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Click on career choices in dental assisting.

Whether you're a dental assistant on the lookout for new career opportunities, or the practice manager in search of the new assistant, is changing the routine from ad copy in the newspaper to computer e-mail. Place and read job ads--find jobs or dental candidates for them with a simple mouse click. is bringing qualified candidates to the website by working with the American Dental Assistants Association, the American Student Dental Association, the Warschaw Learning Institute for Front Desk Training and the Dental Assisting National Board as their exclusive job boards; also the American Association of Women Dentists and the Hispanic Dental Association. These relationships reach 16,000 dental students and 40,000 dental assistants, front desk personnel and more in the United States and Canada. And Dentalworkers has become AGD PACE certified.

Dentalworkers receives 15,000 hits per day with 500 new users per day. Surveys from past customers say that 88 percent of Dentalworkers' clients will use Dentalworkers again and would recommend it to a colleague. For employers, surveys report that 80 percent say is less expensive than a newspaper ad and that they received quicker responses from candidates. Prices for ads start at $125 for 14 days compared to a five-line Sunday newspaper ad averaging $250. Group practices conducting ongoing recruiting can save more by setting up bulk rate accounts.

Once an ad is placed online, Dentalworkers matches the geographic area and job description to candidates. Ads are then e-delivered to those matching candidates and the contact information appears on all of the resumes that match the ad. Employers search for resumes by geographic location and job description on the "search resume" menu: New and updated resumes are matched and e-delivered to employers weekly and resumes are formatted and easy to read.

ADAA members looking for jobs use a free resume builder that adds language fluency, relocation status, photo, ADAA logo and confidential status. The website assists applicants with on-screen instructions. Applicants who are ADAA members may include a photo at no charge, and the confidentiality fee is reduced by 50 percent. The Dentalworkers team then verifies the candidate's contact information and reviews the document to ensure that all information on the resume is complete. The interview process and verification of all information on the resume is the employer's responsibility. There are no additional fees to the classified ad if anyone is hired through the Dentalworkers site.

ADAA members who are office managers post job ads online at Click on "Employer, Hiring Dentalworkers?" The system will then guide you to place an ad online.

ADAA members who are instructors can now download the Dentalworkers resume instructional PowerPoint presentation, flyers and student handouts on how to write an effective resume. There is no charge. Dentalworkers also provides an online virtual resume writing teacher to instruct your class for $150 per class. ADAA instructor members receive a 50 percent discount. Students write, post and expose their resumes in their geographic area of choice. E-mail for more information.

Cathy Price is the Sales/Marketing representative
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Author:Price, Cathy
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Date:Jan 1, 2004
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