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Cleanscape TestWise.

Cleanscape Software International have announced Cleanscape TestWise, a software visualization and analysis toolkit that automates testing, analysis, and maintenance of C or C++ programs on UNIX, Linux or Windows platforms. Cleanscape TestWise is designed to allow software developers and testers to integrate redundant test procedures into an automated test process that helps them identify and eliminate problems early in the development cycle. The Cleanscape TestWise tools can be used together or independently, according to the needs of a specific project, to help developers automatically do the following: determine code coverage and measure test effectiveness; conduct intelligent regression testing that minimizes regression test sets according to program coverage and execution costs; locate features and identify feature interactions in applications; statically debug source code and trace program dependencies; dynamically debug applications, and; conduct detailed performance analysis to locate performance bottlenecks
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Publication:Software World
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Date:Sep 1, 2004
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