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Clear right to object to organ donation? LETTERS.

RE: Families have say on organ donation (Post, Nov 11), says Welsh Government Deputy Chief Medical Officer.

The Human Tissue Authority have produced a Code of Conduct for the Human Transplantation Wales Act, to provide "advice and guidance on practical implications and implementaion of the new law". This guidance is particularly relevant and onerous for Specialist Nurses for Organ Donation (SNOD).

116: "If those close to the person (family) object to the donation, for whatever purpose, when the person has explicity given their consent, or their consent can be deemed, the SNOD should seek to discuss the matter sensitively with them. They should be encouraged to accept the person's wishes and it should be made clear that they do not have the legal right to veto or overrule those wishes".

117: "In a situation in which the list (family) is ranked and agreement cannot be reached between people of the same rank: it is lawful to proceed with the consent of just one of those people. This does not mean that the consent of one person must be acted on, and the SNOD may make the decision not to proceed due to the emotional impact this would have on family and friends".

121: "It will be a decision for the SNOD as to whether to proceed to donation when deemed consent is in place, but the family/friends object".

127/131: "When information is provided by a relative that the person did not want to be an organ donor, this must satisfy a reasonable person that the person would not have given consent. Where there is oral evidence, it will be for the SNOD to make the decision whether this is evidence that would satisfy a reasonable person".

I finished my letter (Post, Nov 9) "Any suggestion of confusion, misunderstanding or families under duress could have catastrophic consequences for organ donation". The 'rights of the family' must be clear and unambiguous.

Michael Joyce, Dolbenmaen

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Title Annotation:Letters
Publication:Daily Post (Conwy, Wales)
Date:Nov 13, 2015
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