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Cleric warns Nigerians against selling their conscience.

Evangelist Theo Ray Ejikeme has warned Nigerians against selling their conscience because of the implications for the future of the country and the coming generation of Nigerians.

Speaking with TribuneChurch at the weekend, he said the country needed a president who would not represent the old order that was retarding national progress.

'We need a president, who can pave the way for a new order that will bring about a new political frequency, where we can invest new ideas and knowledge into our existence.

'Ideas rule the world, and except we buy into new ideas like China and other countries did lately, we won't get the kind of country we are yearning for.

Religious leaders in the country should rise up and wage an effective war on the prevailing menace of money politics. It will help to prevent poor performance by politicians in 2019 polls.

'The spirit of God inspired me to reach out to chritsian leaders to tell them to raise a national crusade against money politics in Nigeria ahead 2019 polls.

'The expected good governance cannot take place if all indices of moneypolitics such as godfathers, lavishing money on endorsements, crowdrenting and vote buying are not given a good fight,' he opined.

He maintained that money politics could jeopardise 'good governance becausepoliticians cannot guarantee good performance after spending so much money winning elections because of the need to recover the money they spent. Religious leaders are in a better position to give the ugly trend of money politics a good fight.

'Most religious leaders have the hope of makingmoney from 2019 electioneering process as they did during 2015 polls, when former President Goodluck Jonathan and others lavished money on them.

'Religious leaders have to do the opposite this time by raising money to support those they found worthy of occupying the positions such as president, state governors and National as well as State House of Assembly members,' he said.

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Publication:Nigerian Tribune (Oyo State, Nigeria)
Date:Nov 11, 2018
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