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Cleaning up the workplace, greening maintenance industry.

New York is turning green. To protect the environment and individual health, LEED certified buildings, sustainable design and eco-friendly products are springing up everywhere.

Unfortunately, it seems "green" is often little more than a buzzword, a fad or a political agenda. In the building maintenance industry, however, we can make green cleaning a reality.

The Green Cleaning Movement is about doing everything we can to create a healthy, safe and productive working environment--from reducing waste to replacing toxic products with natural ones.

Implementing an eco-friendly cleaning program can seem like a daunting task, but we at Alliance Building Services have found "greening" the maintenance industry does not require major or expensive changes.

Many small things can have a big impact, enabling every maintenance company and building owner to join the cause.

Environmentally-conscious cleaning companies have engineered new, coo-friendly products and cleaning methods that are as effective and affordable as traditional cleaning methods, making the choice to "go green" an easy one.

Certified Green Seal cleaning products, recycled paper products, waste-reducing dispensers, and high-quality janitorial equipment are widely available and are rapidly gaining popularity.

From hand soap to Green Seal tissues, every step of the cleaning process can be modified to benefit the environment and protect the health of those working in it. Though building and company owners sometimes baulk at the perceived expense of "going green," we believe the long-term benefits far outweigh initial costs. Replacing toxic cleaning chemicals with more natural products is believed to improve health, helping to reduce healthcare costs and improve productivity.

In fact, studies have shown that healthier, greener environments improve productivity and reduce employee sick days.

Alliance Building Services' division First Quality Maintenance recently launched a Green Seal Certified cleaning program at 1515 Broadway.

The program was a success not only because we were able to provide this fantastic service for our client, but because we were able to improve the working conditions for our cleaners. Going beyond simply using green products, we initiated a training program to teach employees how to use the latest eco-friendly cleaning products to obtain optimal results.

Staff members were thrilled learn new eco-friendly cleaning methods while improving their immediate working environment and the world at large.

With millions of commercial buildings in this country, eco-friendly cleaning can have a significant impact on the environment. Rather than waiting on governmental regulations to mandate green cleaning, we hope the building maintenance industry will take initiative to push this movement forward.

We must continue to search for new and healthier ways to keep buildings clean, and the more we are able to implement green products, the cleaner we will keep our world.

Eco-friendly cleaning is a value-added service that impacts the most important things in our lives--our health and our planet.


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