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Andromeda Metals research JV shows halloysite-derived carbon nanomaterials have strong adsorption potential and recyclability for carbon capture and conversion. Apr 13, 2021 765
OAR Resources begins follow-up and extensional aircore drilling at Gibraltar in prolific South Australian halloysite-kaolin region. Mar 26, 2021 444
Oakdale Resources gears up for 2021 exploration programs across Australian and American projects. Dec 24, 2020 827
Latin Resources to hit Noombenberry Halloysite-Kaolin Project with first aircore drilling in early December. Nov 27, 2020 782
Oakdale Resources begins drilling Gibraltar project in Australia's premier halloysite-kaolin region. Nov 13, 2020 586
Experimental Investigation on the Influence of Water Content on the Mechanical Properties of Coal under Conventional Triaxial Compression. Zhang, Meichang; Nie, Rongshan Aug 31, 2020 5966
Effect of High Temperature (600[degrees]C) on Mechanical Properties, Mineral Composition, and Microfracture Characteristics of Sandstone. Li, Jian; Du, Zhao-Wen; Guo, Zhong-Ping Aug 31, 2020 10158
Minerals dept generates Rs. 800 mln revenue. Jul 1, 2020 197
Adsorption, Modeling, Thermodynamic, and Kinetic Studies of Methyl Red Removal from Textile-Polluted Water Using Natural and Purified Organic Matter Rich Clays as Low-Cost Adsorbent. Romdhane, Dalila Fkih; Satlaoui, Yosra; Nasraoui, Rawya; Charef, Abdelkrim; Azouzi, Rim Jun 30, 2020 10890
KAOLIN PIPES AND THE GLOBAL TOBACCO TRADE RADE L; Hidden gems in the collections of Aberdeen Art GallerMuseums and Aberdeen City & Aberdeenshire Archiv ry ves Timothy Carlisle, Museum Assistant. Jun 10, 2020 493
Andromeda Metals PFS further improves economics for Poochera Halloysite-Kaolin Project. Jun 2, 2020 877
Collection of 'ancient' clay objects confirmed as fake; Museum: Large haul was found in bubble wrap at Heathrow airport last year. LAURA HARDING May 5, 2020 385
Design and Implementation of Brick Making Machine Integrated with Smart IIoT Application. Premkumar, M.; Devi, G. Naga Rama; Sowmya, R. May 1, 2020 6318
Flotation Studies on Low-Grade Phosphate Rock of Tarnawai, District Abbottabad, KPK Province, Pakistan. Bhatti, Muhammad Arif; Ahad, Abdul; Kazmi, Kamran Raza; Zafar, Uzma; Amin, Athar; Akram, Adnan May 1, 2020 6149
Mechanical Properties of Weathered Feldspar Sandstone after Experiencing Dry-Wet Cycles. An, Wen-bo; Wang, Laigui; Chen, He Apr 30, 2020 9081
Construction and Engineering Application of Salt-Discharging Model for Local Saline-Alkali Soil with Compact Structure in the Yellow River Delta. Liu, Chuanxiao; Li, Kesheng; Ma, Depeng Apr 30, 2020 4396
The Antiemetic Effect of Xiao-Ban-Xia-Tang Formula against Cisplatin-Induced Emesis is Mediated through Inhibition of NLRP3 Inflammasome Activation in a Rat Pica Model. Meng, Qi; Cheng, QianQian; Feng, Xiaodi; Chen, Siqi; Li, Yaqi; Zhang, Guanglong; Nie, Ke Apr 30, 2020 7989
Relationship between Tectonism and Composition and Pore Characteristics of Shale Reservoirs. Shang, Fuhua; Zhu, Yanming; Gao, Haitao; Wang, Yang; Liu, Ruiyin Mar 31, 2020 7313
Influence of 3D Printed Topological Structure on Lightweight Mullite Load Bearing Board in Thermal Environment. Man, Yiran; Luo, Xudong; Xie, Zhipeng; Qu, Dianli Mar 31, 2020 3817
Archer Materials increases commercial potential of Franklyn project with halloysite confirmed. Mar 4, 2020 440
