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Climate evidence is clear. (Prize Letter With Amazon.CO.UK).

Clive Dechant (`What's really going on?', Letters, May 2002) can rest assured there is nothing incompatible about regionally variable thicker ice and warmer seas in periods of global warming, any more than transitional redistribution of precipitation and drought. What is true is the imbalance given by some parts of the national press, in its anxious state of denial, that we are the cause.

Dr Mark Spalding PhD of the UNEP World Conservation Monitoring Centre pointed out in Geographical's January 2002 issue that apart from a `few pariah scientists there is probably greater agreement over the fact of human-induced climate change than over Darwin's theory of evolution." As someone interested in ensuring that our university research programmes are not prejudiced by misinformation, I try do my bit by raising with those misleading sources why they give equal weight to the pariahs against the massive, state-of-the-art and increasing evidence to the contrary given by world authorities such as the IPCC Reports, NASA, the Hadley Met Office Centre and the thousands of climatologists informing the ongoing Kyoto protocol. My advice to Clive is to read the IPCC publications, stay in touch with our own Met Office, then get out there to influence the truth.

John Comerford Horsham, West Sussex

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Author:Comerford, John
Date:Aug 1, 2002
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