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Clearadvantage[TM] water purification system.

The patented Aerotech clearadvantage[TM] water purification system is a safe, efficient, chemical-free water purification system. By improving health, animals will process feed more efficiently bringing more product to market on less feed. Each clearadvantage[TM] system is designed specifically for each application. After careful analysis, the system is configured to the level of contaminants and peak flow rate ensuring proper treatment. Activated by a flow switch, the system only runs when water is being used, saving money in the process. Ozone is generated on site with no chemicals to buy, store, or refill. There are no chemical byproducts, only a healthy, high level of dissolved oxygen in the water, which is beneficial to animals. The Aerotech clearadvantage[TM] water purification system is a complete system design providing high quality water without the maintenance and design issues of traditional ozone systems.


Aerotech, a Munters company, Mason, Michigan USA; 888-779-9200,

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Publication:Resource: Engineering & Technology for a Sustainable World
Date:Jul 1, 2007
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