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Clemmy's adds novelties.

Clemmy's, which has billed itself as "the first all natural, sugar free, super premium ice cream," is expanding its successful line of packaged ice creams to include a new line of frozen dessert The new line features ice cream bars in four vsrieties: Orange Creme, Strawberries 'N Creme, Cherry Vanilla All Natural Sorbet and Ice Cream, and Chocolate Fudge All Natural Low Fat Ice Cream. The bars join one previously introduced Clemmy's novelty--Ice Cream O's, a donut shaped chocolate-coated stickless ice cream.

Each bar is just 70 calories, i00 percent sugar free, all natural, lactose free, gluten free and kosher certified. Clemmy's notes that the bars are also an excellent source of dietary fiber (5 grams of fiber per bar or 20 percent of the daily value) and contains only 3 grams of total fat (Chocolate Fudge bars have just 1.5 grams saturated fat, Strawberries 'N Creme, Orange Creme and Cherry Vanilla bars have just 2 grams saturated fat and all bars have zero trans fat). Clemmy's Bars will be available in grocery stores and online via by November 2011. One package with four bars will cost between $3.79 and $4.19.

"As an ice cream fanatic and quality control guy with very high standards, I guarantee a smile with every one of our new bars," says Jon Gordon, owner and founder of Clemmy's. "It's about time America had access to great tasting and satisfying sugar free, all natural ice cream bars that also happen to provide fiber and be low in fat. We're proud to be the company providing them!"

Gordon, diagnosed five years ago as pre-diabetic, created Clemmy's in 2008 so he could continue to enjoy one of his favorite foods. Today Clemmy's, headquartered in Rancho Mirage, CA, is one of the fastest growing ice cream companies in America with distribution in more than 6,000 grocery stores in 46 states, and online via
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Publication:Ice Cream Reporter
Date:Oct 20, 2011
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