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Climate change is continuous.

IN Feedback recently several correspondents have supported the deniers of climate change.

It's true that climate change happens and does so continuously, due to our position in the universe.

In our own little corner we have our planet whose orbit varies over each year.

The axis of spin varies and, like a top, it wobbles.

Each "wobble" takes about 26,000 years. We then have the bigger picture.

Our star, the sun, carries us and its other planets around our galaxy, The Milky Way, once every 250 million years.

All these fluctuations cause changes.

They have probably caused at least two mass extinctions in the last 450 million years.

Over these huge timescales our planet can and did selfregulate itself.

Now we have the situation that man will accelerate this process and natural feedback will not cope.

The salient point is that during those periods the Earth wasn't home to about seven billion people.

The effects will cause worldwide migrations that will make the present Syrian one look like a trickle.

That's the danger that should worry us.

The deniers cite scientists who support their cause.

A closer look may show that the majority have prostituted their careers and reputations by taking the 30 pieces of silver offered to them from the big corporations who see their profits endangered.


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Publication:Evening Gazette (Middlesbrough, England)
Date:Dec 23, 2015
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