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Clerisy Corp Announces the Availability of its Novel Nasal SoftStrips[TM] at Wegmans Stores.

FDA-approved, all-natural Nasal delivery of Appetite Control and Stress Relief

ROCHESTER, N.Y., April 19, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Clerisy Corp announces its breakthrough nasal delivery system Nasal SoftStrips[TM], designed to administer over-the-counter (OTC) medicants or therapeutic vapors will now be available in 71 Wegmans stores in their Nature's Marketplace. Wegmans is the nation's #1 ranked grocery chain.

Doctor-developed, the Nasal SoftStrips[TM] delivery system is a patented and FDA approved medical device designed to deliver health-benefitting concentrated therapeutic vapors through the nasal system, without the use of sprays or powders.

President and CEO, Mary Maida, PhD, states, "Once again Wegmans leads the way in identifying and providing their customers with an elegant, simple, and all-natural approach designed to address everyday health challenges." Further Dr. Mary Maida indicates "that years of diligent research and development were necessary to identify the safest materials and most effective blends of medicants, formulated into a totally non-invasive delivery system to meet the demands of convenience, safety, and effectiveness for consumers."

Nasal SoftStrips[TM] will initially be launched at 71 Wegmans stores in the Northeast and Middle Atlantic states and will be available for purchase in their Nature's Marketplace sections. According to Dr. Maida, "This is an ideal setting for Nasal SoftStrips[TM]because they are 100% natural, pure, safe, and hypoallergenic, factors that consumers demand and are particularly essential to Nature's Marketplace customers."

In addition to being safe and effective, Nasal SoftStrips[TM] are comfortable, easy to apply, easy to use, completely drug free, begin to work within two minutes, and produce effects that can last up to four hours. "What's so incredibly ingenious about Nasal SoftStrips[TM] is that there's no potential for drug or food interactions," states Dr. Maida. "That's because the concentrated therapeutic vapors instantly send a beeline signal to the brain, and are not being absorbed into the blood stream, making them inherently safer than products that are ingested."

Initially two Nasal SoftStrips[TM] products will be available at Wegmans: Nasal SoftStrips[TM] for Appetite Control and Nasal SoftStrips[TM] for Stress Relief. The peppermint-based vapors released from Nasal SoftStrips[TM] for Appetite Control have been shown to reduce hunger cravings, promote a sense of fullness, and can help control caloric intake. The lavender-based Nasal SoftStrips[TM] for Stress Relief release vapors that promote relaxation, reduce stress, and help improve mood.

"Nasal SoftStrips[TM] are safe, simple, fast acting, provide long-lasting results and are FDA approved," notes Dr. Maida. "We are excited that Wegmans desires to offer their customers a 100% natural, healthy, and life-changing approach to promote appetite control or to support calmness, relaxation and stress relief. In addition, Nasal SoftStrips[TM] are doctor-invented and based upon sound scientific and clinical studies. Additionally we plan to roll-out our Nasal SoftStrips[TM] for Congestion Relief, Smoking Cessation, Insomnia, Relief from Nausea caused by chemotherapy, Focus and Attention, Energy and Alertness, Headache Pain Relief, and Memory and Cognition Improvement. The possibilities are endless."


Headquartered in Rochester, NY, Clerisy Corp. formulates, manufactures, markets, and distributes Nasal SoftStrips[TM] for a wide variety of therapeutic areas to provide simple, safe, and effective solutions to manage and improve consumers' health and wellness. Founded by Dr. Mary Maida, the Clerisy Corp team is driven to provide consumers with Nasal SoftStrips[TM] that are designed to provide a thoroughly new approach to improve health, quality of life, and overall well-being in a wide range of therapeutic areas.

SOURCE Clerisy Corp
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Date:Apr 19, 2012
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