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Cleveland's universal student desktops.

In December 2006, the Cleveland Municipal School District deployed AppStream software to simplify software application management. It allows the district to stream educational applications to 12,000 desktops in more than 100 buildings without physically loading the software onto each PC. "Once a program like Accelerated Reader is in AppStream it's available across the system--with appropriate licensing," explains CIO Thomas Bender.

Access has increased, since software is not tied to specific computers as in systems where the computer is preloaded. "It's self-service. A student can use any PC in a building to access the program he needs," says Bender.

In addition, AppStream allows the district to measure time on task per application, per student. Time on task data combined with test scores helps the district determine the effectiveness of educational software.

The software also has provided the foundation for a universal student desktop. Next year CMSD plans to pilot student accounts and provide them with access to software based on course enrollment. For example, a seventh-grader could tap into the appropriate math, social studies and foreign language software on any building computer. Eventually, software could follow students from building to building or building to home, says Bender. Such flexibility could ease challenges that stem from a 30 percent student mobility rate, he concludes.
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Title Annotation:Curriculum Update
Author:Royal, Ken
Publication:District Administration
Date:Apr 1, 2007
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