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Clear The Way.

I am honored to be "back home" at the Home of the Engineers--Fort Leonard Wood And I must say, the place has never looked better; the Maneuver Support Center is in full swing with great teamwork among the Military Police, Chemical, and Engineer Schools. I appreciate the tone of synergy that LTG Bob Flowers inspired during his command here; we all congratulate him on his promotion and selection as the 50th Chief of Engineers. We also congratulate Ron Johnson on his promotion to BG and thank him for his great work running the Engineer School and ensuring a seamless transition between commandants. The Engineer School will continue that vitally close liaison with the Chief, USACE, and Engineers in the field round the world in the spirit of "One Corps, One Regiment, One Fight." I see this post as a beacon of what is to come in TRADOC and the Army. Fort Leonard Wood is an enduring installation that is demonstrating how branches can maintain their proponency power and technical veracity while breaking down the stov epipe walls and working together to support the maneuver forces of our transforming Army. Clearly the power of the team is greater than the sum of its parts.

It's an exciting time to be an Engineer and a sapper! We are on the cutting edge of change in our Army and our Regiment. We Engineers must be an integral part of the Transformation effort; leaders down to battalion level must have their heads in this game. We owe you the leadership, azimuth, and dynamics of this effort; we will ensure that you know our priorities and issues for the Legacy, Interim, and Objective Forces. I encourage all Engineer leaders to share their ideas with the Engineer School on how to best transform our Regiment in pace with the Army. As we transform in systems, units, and operational concepts, we must be willing to part with the old. Remember, the old stuff never was perfect; we always wanted better, and we survived by making compromises and applying unit-level innovations along the way. Now is the time to catch up-that's why we Engineers should regard Transformation as an opportunity and an exciting challenge. Remember, the power and genius of our branch has always been its people, n ot its equipment.

One of my most compelling priorities is to establish and maintain an effective network with you-the leaders of our Regiment. I see support to and dialog with the field as the fountain of our wisdom; the key to our success in doctrine, training, leader development, organization, materiel, and soldiers (DTLOMS); and the vehicle for our "Speak-With-One-Voice" imperative. Supporting the field is our highest priority as a training base; supporting the warfighter is our highest priority as a branch. So let us hear from you-fill our rucksack with your ideas and issues. Here are some ways our network will stay energized: (1) Semiannual Commandant's VTC (2d and 4th quarters)- make sure you're on the net, and contact us if you were not notified for the 30 January VTC; (2) Annual Engineer Senior Leaders Conference-ENFORCE 2001 "Engineers Leading Transformation" will be conducted here from 8 to 11 May; we're looking forward to seeing you; (3) Semiannual Engineer Council of Colonels (1st and 3d quarters)-offsets the VTC; the next one is scheduled for 8 May during ENFORCE; (4) USAES Web site-check us out and tap in; see info on how to do just that in this bulletin (page 47); (5) Army Engineer Association (AEA)-use this great organization to stay in the loop on goings-on throughout the Corps; and (6) Engineer- help us make this bulletin speak for and to you; we welcome your input on how to make it better. With all these media, we hope you have ample opportunity to be heard; if not, your calls, cards, letters, and e-mails are always appreciated and encouraged.

We will keep the network energized to keep you informed so that you know our "One-Voice" positions and can promulgate them. Remember, challenge them back to us, and advocate them with your bosses. Be steady, positive warriors; remain linked arm-in-arm with us in the professional development of our NCO and officer leaders. Commanders in the field, always take the time and effort to counsel and mentor yourjunior leaders so that they understand the vibrancy of their branch, appreciate their tremendous career opportunities, and maintain confidence in their leaders.

I want to welcome CSM Rob Robinson to the position of Engineer Regimental Command Sergeant Major and thank CSM Art Laughlin for his distinguished service. We also want to thank CSM Bob Dils for his great service here as the MANSCEN CSM and congratulate him on his selection to be the US ACE CSM. Finally, our thanks go to LTG Bob Flowers on leaving behind such a superb organization in MANSCEN, building a great team at the Engineer School, and brilliantly leading our Regiment for the past 3 years. I know the entire Corps joins me to wish him well in his tenure as Chief of Engineers.

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Title Annotation:United States. Army. Corps of Engineers
Author:Aadland, Major General Anders B.
Publication:Engineer: The Professional Bulletin for Army Engineers
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Date:Feb 1, 2001
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