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Cliff Chadderton: fighting for the vets.

H.C. (Cliff) Chadderton, OC, OOnt, DL, LLD is well-known to veterans as a tireless crusader on the issues of veterans' rights and preservation of Canada's military heritage. His continual fight for veterans' recognition include taking on the CBC over such issues as a defamatory portrayal of Billy Bishop's war experiences and the ultimate insult, The Valour and the Horror. To remind Canadians of our proud military achievements, as well as the tragic side of war, he has produced a number of award-winning videos in the War Amps' "Never Again" series.

Cliff is no "desk soldier". After landing in Normandy with the Royal Winnipeg Rifles, he lost a leg on the Leopold Canal after some of the campaign's most bitter fighting.

When the controversy arose over the proposed "Holocaust" addition to the Canadian War Museum it is not surprising that Chadderton entered the fray. Ironically, the issue was raised when Colonel Murray Johnston, chairman of the War Museum's fund-raising committee, was invited to address the annual general meeting of the National Council of Veterans Associations in Canada to solicit funds for the CWM expansion programme. By the time the meeting had ended the Council had stated, by a unanimous vote, that in no way should a Holocaust Gallery be a part of the War Museum.

This has led to Cliff Chadderton (together with other opponents of a Holocaust Gallery) being tagged "anti-Semitic." In fact, at that very same meeting, Cliff was honoured as one of the very few Canadians to receive an award from the "Chapel of the Four Chaplains" foundation in the US, which recognizes service to the community and especially veterans groups, on a basis of religious toleration and fellowship.
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Author:Peate, Les
Publication:Esprit de Corps
Date:Feb 1, 1998
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