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Cleaning wipe launched in Canada.

Canada-based Brand Marvel Worldwide Consumer Products Corporation, through its wholly owned subsidiary in China, Beijing Marvel Cleansing Supplies Co. Ltd. (BMC), has launched new wet wipes under a new brand name--Snowtree--to the retail market through its existing distribution channels. Together with its long established brand name, Dreamboat, BMC now has two brand names being distributed to the Chinese retail market.

"We are excited with the response of the market to our new products," says LiaoYongliang, president of the company. "These new products can generally be classified as two broad types, natural and bio-degradable, to meet the demands of consumers from different income levels. Through the diversification in the number and types of our products, we can increase our sales through meeting various types of demands from the market and overall improve our profit margin and bottom line."

Brand Marvel Worldwide Consumer Products Corporation (BMW) is a public company listed on the Toronto Venture Exchange. Through its operating arm and wholly owned subsidiary, BMC, the company manufactures and distributes wet Wipe products, liquid disinfectant products, liquid cleansing products and liquid laundry products in the China.

BMC currently produces and distributes. five main types of nonwoven wet wipe products, including general; baby, man, woman and hygienic, for both domestic and international markets under the brand name Drearnboat or OEM orders. BMC is a leading name in China with a national distribution network of approximately 132 distributors and a portfolio of wipe products sold in approximately 22,000 retail outlets including Wal-Mart, Carrefour and Tesco.
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Date:Apr 1, 2013
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