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Client proposal checklist.

The key to successful client proposals is to obtain current information on the nature and needs of prospects' businesses and to present that information convincingly. Proposals can be developed by following these steps.

1. Handle the initial contact. [] Define the prospective client's perception of his or her business needs. [] Determine the prospective client's expectations. [] Probe for information needed to understand the problem. [] Decide whether or not to proceed.

2. Plan and conduct the first meeting. [] Gather information on the prospective client's organization, market and

industry. [] Organize data from past experiences with similar clients. [] Verify the information with the prospective client. [] Define the prospective client's problem. [] Establish engagement objectives.

3. Prepare the proposal [] Briefly introduce your firm. [] Describe the prospective client's needs, the circumstances that led to them and

the engagement objectives. [] List the procedures to be followed in the proposed engagement. [] Describe the tasks to be undertaken, their sequence and deadlines. [] Establish what the prospective client can expect from the engagement. [] Estimate all direct labor and other costs, including labor overhead rates,

applicable expenses, the fee and total projected costs. [] Provide biographical information on the project director with overall responsibility

for the proposed engagement, the project manager responsible for day-to-day

control and other managers and staff members assigned to the project.

4. Present the proposal. [] Rehearse the presentation. [] Prepare for likely questions. [] Conduct the presentation. [] Seek a commitment to proceed from the prospective client.
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Date:Oct 1, 1993
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