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Clementi-Czerny-Cramer: 32 Easy Piano Pieces With Practice Tips (Urtext).

Clementi-Czerny-Cramer: 32 Easy Piano Pieces With Practice Tips (Urtext)

selected and edited by Nils Franke

Wiener Urtext Edition, Schott/Universal Edition, 2017., 64 pp., $19.95.

This particular collection of 32 pieces by Clementi, Czerny and Cramer is the sixth volume of The Urtext Primo Series. As described in the commentary, this collection is intended to provide some less familiar works that are representative of the selected composers and era. Moving beyond method books and early intermediate pieces, such as Bach's Minuets and Schumann's Wild Rider, this collection is perfect transition material into late-intermediate and early-advanced repertoire.

The title describes the pieces as "easy." For perspective, they are more comparable to the intermediate pieces of Burgmuller and Gurlitt. Somewhat etude-like in nature, they are short studies for the technique, reading skills and musicality needed for late-intermediate to advanced classical and romantic textures and styles.

The variety of pieces and composers is a wonderful compliment to other intermediate-level anthologies. The length of the compositions range from an eight measure study in left-hand voicing to a three page Andante with Variations by Cramer. The only two pieces that may duplicate what is seen in the common Bastien, Faber and Alfred intermediate anthologies are two Clementi sonatinas.

As expected from Schott, the scores are clean with a few, clearly noted editorial markings. The extensive notes in German and English that include biographical notes on each composer, performance and practice tips, and a leveled repertoire chart are an interesting addition.

This collection has a variety of pedagogical uses for both intermediate and early-advanced students. I will be keeping it close at hand in my studio for short sight-reading excerpts, studies in various musical textures, exposure to reading polytonal music and coordinating polyrhythms. Since these pieces are shorter, more advanced students can learn several in a semester and fill in any pedagogical gaps while still studying their larger performance repertoire. They are also a refreshing addition to the standard intermediate repertoire frequently programmed in recitals and contests.--Reviewed by Sarah Alexander, NCTM, Keller, Texas

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Author:Alexander, Sarah
Publication:American Music Teacher
Article Type:Book review
Date:Jun 1, 2019
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