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Clean slate.

House arrest, extradition warrants, even Supreme Court rulings, nothing seems to deter former presidents in Latin America bent on clearing their name the best way possible: By hammering their political opponents into submission first. Here's a look at who's running despite the risks.
Clean Slate

Candidate Charges Status

Alberto Fujimod Corruption and Under arrest in Chile awaiting
(Peru) crimes against extradition. Campaigning
 humanity nonetheless via the press

Carlos Menem Illegal arms deal, Won a Senate seat, expected
(Argentina) embezzlement to take it Dec. 10 if no
 legal action blocks it.
 Serious charges dropped

Arnoldo Aleman Money laundering, Under a 20-year house-arrest
(Nicaragua) corruption, that has expanded to the size
 embezzlement of Managua, so far, yet
 guiding Nicaraguan politics
 just the same

Lucio Gutierrez Threat to national Under arrest after flying
(Ecuador) security home from Colombian asylum
 to claim control of

Candidate Quote

Alberto Fujimod "It's my goal to stay temporarily
(Peru) in Chile as part of the process of
 my return to Peru."

Carlos Menem "I am honest and decent. I am, I
(Argentina) would say, a leader among
 Peronists, as both Peron and the
 people would have it" (La

Arnoldo Aleman Daughter Maria Dolores Aleman:
(Nicaragua) "If we wanted, we could run for
 the presidency without amnesty,
 since the sentence itself is, in the
 first place, not solid." (El Nuevo

Lucio Gutierrez Referring to himself: "Lucio
(Ecuador) Gutierrez should continue governing
 honestly." (AP)
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Title Annotation:charges against the former presidents of latin america
Author:Brown, Greg
Publication:Latin Trade
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Date:Feb 1, 2006
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