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Clement & Muller add Sheperd Neame beers to their portfolio.

Clement & Muller, Inc. the Philadelphia-area distributor, has been named master distributor for the Shepherd Neame beers in Pennsylvania.

The Shepherd Neame brands are produced at the Shepherd Neame Brewery in Kent, England, a brewery that has been brewing continuously for over 300 years.

Clement & Muller will initially add two Shepherd Neame brews to their line-up: Bishop's Finger and Master Brew. Both beers were celebrated at the 1994 British Brewing Industry International Awards. Bishop's Finger won a silver medal, and was described as "rich malt and fruit on the tongue, long complex finish with great hop character." Master Brew took first prize in Class A mildest strength ale, and was called a "stunning beer, dry in the mouth with long finish full of hops and fruit." Both are packaged in half-liter (16.9 oz.) bottles). Three more Shepherd Neame brands are due later this year: Spitfire Premium Bitter, Original Porter, and India Pale Ale.

Clement & Muller currently handle Miller, Molson U.S.A., Heileman, Guinness and Wisdom products. Pennsylvania distributors interested in adding Shepherd Neame beers to their brand mix should contact Edward O'Donnell, sales manager at (215) 676-7575.
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Title Annotation:Clement & Muller Inc.
Publication:Modern Brewery Age
Date:Mar 6, 1995
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