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Clegg needs reality check; Yourview: Comment OF THE DAY.

LIBDEM leader Nick Clegg wants to grant amnesty to between 500,000 and one million illegal immigrants in the UK so they will pay taxes.

We can't currently financially sustain the already large numbers of immigrants, would-be asylum seekers and the unemployed, yet politicians are in denial.

Clegg talks drivel and shows his complete lack of any financial understanding. If an amnesty were to be allowed, these former illegal immigrants would immediately bring in their relatives and children, and quickly get social housing.

An immigrant, or other worker, with two children on a wage of pounds 21,500 a year would receive numerous welfare benefits and thus pay no net tax - and contribute nothing towards taxation or the real social housing costs.

Does Clegg really think that these illegals at present earning well below the minimum wage would suddenly be earning over pounds 25,000 and paying tax? Clark Cross, Linlithgow, West Lothian GIVEN that Scotland's jobless total is massive, it seems crazy that LibDem leader Nick Clegg wants to grant an amnesty to illegal immigrants and provide them with housing and work.

I can understand foreigners wanting to come to this country to better their lives but they did enter illegally.

Clegg's message is that breaking the law doesn't matter. So what deterrent is there to stop more immigrants coming here and putting more jobs at risk? Everyone agrees that the immigration system is in a mess but British workers should not suffer in an effort to sort things out.

Bob MacDougall, Kippen, Stirlingshire


NOT LISTENING: Nick Clegg's policy on illegal immigrants is wrong
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Title Annotation:Letters
Publication:Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland)
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Date:Apr 26, 2010
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