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Clearnet Introduces MiKE(TM) - Integrated Wireless Technology That Will Save Businesses Time and Money.

TORONTO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Sept. 27, 1996-- CLEARNET COMMUNICATI (TSE:ME NET.A., NASDAQ:CLNTF.) Clearnet Communications Inc. announced today the launch of its Business Communications Service.

It is a unique digital wireless telecommunications service for businesses that integrates mobile phone, dispatch or group and private call radio, alphanumeric paging and messaging services into a single handset. The company will market the services under the trade name "MiKE(TM)" and believes that MiKE will change the way business, commercial and industrial workgroup users communicate. MiKE will bring a new level of competition to the Canadian wireless industry. Initially the services will be launched in a contiguous corridor from Windsor to Quebec City, with a roll-out in western Canada planned in 1997.

"There is simply no other wireless telecom service that can offer Canadian business users the kind of efficiency benefits that MiKE can," said George A. Cope, Clearnet's President and Chief Executive Officer. "For the first time, three wireless services are offered in one handset and on one network. MiKE's integrated phone, two way radio and text message features are combined with friendly pricing and rugged durability to deliver unparalleled business benefits. Users can easily jump from one feature to another with the touch of a button and MiKE's 100 per cent digital network delivers unsurpassed security, privacy and call clarity. We are confident it will be a tremendous success."

Integrated Services From Windsor to Quebec City

Traditional dispatch technology has been enhanced to allow "instant conferencing" at the touch of a button, anywhere within the Windsor through Quebec City coverage corridor. MiKE's Group Call feature, for instance, allows users to connect with groups of co-workers on a selectable basis, at the touch of a button. MiKE's Private Call feature on the other hand, allows any individual to talk to any other individual in the workgroup privately, one-on-one at the touch of a button. In addition, users will find the Private Call features more immediate, more secure and much more economical than a traditional cellular phone call.

In phone mode, MiKE is a fully functioning, advance-featured mobile phone that allows users to call anywhere in the world from MiKE's coverage area. Thanks to MiKE's digital network, Clearnet clients will make their calls with increased security and call quality, and be able to take advantage of advanced features such as call waiting, forwarding, hold and more.

MiKE is also an alphanumeric paging system with several advanced capabilities in a single package: guaranteed voicemail, Message Mail and urgent call delivery, and even Fax Forwarding, which allows users to receive, store, forward, or print faxes directly to any nearby fax machine with their MiKE handset.

Messages can even be sent to MiKE via the Internet or through Clearnet's easy-to-use MiKE-o-Gram text messaging software. Computer users equipped with Mike-o-Gram software can send messages to MiKE subscribers while those without it can simply tap into Clearnet's Internet Message Centre at to send messages directly to MiKE's large, easy-to-read screen. Future Friendly Pricing

MiKE's products and services are designed to save businesses time and money and so are his rate plans. "While we were building the most uniquely powerful digital network in Canada, we also built the fairest wireless pricing plan available today," said Wade Oosterman, Clearnet's Vice President, Sales & Marketing. "MiKE's billing is in one-second increments. If a call lasts 61 seconds, the subscriber pays for only 61 seconds. MiKE also operates in expanded local calling areas that are much larger than the calling areas offered by landline and cellular competitors leading to significant long distance savings. MiKE's subscribers also pay no activation fees."

Clearnet Communications Inc. (TSE:ME NET.A; NASDAQ:CLNTF) is a Canadian wireless communications company which operates the MiKE digital network in Ontario and Quebec as well as analog dispatch communication services in over 40 cities across Canada. Awarded a national 30 MHz PCS (Personal Communications Services) licence last year, Clearnet also plans to launch PCS service in many of Canada's largest urban centres in mid-1997.

CONTACT: Clearnet Communications Inc.

Pym Buitenhuis, 905/ 837-3240

MiKE (416-684-3240)


Environics Communications

Mark Langton, 416/ 920-9000 x 252

MiKE (416) 717-3503


Environics Communications

Carole Hencher, 416/ 920-9000 x 254

MiKE (416) 717-3502
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Date:Sep 27, 1996
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