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Clif Bar Has A Maggot Problem [REPORT].

Fans of Clif Bars may want to check their next package carefully before they take a bite of the energy bar. On Wednesday, a Redditor uploaded photos he took after nearly biting into a chocolate brownie Clif Bar and discovering it was covered in moth larvae.

Reddit user Donut Plains was allegedly driving on his way to work on Wednesday when he opened the snack and prepared to take a bite, without carefully examining the food. "Not particularly paying attention to what I was about to consume, I put the bar to my lips and had the distinct thought of, 'Are those cobwebs?' I look down and literally swerve to the road, as I discover what I was just about to bite into was a treasure trove of live maggots in a fortress of webs," he wrote in the post.

Hundreds of Reddit commenters quickly jumped onto the post, many of whom confirmed that this had also happened to them.

"I would double check each one because I had the same thing as OP happen to me, I took a nice bite out of the bar before realizing theres something stringy from my teeth to my bar, and I look down and see a little maggot moving around. I almost didn't make it to the bathroom to throw up and could not eat a cliff bar since," wrote iams3b.

User charcoalist echoed a similar story, writing, "It happened to me about 10 years ago. Opened the wrapper and noticed what at first glance seemed like pieces of fruit or nut, started moving. Maggots! Called Clif Bar, they said it was rare, apologized, and sent a new box of bars."

Another commenter wrote, "I may or may have not worked for Clifbar a few years ago. That said... it is my ahem understanding that the Clif people are aware of the Indian Meal Moth problem. They will extend great and magnanimous apologies and send you some free bars, and likely have some explanation along the lines of 'it's organic' and 'this is very rare' (both of which are true)."

Predictably, the commenter updated his post to announce that a representative from Clif Bar had responded to his complaint, claiming the infestation was the likely due to Indian Meal Moths, and that the company would like to send replacement bars.

"While we do not know if the moth entered the packaging at the store level, in transit, or in storage, we are confident that the Indian Meal Moths you encountered did not originate in our warehouse or bakery," alleged the Clif Bar rep. "Our bakeries are kept scrupulously clean and are free of all pests by using state-of-the-art pest control. Furthermore, an Indian Meal Moth simply could not survive the mixing and baking process. While this doesn't make finding them in your bar any less unsettling, I wanted to assure you that they are not harmful, nor is it a common experience."
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Date:Oct 3, 2012
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