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Clean sweep: 5 ways to make your room look spotless in 5. (No, closing the door doesn't count.).



Mom's on the rampage about your room again? Our super quick spring cleaning tips will have your crib spick 'n' span ASAP.

1. Make your bed. No time? Leave the crumpled sheets and pull up the comforter. Fold a throw and use it to hide any lumps at the end of your bed. Give your pillows a quick fluff and prop 'em up.

2. Get rid of the floordrobe. Do a quick pickup by snagging a second hamper from the laundry room, then tossing dirty clothes in one and clean ones in the other. You can hang stuff later.

3. Declutter your desk. Grab a tray and clear any plates and cups. File old papers in a shoebox or empty drawer (for now). Coil and tuck away any loose charger wires. Desk space, what a concept!

4. Delete dust bunnies. Swipe surfaces with a dryer sheet. You'll erase dust instantly--and prevent it from coming back.

5. Lastly, straighten up. Stack books and magazines in neat piles. Arrange bottles and makeup on your bureau into tidy lines and put away your jewelry. Done!

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Date:Apr 1, 2012
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