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Clear the way.

ENFORCE 2002 was another professionally rewarding opportunity to get together with all our Engineer leaders from around our Regiment. While it is always wonderful chatting with old friends whom we haven't seen for years, ENFORCE also gives us super opportunities to roll up our sleeves and, collectively, get down to the nitty-gritty of our Regiment's most important and pressing issues. If you recall, the theme for the ENFORCE 2002 Conference was "Full-Spectrum Engineers--Force for Change." These words were chosen carefully; these words have great meaning.

Full-Spectrum Engineers means that we are providing, and will continue to provide, the entire range of engineering to the Nation--from combat engineering to construction engineering to geospatial engineering to environmental engineering. Force for Change means that the Engineer Regiment will aggressively lead the Transformation to meet the needs of the Army and the Nation. The "Full-Spectrum Engineers--Force for Change" theme continues in this latest issue of ENGINEER. In this issue, you will find important and particularly relevant articles on our Sappers out front in Operation Enduring Freedom (OEF)--to include repairing runways, clearing mines, and performing rapid airfield upgrade. Those of you still wondering about Transformation will find Dr. Larry Roberts' article "The Evolution of the Engineer Force: Part II" especially poignant. Engineers have always been in the forefront of changing to meet the needs of our maneuver brethren and the Army. The Sapper warriors of today and tomorrow must continue this. And in LTC(R) Anderson's article "The Real Army," he reinforces the fact that the most important part of our Army is people.

While the positive vibrations of ENFORCE have not worn off, we have had little time to bask in that sunlight; we have been deeply engaged as the Army's Transformation continues in high gear. Our Regiment is deeply involved in the training and development of the Interim Force and the conceptual development and planning for the Objective Force. Recently, we have made important contributions to the role of maneuver support in the Objective Force. On 29 May 2002, the MANSCEN Commandants (Chemical, Engineer, and Military Police) briefed the CSA and the DA Requirements Review Council (RRC) on the Objective Force Maneuver Support Concept. Now, maneuver support is one of the three key integrating areas of the Objective Force operational framework. As you know, these are extremely important efforts that we Engineers must pursue.

In the future and today, countermine remains one of the leading issues for our Army. This is particularly compelling for our forces engaged in Operation Enduring Freedom. We continue to work to develop solutions for the mine and booby trap problems around the world. We will continue to provide subject-matter expertise and mobile training teams to prepare our Sappers going into harm's way. We will also continue to develop and brief, at DA level, requirements for materiel and training to keep our forces mobile and safe and ensure that the Objective Force's combined-arms maneuver Unit of Action (UA) will be able to overcome this threat in stride.

As our Army continues to change, and with the personnel transitions that summer always brings, our Engineer School continues to change as well. To name a few of the key changes: we bid farewell and thanks to LTC(P) Gary Johnston, Senior Engineer, Directorate of Combat Developments (DCD); LTC Bill Duddleston, Doctrine Chief; and LTC Tom Chapman, Engineer School Chief of Staff. We extend a hearty "welcome aboard" to the inbound talent, including LTC Pete Tabacchi, new Engineer DCD Chief (moving over from DCD Concepts); LTC Bryan Watson, Engineer DCD Concepts; LTC Tony Funkhouser, Doctrine Chief; anti LTC Tom O'Donovan, Engineer School Chief of Staff. These are your new Schoolhouse warriors. Add them to your list of key contacts. Put them to work. Send them cards and letters. Support them and count on their support. They will do great things for you and the Regiment.

It has been a tremendous honor for me to have served as your Commandant for the past two years. I appreciate the great teamwork and warrior spirit that you, as Sapper leaders of the Regiment, have demonstrated. With the rapid pace of change, this has been an exciting ride. But the pace will not slow down soon, and the new leader has stepped in to ensure that the important beats are not missed. We all extend our heartiest welcome to MG Bob Van Antwerp, your new Commandant. Van is a great Sapper warrior and leader who, along with BG Randy Castro and the outstanding Engineer School team, will accomplish much as the leader of this Force for Change. Welcome aboard, Van, and Godspeed as Sapper 6!

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Author:Major General Aadland, Anders B.
Publication:Engineer: The Professional Bulletin for Army Engineers
Date:Jul 1, 2002
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