Major, trace and rare earth element geochemistry of coal and oil shale in the Yuqia area, Middle Jurassic Shimengou Formation, northern Qaidam Basin. Bai, Yueyue; Lv, Qingtian; Liu, Zhaojun; Sun, Pingchang; Xu, Yinbo; Meng, Jingyao; Meng, Qingtao; Xi Mar 1, 2020 13008
Soil mineralogy and dynamic pedogenic processes in response to redox cycles due to rice and sweet potato rotation. Anda, Markus; Suryani, Erna; Nursyamsi, Dedi Report Mar 1, 2020 12688
Preparation of Polymer-Based Nanocomposites Composed of Sustainable Organo-Modified Needlelike Nanoparticles and Their Particle Dispersion States in the Matrix. Hirayama, Shuhei; Hayasaki, Takuto; Okano, Rei; Fujimori, Atsuhiro Report Mar 1, 2020 5520
Experimental Investigation of the Dependence of Accessible Porosity and Methane Sorption Capacity of Carbonaceous Shales on Particle Size. Gaus, Garri; Kalmykov, Anton; Krooss, Bernhard M.; Fink, Reinhard Mar 1, 2020 7139
Characteristics of Heavy Metal Ion Adsorption by Silty Mudstones in Coal Mine Goafs. Yao, Qiang-ling; Xia, Ze; Tang, Chuan-jin; Zhu, Liu; Wang, Wei-nan; Chen, Tian; Tan, Ying-ming Mar 1, 2020 7803
Latin Resources receives positive kaolinite and halloysite results from Noombenberry. Jan 25, 2020 441
I-Minerals Provides Pre-Feasibility Study Update. Jan 22, 2020 511
Shear Mechanical Behaviours and Multistrength Parameter Characteristics of Fault Gouge. Bao, Han; Qi, Qun; Lan, Hengxing; Yan, Changgen; Xu, Wei; Liu, Xin; Li, Langping Dec 31, 2019 6883
FYI Resources pockets $250,000 tax rebate towards HPA strategy. Dec 19, 2019 226
Latin Resources samples kaolin-style mineralisation at Noombenberry Project. Nov 21, 2019 276
No sign of asbestos in Johnson's Baby Powder in Thailand: FDA. Oct 22, 2019 246
Applied Minerals' new CEO tells shareholders he's optimistic about the future. Oct 11, 2019 394
Removal Properties, Mechanisms, and Performance of Methyl Green from Aqueous Solution Using Raw and Purified Sejnane Clay Type. Satlaoui, Yosra; Trifi, Mariem; Romdhane, Dalila Fkih; Charef, Abdelkrim; Azouzi, Rim Sep 30, 2019 9189
Baby Powder Market To Gain Huge Traction Due To Growing Concern Among Consumers Regarding Personal Hygiene Till 2023 / Million Insights. Sep 26, 2019 917
Spatio-Textural Distribution and Clay Mineralogy of Saginaw Lobe Tills, Central Lower Michigan. Sep 22, 2019 136
AWARDS & ACCOLADES. Sep 22, 2019 178
I-Minerals Operations Update. Sep 18, 2019 755
ALLU Transformer M 3-20 Processes Clay for Minerals Company. Sep 1, 2019 305
Glass & Ceramics. Sep 1, 2019 430
Study on the Microscopic Characteristics of Ferruginous cement of Banguo Earth Forest in Yuan mou area, Yunnan, China/Estudio sobre las caracteristicas microscopicas del cemento ferruginoso del bosque de tierra Banguo en el area de Yuan mou, Yunnan, China. Luo, Penghui; Zhang, Shitao; Tian, Yimin; Ding, Fei; Xu, Zongming Sep 1, 2019 3441
Influences of Saturation and Wetting-Drying Cycle on Mechanical Performances of Argillaceous Limestones from Liupanshan Tunnel, China. Meng, Bo; Jing, Hongwen; Zhu, Wenxin; Su, Haijian Aug 31, 2019 5127
Global Kaolin Market Growth Report 2019 by Supply, Demand, Size, Consumption. Price, Share, Top Manufacturers & more. Report Aug 13, 2019 613
Daub may show Stirling's oldest fingerprint; DIGGING INTO THE PAST with Dr Murray Cook. Aug 7, 2019 335
Preparation of a biosorbent complex (clay particles/Streptococcus thermophilus) to treat polluted water with methylene blue. Aissa, Hadj Said; Meriem, Moulay; Mourad, Benbeguara; Laredj, Hocine Report Aug 1, 2019 3973
