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Clear the way: by Brigadier General (P) Gregg F. Martin Commandant, United States Army Engineer School.

Teammates: On 8 October 2008--a gorgeous Fall day in the Ozarks--the MANSCEN CG, MG McCoy, passed the Engineer Commandant Colors from me to COL Bob Tipton. It has been the greatest of honors to have served as your Commandant for the past year. This has been an awesome endeavor for Maggie and me, and we have loved every minute of serving with and for you all!

While fighting in two theaters and conducting full spectrum operations worldwide, our Regiment has been magnificent! From tip-of-the-spear Sapper and counter-IED missions, across the total range of our many engineer roles and functions throughout the depth and space of the operational environment, to national-level reconstruction operations, our Regiment provides an absolutely critical capability for our Army, Joint Force and Nation. Simultaneously, we have TRAINED, educated and helped develop more than 20,000 new engineer Soldiers and leaders; SUPPORTED our deploying and deployed forces; continued TRANSFORMING ourselves into the Modular Engineer Force; CARED for each other and our Families; and ENGAGED key stakeholders--all for the good of our Army!

We are One Engineer Regimental Team of Teams, comprised of more than 70,000 uniformed engineer Soldiers and more than 30,000 DA Civilians, as well as academic colleagues, alumni, contractors, Families, and more ... We are in great demand around the world--everyone wants more engineers and the capabilities we provide so well. Yet, in our resource-constrained environment, it is unlikely that we will see any significant increase in resources, if any at all, in the foreseeable future ... Thus, it is encumbent upon us to innovate and adapt across all the DOTMLPF domains--developing new ways to team with each other, as well as our joint, interagency, intergovernmental, and multinational (JIIM) partners--leveraging each others' strengths and capabilities in order to mitigate and overcome our gaps and shortfalls. A great example of this is the development of our Field Force Engineering concept over the past decade and the unprecedented level of collaboration between the troop and USACE elements of the Regiment. Another example is our Joint Engineer Operations Course (JEOC) and the unprecedented level of Joint Engineering we have seen develop over the past several years. There is much untapped potential that we must explore and develop.

The recently completed Collection and Analysis Team (CAAT) project in Iraq will be a great help in validating our requirements. Thanks to COLs Tipton and DeLuca and teams for orchestrating and executing this critical mission so well. The officially sanctioned CALL report should be published soon.

On the Building Great Engineers (BGE) front, we've had an awesome run since the last Engineer Bulletin. We've executed significant Stratcomms/Engagement events at USMA, both the Engineer Expo (to encourage underclassmen to major in engineering) and the Combat Leader Seminar and Branch Day (to inform, educate, and encourage senior cadets to consider choosing our branch); the USACE Leaders Emeritus conference, where we updated and informed the grey beards and senior leaders; the Army War College; Tufts University; and MIT AROTC.

Many of you have been conducting similar events as well. Special thanks and a big Hooah to MG Bo Temple, who has been a one-man, bone-crushing force at numerous schools and events throughout Virginia!!! I encourage you all to get engaged and go tell your and our engineer story. We have a comprehensive Stratcomms push package available on our website for your use.

I also had the great opportunity to travel to Iraq with the Chief and see a number of you. Although I would like to have stayed longer and to have seen every one of you, it was a great visit, and I was extremely impressed with what you are doing and achieving.

Although it was with a heavy heart that I passed the Engineer Colors, I am thrilled that COL Bob Tipton is now our Engineer Commandant. Bob is a combat-hardened, seasoned professional, with enormous full spectrum engineer experience--in short, a Great Engineer!!! Bob and Carol are the perfect command team to continue the momentum and lead our Regiment to the next level. I know you will give COL Tipton and our world-class team at the Engineer School the same enthusiastic, passionate, candid, and professional support that you gave me.

On the brilliant morning of 9 October, the TRADOC CG, GEN Wallace, passed the MANSCEN/FLW Colors from MG Bill McCoy to me. We thank and honor MG and Jill McCoy for their great leadership, friendship, and many significant achievements over the past two years. We will miss them here at FLW and wish them Godspeed as they move to their new assignment as Deputy Inspector General of the Army.

I look forward to serving with and supporting each of you and the Engineer Regiment in my new role as CG MANSCEN and FLW.

Before closing, I want to re-emphasize that as Army engineers, we are all Sappers! Regardless of your MOS, component, status, or duties--our Army and Regiment need you to adapt, innovate, and overcome, in order to get to the objective and accomplish the mission, whatever it is ... And to me, that's what being a Sapper is all about: a state of mind that figures out how to get the job done--no matter what--and has the willpower, perseverance, and strength (mind, body, and spirit) to see the mission through to completion ...all the while taking great care of our People. We are all Sappers-- Hooah!!!

I want to thank each of you for who you are and for what you do--I am enormously proud of you! Every one of you is a critical member of our great Team. What each of you--and we collectively--do is extremely important and really matters to our Army, Joint Force, and Nation. You all are doing a terrific job in an extremely complex, difficult, and resource-constrained environment. I encourage you to keep at it and to stay on the team!!! Many THANKS to you and your Families, and may God bless each of you!!!

Signing off the net as your Regimental Sapper-6...

Essayons!!! Army Strong!!

By Brigadier General (P) Gregg F. Martin

Commandant, United States Army Engineer School
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Author:Martin, Gregg F.
Publication:Engineer: The Professional Bulletin for Army Engineers
Date:Jul 1, 2008
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