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Cleage, Pearl. Baby brother's blues.

CLEAGE, Pearl. Baby brother's blues. Read by the author. 9 cds. 10.5 hrs. BBC Audiobooks America. 2006. 0-7927-3929-9. $89.95. Vinyl; plot, author notes. A

This is an absorbing, unpredictable novel. Blue Hamilton is an extraordinary man--his physical features (ocean-blue eyes against black skin) are just a hint of the depths below. Under Blue's vigilante protection, an Atlanta, Georgia neighborhood has remained a haven of peace and tranquility while surrounding areas have given away to decay and violence. His partner, Major, is in mourning for a deceased wife who, in her final days, asked him to look for signs of her "return." Major finds this in a stripper who has a birthmark only stripping would reveal of the same location, shape, and size as his wife's. Odd, yet engaging, metaphysical themes abound in this story. Other characters include a soldier and deserter from the war in Iraq, an uncompromisingly honest female state senator, and her married son, who is being blackmailed because of his secret gay club life.

Cleage narrates admirably and crafts a story that straddles black culture, both hip-hop current as well as that of the civil rights activism of the sixties. The fissures of these generations are revealed. The writing is poetic, honest, and lovely while remaining action-packed. A unique and engaging production. Nancy Crowder Chaplin, Libn., VCCW, Goochland, VA

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Author:Crowder, Nancy Chaplin
Article Type:Audiobook review
Date:Jul 1, 2006
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