A Theoretical Study on the Inclusion of Fe, Cu, and Zn in Illite Clays. Sanchez-Coronilla, Antonio; Martin, Elisa I.; Fernandez-de-Cordova, Francisco Jose; Santos, Francisc May 31, 2019 5388
Analyzing Tight Sand Characteristics and Its Influence on Aqueous Phase Removal by Gas Displacement. Meng, Mianmo; Ge, Hongkui; Shen, Yinghao; Ji, Wenming; Wu, Yang; Xu, Xiaosong; Huang, Weihan; Li, Qi May 31, 2019 7576
Numerical Simulations of Fracture Propagation in Jointed Shale Reservoirs under C[O.sub.2] Fracturing. Zhang, Qi; Ma, Dan; Liu, Jiangfeng; Wang, Jiehao; Li, Xibing; Zhou, Zilong Apr 30, 2019 6718
Impact of Moisture Content on the Dynamic Failure Energy Dissipation Characteristics of Sandstone. Lu, Aihong; Hu, Shanchao; Li, Ming; Duan, Tianzhu; Li, Bing; Chang, Xiya Apr 30, 2019 6102
Influence of summer crop residues on [sup.15]N present in organic matter fractions under two lowland soils/Influencia de residuos de culturas de verao sobre o [sup.15]N em fracoes da materia organica de dois solos de terras baixas. Pollet, Carolina Schultz; da Silva, Leandro Souza; Chaves, Bruno; Neto, Lethicia Rosa; Dossin, Maria Apr 1, 2019 5164
Active Minerals International, LLC. Feb 1, 2019 453
GEOCHEMISTRY OF THE GULF OF ADEN BEACH SANDS, AL-MUKALLA, YEMEN: PROVENANCE AND TECTONIC SETTING IMPLICATIONS. Ghandour, Ibrahim; Basaham, Ali; Haredy, Rabea; Manaa, Ammar; Al-Rabaki, Khaled; Bawahidi, Khaled Report Jan 1, 2019 7855
NASA finds WATER on nearby asteroid - and it could explain origin of life on Earth; NASA sent a spacecraft on a 1.4 million mile mission to the asteroid, dubbed Bennu, where it arrived last week. Dec 12, 2018 222
NASAa[euro][TM]s OSIRIS-REx Discovers Water on Asteroid Bennu. Dec 11, 2018 346
Call for extracting kaolin scientifically to help develop country. Oct 19, 2018 664
Global Market for Bauxite Mining Market to Register Impressive Growth During 2020. Oct 11, 2018 154
Pedogenic iron oxides in soils of the Acre State, Brazil/Oxidos de ferro pedogenicos em solos do estado do Acre, Brasil. Inda, Alberto Vasconcellos; Fink, Jesse Rodrigo; dos Santos, Tatiele Fruett Aug 1, 2018 2850
p-Nitrophenol Removal from Aqueous Solution Using Raw and Modified Kaolinite. Adekola, Folahan Amoo; Jimoh, Sodiq; Inyinbor, Adejumoke Abosede Technical report Jul 1, 2018 5170
Titans of Clay: Winnipeg's Terra Cotta Buildings. Perry, Gail Jun 22, 2018 1457
Potassium fertilisation with humic acid coated KCl in a sandy clay loam tropical soil. Rosolem, Ciro A.; Almeida, Danilo S.; Rocha, Kassiano F.; Bacco, Gustavo H.M. Report May 1, 2018 7179
Groundwater Quality Investigation of the Dammam Unconfined Aquifer, Umaid Area Muthanna Governorate--Iraq. Dabbas, Moutaz A. Al-; Ameri, Yas K. Al-; Kadhim, Weam H. Report May 1, 2018 5725
Preparation and Characterization of PEG/PVP blend, with Sepiolite Clay as Compatibilizer. Report Apr 30, 2018 2881
SLEEP ON IT. Apr 1, 2018 159
The Use of Water Quality Index Technique to Assess Ground Water for Irrigation in Ashatnanr Area--Muthanna Governorate--Southern Iraq. Kadhim, Weam Hassan Feb 1, 2018 3210
Dynamic Mechanical Behavior of Dry and Water Saturated Igneous Rock with Acoustic Emission Monitoring. Guo, Jun; Feng, Guo-rui; Qi, Ting-ye; Wang, Pengfei; Yang, Jian; Li, Zhen; Bai, Jinwen; Du, Xianjie; Jan 1, 2018 6367
