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Cleaning carbide.

Cambridge based tool engineer, C4 Carbides, recently commissioned an aqueous cleaning system from MecWash, to remove oil and dirt from the cutting edge of tools prior to adhering carbide and painting.

C4 Carbides manufactures carbide tipped power tool accessories including jig and industrial band saw blades, which are exported across the globe. Over 90% of its output is currently destined for overseas markets including the USA, Europe and the Asia Pacific region.

Effective cleaning plays a vital role in the manufacturing process as C4 Carbides Project Engineer, Simon Peckham, explains. He says, "The nature of our products demands that we achieve a sterile surface prior to applying the carbide and painting. Any oil and dirt residue remaining from the production process has the potential to significantly impact the efficiency of our products and could therefore adversely affect our reputation."


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Title Annotation:INSTALLATIONS
Date:Nov 1, 2012
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