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Teammates: Greetings from Fort Leonard Wood, the home of our magnificent Army Engineer Regiment! While our Regiment is decisively engaged in simultaneous full spectrum operations across the globe, we have embarked on a significant journey into the human dimension, which will have far-reaching, enduring, and strategic effects on our Regiment and Army. Launching this journey was the principle focus of ENFORCE 2008, which we recently held from 4-9 May in St. Louis and at Fort Leonard Wood.

As in the past, the purpose of ENFORCE was to--

* Build the future of our Regiment.

* Enhance learning and professional development.

* Promote fellowship and esprit de corps.

* Celebrate our achievements, traditions, and history.

* Connect senior leaders, junior leaders, alumni, and Family into the regimental "circle of life."

On top of all the learning and hard intellectual work, we had a great time of celebration, fellowship, competition, and remembrance. Highlights included--

* World-Class Speakers, who stretched our brains, challenged our conventional thinking, and informed us.

* Interaction with our world-class Industry Partners, who support and enable us with materiel and technology solutions and support.

* Breakout Sessions with key leaders from around the world who came back to inform and educate us on the Stability Operations they are currently engaged in and responsible for.

* Regimental Spirit Run, with plenty of pushups and flutter kicks.

* Best Sapper Competition and awards (see article, page 31).

* Commandant's Reception and Mega-Mixer, which pulled together senior leaders, junior leaders, alumni, and Family in a wonderful social event.

* Tours of the world-class Counter Explosive Hazards Center and Military Construction (MILCON) Projects.

* Chief of Engineers State of the Regiment Address (see article, page 6).

* Prayer Breakfast in the World War II chapel.

* Remembrance Service, in honor of the 37 heroic fallen Sappers who made the ultimate sacrifice since the last Roll Call a year ago (see article, page 26).

* Regimental Ball, a "Circle of Life" event, at which we presented the Regimental Awards for Excellence: Itschner Awards, Sturgis Medals, Best Platoon Leader Awards, and Van Autreve Award (see article on page 27 for detailed recognition of these Soldiers and units), as well as the Gold DeFleury Medal to LTG (Ret) Robert Flowers, and the Essayons Award to his wife Lynda.

* Spouse Program, consisting of a diverse array of important, interesting, and enjoyable events throughout the week.

Of special note was the Regimental Change of Responsibility between CSM Clint Pearson and CSM Robert Wells (see article, page 5). We thank CSM Pearson and Mollie for their four-plus years of dedicated service to our Regiment in this key leadership role. We wish them all the best as they are reassigned to Washington, DC, where they will continue to do important work for our Army. And we welcome CSM Wells and Ann--the perfect team to help lead our Regiment into the future and to the next level.

Thanks to everyone who came to ENFORCE 2008 and participated, and to everyone who played a role in planning, supporting, orchestrating, and executing this outstanding and successful event. Please get the word out and take the message of Building Great Engineers to the streets!!!

For those of you who could not attend, I ask you to read the forthcoming reports, get engaged in the Campaign Plan, and help us Build Great Engineers for full spectrum operations in an era of persistent conflict.

For all of you who are deployed around the world, performing full spectrum operations on behalf of our great nation--THANK YOU! You are doing incredible work of tremendous importance and are making an enormous positive difference! Keep at it, keep the faith, stay safe and healthy, and know that you are in our thoughts and prayers. You have the complete and total support of the entire Regiment!

May the Good Lord bless each of you and your Families! All the best!

ESSAYONS!!! Army Strong!!!

Mark your calendars now for ENFORCE 2009, the week of 19-25 April 2009, at our Regimental Home--Fort Leonard Wood!!!

By Brigadier General Gregg F. Martin

Commandant, United States Amry Engineer School
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Author:Martin, Gregg F.
Publication:Engineer: The Professional Bulletin for Army Engineers
Date:Apr 1, 2008
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