Experimental Investigation of Sandstone under Cyclic Loading: Damage Assessment Using Ultrasonic Wave Velocities and Changes in Elastic Modulus. Yang, Sen; Zhang, Nong; Feng, Xiaowei; Kan, Jiaguang; Pan, Dongjiang; Qian, Deyu Jan 1, 2018 6650
Feldspar Dissolution and Its Influence on Reservoirs: A Case Study of the Lower Triassic Baikouquan Formation in the Northwest Margin of the Junggar Basin, China. Xiao, Meng; Yuan, Xuanjun; Cheng, Dawei; Wu, Songtao; Cao, Zhenglin; Tang, Yong; Xie, Zongrui Case study Jan 1, 2018 8704
A Deep Alteration and Oxidation Profile in a Shallow Clay Aquitard: Example of the Tegulines Clay, East Paris Basin, France. Lerouge, Catherine; Robinet, Jean-Charles; Debure, Mathieu; Tournassat, Christophe; Bouchet, Alain; Jan 1, 2018 12464
Theoretical Modeling of Dielectric Properties of Artificial Shales. Han, Tongcheng; Beloborodov, Roman; Pervukhina, Marina; Josh, Matthew; Cui, Yanlin; Zhi, Pengyao Jan 1, 2018 7022
Study on the Law of Membrane Efficiency of Unsaturated Shale and Its Application. Chang, Long; Ge, Hongkui; Shen, Yinghao; Huang, Zehui; Zhang, Qian Report Jan 1, 2018 6120
Experimental Study on the Permeability of Weakly Cemented Rock under Different Stress States in Triaxial Compression Tests. Fan, Gangwei; Chen, Mingwei; Zhang, Dongsheng; Wang, Zhen; Zhang, Shizhong; Zhang, Chengguo; Li, Qiz Jan 1, 2018 4838
Mechanical-Chemical-Mineralogical Controls on Permeability Evolution of Shale Fractures. Jia, Yunzhong; Lu, Yiyu; Tang, Jiren; Fang, Yi; Xia, Binwei; Ge, Zhaolong Jan 1, 2018 9018
Visible and Near-Infrared Reflectance Spectroscopy for Investigating Soil Mineralogy: A Review. Fang, Qian; Hong, Hanlie; Zhao, Lulu; Kukolich, Stephanie; Yin, Ke; Wang, Chaowen Jan 1, 2018 10997
Chemical, Mineralogical, and Refractory Characterization of Kaolin in the Regions of Huayacocotla-Alumbres, Mexico. Romero-Guerrero, L.M.; Moreno-Tovar, R.; Arenas-Flores, A.; Santillan, Y. Marmolejo; Perez-Moreno, F Jan 1, 2018 7592
Damage Characteristics of Sandstone Subjected to Coupled Effect of Freezing-Thawing Cycles and Acid Environment. Deng, Hongwei; Yu, Songtao; Deng, Junren Jan 1, 2018 6598
Valorisation of GRP Dust Waste in Fired Clay Bricks. Mobili, Alessandra; Giosue, Chiara; Tittarelli, Francesca Jan 1, 2018 4988
Identifying the Impact Factors of the Dynamic Strength of Mudded Intercalations during Cyclic Loading. Yan, Changbin; Xu, Xiao; Huang, Lei Jan 1, 2018 3861
CADAM announces 5% higher global prices for Kaolin Clays. Nov 13, 2017 172
Tree-based techniques to predict soil units. Pinheiro, H.S.K.; Owens, P.R.; Anjos, L.H.C.; Carvalho, W., Jr.; Chagas, C.S. Report Nov 1, 2017 8465
Image Transfer part II. Gamble, Tracy Payne Apr 1, 2017 264
QELBY[R]-Induced Enhancement of Exclusion Zone Buildup and Seed Germination. Sharma, Abha; Toso, Dario; Kung, Kurt; Bahng, Gun-Woong; Pollack, Gerald H. Jan 1, 2017 4050
Olive Stone Ash as Secondary Raw Material for Fired Clay Bricks. Eliche-Quesada, D.; Felipe-Sese, M.A.; Infantes-Molina, A. Jan 1, 2017 6645
Removal of Fluoride from Water by Adsorption onto Fired Clay Pots: Kinetics and Equilibrium Studies. Kofa, G.P.; Gomdje, V.H.; Telegang, C.; Koungou, S. Ndi Report Jan 1, 2017 4390
Advantageous Reservoir Characterization Technology in Extra Low Permeability Oil Reservoirs. Luo, Yutian; Yang, Zhengming; Meng, Lixin; Li, Shutie Report Jan 1, 2017 4983
Facile Preparation of Biocomposite from Prawn Shell Derived Chitosan and Kaolinite-Rich Locally Available Clay. Biswas, Shanta; Rashid, Taslim U.; Mallik, Abul K.; Islam, Minhajul; Khan, M. Nuruzzaman; Haque, Pap Jan 1, 2017 5746
