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Clean up fats, oil, and grease.

Clean and Sweep, an indoor dry-formula spill cleanup product, has been approved by FDA and OSHA and has USDA approval as a safe and effective method of cleaning up liquids and semiliquids. It is particularly useful for fats, oil, and grease (FOG).

FOG is a serious issue in the food service industry. Too much fat, oil, and grease is currently going down drains and into sewers. With legislation regarding this issue just around the corner, many chains and restaurateurs are going to scramble to find immediate solutions. Some will use products designed for outdoor use or, even worse, cat litter. Cat litter is not designed to clean up fats, oil, and grease. It is designed, with its clay base, to slowly clump together when wet--not a good choice for use in a fast-paced restaurant atmosphere.

Clean and Sweep is a sodium potassium alumina silicate that is designed to quickly encapsulate all liquids and semiliquids (e.g., grease, ketchup, eggs) instead of simply soaking up the spill. It cleans thoroughly, without any remaining greasy residual, through the following steps:

1. sprinkle onto spill;

2. mix into spill with brush or broom; and

3. sweep up and discard product along with encapsulated spill into the trash, not down the drain and into the sewer.

For more information on Clean and Sweep, contact Same Day Distributing, Inc., at (800) 735-2261 or (714) 379-2060.
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