrence; Eshun, Gabriel Jun 30, 2020 8679
Effects of Climate Variability on Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI) in the Gojeb River Catchment, Omo-Gibe Basin, Ethiopia. Dagnachew, Melku; Kebede, Asfaw; Moges, Awdenegest; Abebe, Adane Jun 30, 2020 9541
Siberian heatwave has implications for us all; Think it's hot here? Then spare a thought for Siberia where temperatures have swung from a low of minus 68degC to a sweltering 38degC. Daria Litvinova and Seth Borenstein report on the heatwave that's causing climate scientists fresh alarm. Jun 25, 2020 865
Incinerator bids 'against climate aims of the city'. Mark Cardwell Local Democracy Reporter Jun 18, 2020 391
'Climate hub' planned for old slate mine. Jun 9, 2020 320
WTW Names Climate, Resilience Hub Senior Director. Jun 1, 2020 223
Multiple Amino Acid Supplementations to Low-Protein Diets: Effect on Performance, Carcass Yield, Meat Quality and Nitrogen Excretion of Finishing Broilers under Hot Climate Conditions. Attia, Youssef A.; Bovera, Fulvia; Wang, Jinquan; Harthi, Mohammed A. Al-; Kim, Woo Kyun Report Jun 1, 2020 7513
The Effect of Climate Parameters on Sheep Preferences for Outdoors or Indoors at Low Ambient Temperatures. Piirsalu, Peep; Kaart, Tanel; Nutt, Irje; Marcone, Giovanni; Arney, David Report Jun 1, 2020 6098
Ministry of Environment and Climate Affairs takes necessary measures in Dhofar. Times News Service May 30, 2020 233
Cyprus shows climate of tolerance says CoE report. Jonathan Shkurko May 28, 2020 344
Toffees must prioritise in new climate; Central defence & midfield are key. PHIL KIRKBRIDE May 25, 2020 515
Met Office claims hot and humid climate reduces Covid-19 spread. May 23, 2020 302

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