Processes Governing Alkaline Groundwater Chemistry within a Fractured Rock (Ophiolitic Melange) Aquifer Underlying a Seasonally Inhabited Headwater Area in the Aladaglar Range (Adana, Turkey). Guler, Cuneyt; Thyne, Geoffrey D.; Taga, Hidayet; Yildinm, Umit Jan 1, 2017 16240
Experimental Study on the Effects of Stress Variations on the Permeability of Feldspar-Quartz Sandstone. Wang, Fugang; Mi, Zhaoxu; Sun, Zhaojun; Li, Xufeng; Lan, Tianshan; Yuan, Yilong; Xu, Tianfu Jan 1, 2017 8792
Pore Fluid Evolution Influenced by Volcanic Activities and Related Diagenetic Processes in a Rift Basin: Evidence from the Paleogene Medium-Deep Reservoirs of Huanghekou Sag, Bohai Bay Basin, China. Sun, Zhongheng; Zhu, Hongtao; Xu, Changgui; Yang, Xianghua; Du, Xiaofeng; Wang, Qingbin; Qiao, Jinya Jan 1, 2017 9650
Application of Central Composite Design in the Adsorption of Ca(II) on Metakaolin Zeolite. (Research Article). Guyo, Upenyu; Phiri, Lycenter Yard; Chigondo, Fidelis Technical report Jan 1, 2017 5858
Petrography and strength analysis of Jura granitoid, Neelum Valley, Azad Jammu and Kashmir. Dec 31, 2016 292
Influence of kaolinite clay supplementation on growth performance and digestive function in finishing calf-fed holstein steers. Ortiz, Jose; Montano, Martin; Plascencia, Alejandro; Salinas, Jaime; Torrentera, Noemi; Zinn, Richar Report Nov 1, 2016 5269
Serving up some art on clay platters. Laux, David Oct 1, 2016 969
High soil sodicity and alkalinity cause transient salinity in south-western Australia. Barrett-Lennard, Edward G.; Anderson, Geoffrey C.; Holmes, Karen W.; Sinnott, Aidan Report Jul 1, 2016 8562
Potentially toxic elements in soils and plants on a reclaimed coal-waste dump in Southern Poland (preliminary study). Nadlonek, Weronika; Cabala, Jerzy Report Jul 1, 2016 4658
Estudio Experimental de las propiedades petrofisicas de una formacion compacta al considerar las arcillas minerales y las respuestas de flujo. Liu, Guangfeng; Li, Shoujun; Gu, Daihong; Lu, Yang; Asamoah, Emmanuel Report Jun 1, 2016 4129
Visible and near infrared spectroscopy techniques for determination of some physical and chemical properties in Kazova watershed. Budak, Mesut; Gunal, Hikmet Report May 1, 2016 5632
Mineralogy and shale gas potential of lower Silurian organic-rich shale at the southeastern margin of Sichuan basin, South China. Guo, Ling; Jiang, Zaixing; Liang, Chao Report Mar 1, 2016 5741
Characteristics and comprehensive utilization potential of oil shale of the Yin'e Basin, Inner Mongolia, China. Liu, Rong; Liu, Zhaojun; Guo, Wei; Chen, Huijun Report Dec 1, 2015 6091
Mineral technology, machinery developer taps clays' geopolymer binder potential. Oct 1, 2015 261
Clay mineralogy of the Jurassic-tertiary sedimentary rocks of the Kopet Dagh basin (Northeastern Iran): implications for paleoclimate. Khormali, Farhad; Amini, Arash Report Oct 1, 2015 6737
Optimising the extraction of amorphous silica by NaOH from soils of temperate-humid climate. Georgiadis, Anna; Sauer, Daniela; Breuer, Jorn; Herrmann, Ludger; Rennert, Thilo; Stahr, Karl Report Jul 1, 2015 7157
Enhancing Egyptian kaolinite via calcination and dealumination for application in paper coating. Sherbiny, Samya El-; Morsy, Fatma A.; Hassan, Mervat S.; Mohamed, Heba F. Report Jul 1, 2015 6413
Soil development on loess overlying cretaceous sediments and Devonian limestones. Zigova, Anna; Stastny, Martin Report Jul 1, 2015 5892
Polyethylene/sepiolite fibers. Influence of drawing and nanofiller content on the crystal morphology and mechanical properties. Alonso, Yanela; Martini, Raquel E.; Iannoni, Antonio; Terenzi, Andrea; Kenny, Jose M.; Barbosa, Silv Report May 1, 2015 4876
Effect of sepiolite on the crystallization behavior of biodegradable poly(lactic acid) as an efficient nucleating agent. Wu, Jun; Zou, Xiaoxuan; Jing, Bo; Dai, Wenli Report May 1, 2015 7044
Occurrence and enrichment of trace elements in marine oil shale (China) and their behaviour during combustion. Fu, Xiugen; Wang, Jian; Tan, Fuwen; Feng, Xinglei; Wang, Dong Report Mar 1, 2015 14544
Paleolimnological environments and organic accumulation of the Nenjiang formation in the Southeastern Songliao Basin, China. Cao, Hansheng; Guo, Wei; Shan, Xuanlong; Ma, Lin; Sun, Pingchang Report Mar 1, 2015 7713
Desilication and flotation techniques for separating them from the bauxite. Abroon, Aria; Rahimdad, Alireza Report Oct 1, 2014 3681
Testing a new method for sequential silicon extraction on soils of a temperate--humid climate. Georgiadis, Anna; Sauer, Daniela; Herrmann, Ludger; Breuer, Jorn; Zarei, Mehdi; Stahr, Karl Report Oct 1, 2014 9838
Comparison of chemical dispersants for particle-size analysis of soils of Pernambuco state/Comparacao de dispersantes quimicos na analise granulometrica de solos do Estado de Pernambuco. Cunha, Jailson C.; Freire, Maria B.G. dos S.; Ruiz, Hugo A.; Fernandes, Raphael B.A.; V., Victor H. Aug 1, 2014 4015
Argillization of topaz-bearing granites in the Hub stock, Horni Slavkov-Krasno Sn-W ore district (Bohemian Massif, Czech Republic). Stastny, Martin; Rene, Milos Report Jul 1, 2014 8346
Sand-clay raw materials for silicate materials production. Volodchenko, Anatoliy Nikolaevich; Lukutsova, Natalya Petrovna; Olegovna, Ekaterina; Prasolova; Leso Report Jun 1, 2014 2956
A novel wireline logs based approach for assessment of mineral concentrations in organic shale. Tan, Maojin; Zou, Youlong; Wang, Xiaochang; Guo, Yue Report Jun 1, 2014 5413
Saturation of the exchange complex of oxidic soils with sodium/ Saturacao do complexo de troca de solos oxidicos com sodio. de Matos, Antonio T.; Neto, Onofre B. Almeida; de Matos, Mateus P. May 1, 2014 4425
Preparation and performance of inorganic heat insulation panel based on sepiolite nanofibers. Wang, Fei; Liang, Jinsheng; Liu, Haifeng; Duan, Xinhui; Tang, Qingguo; Liu, Huimin Jan 1, 2014 3944
Material weakening of slip zone soils induced by water level fluctuation in the ancient landslides of three gorges reservoir. Jiao, Yu-Yong; Song, Liang; Tang, Hui-Ming; Li, Yun-An Jan 1, 2014 5194
Correlation between electrochemical impedance spectroscopy and structural properties of amorphous Tunisian metanacrite synthetic material. Jaafar, Nouha; Rhaiem, Hafsia Ben; Amara, Abdessalem Ben Haj Jan 1, 2014 5218
Thermal and mineralogical studies of Moroccan Rif bituminous rocks. Groune, Khalihena; Halim, Mohammed; Arsalane, Said Report Dec 1, 2013 3486
Narratives between terra, humanity and environment. Lee, Heekyung Dec 1, 2013 4402
Utilization of palm oil waste into fired clay brick. Kadir, Aeslina Abdul; Zahari, Nur Azian Mohd; Mardi, Noor Azizi Report Oct 30, 2013 3967
Utilization of palm oil waste into fired clay brick. Kadir, Aeslina Abdul; Zahari, Nur Azian Mohd; Mardi, Noor Azizi Report Oct 1, 2013 3967
Caracterizacao estrutural de argilas utilizando DRX com Luz Sincrotron, MEV, FTIR e TG-DTG-DTA. Mariani, Filipe Q.; Villalba, Juan Carlo; Anaissi, Fauze J. Report Oct 1, 2013 3931
Pedoweathering and mineralogical change in cryosols in an ultra-continental climate (Central Yakutia, Russia). Lessovaia, Sofia N.; Goryachkin, Sergey V.; Desyatkin, Roman V.; Okoneshnikova, Matrena V. Report Oct 1, 2013 5265
Characterization of surface acidity and catalytic ability of natural clay minerals by means of test catalytic reaction. Novikova, Lyudmila; Belchinskaya, Larisa; Roessner, Frank; Alsawalha, Murad Report Oct 1, 2013 4977
Field and laboratory investigation of fire-induced chlorite weathering in an inceptisol. Callanan, Jennifer; Frazier, William; Snyder, Kimberly; Reinertsen, Chad Report Sep 22, 2013 3372
Acidity control in Latosols under long-term pastures in the Cerrado region, Brazil. Vendrame, P.R.S.; Brito, O.R.; Martins, E.S.; Quantin, C.; Guimaraes, M.F.; Becquer, T. Jul 1, 2013 7193
Opportunity rocks; Rover returns hard evidence of life on Mars. Jun 11, 2013 279
Interactive effects of iron oxides and organic matter on charge properties of red soils in Thailand. Ketrot, D.; Suddhiprakarn, A.; Kheoruenromne, I.; Singh, B. Report May 1, 2013 7581
Curiosity rover sees more evidence of water on Mars. Mar 19, 2013 568
Life could have existed on Mars, says Nasa. Mar 16, 2013 578
Influence of organic matter, clay mineralogy, and pH on the effects of CROSS on soil structure is related to the zeta potential of the dispersed clay. Marchuk, Alia; Rengasamy, Pichu; McNeill, Ann Report Feb 1, 2013 5553
Studies in finishing effects of clay mineral in polymers and synthetic fibers. Uddin, Faheem Jan 1, 2013 9223
Effect of modified sepiolite nanofibers on properties of cis-polybutadiene rubber composite nanomaterials. Wang, Fei; Feng, Lei; Tang, Qingguo; Liang, Jinsheng; Liu, Haifeng; Liu, Huimin Jan 1, 2013 3269
Physicochemical study of photocatalytic activity of Ti[O.sub.2] supported palygorskite clay mineral. Bouna, Lahcen; Rhouta, Benaissa; Maury, Francis Report Jan 1, 2013 3261
The geochemistry of claystone-shale deposits from the Maastritchian Patti formation, Southern Bida basin, Nigeria. Okunlola, Olugbenga A.; Idowu, Olubunmi Dec 1, 2012 7115
Optical illusionary effects: Kamuran Ozlem Sarnic shares her research on past, present and new implementations with advisor Emel Solenay. Ozlem, Kamuran Nov 1, 2012 2216
Hoffmann introduces Silfit Z 91, Aktifit AM and Aktifit VM siliceous fillers. Jun 1, 2012 126
Poly(lactic acid)/low-density polyethylene blends and its nanocomposites based on sepiolite. Nunez, K.; Rosales, C.; Perera, R.; Villarreal, N.; Pastor, J.M. Report May 1, 2012 12965
Plastic limits of agricultural soils as functions of soil texture and organic matter content. Keller, Thomas; Dexter, Anthony R. Report Feb 1, 2012 9776
Effect of [K.sup.+] on Na-Ca exchange and the SAR-ESP relationship. Laurenson, S.; Smith, E.; Bolan, N.S.; McCarthy, M. Report Sep 1, 2011 7269
Micromorphology of sepiolite occurrences in recent lacustrine deposits affected by soil development. Mees, Florias; Van Ranst, Eric Report Sep 1, 2011 7826
Influence of cement--sodium silicate grout admixed with calcium chloride and kaolinite on sapric peat/Saprogeniniu durpiu poveikis cemento ir natrio silikato skiedinio su kalcio Chloridu bei kaolinitu savybems. Kazemian, Sina; Prasad, Arun; Huat, Bujang B.K.; Bazaz, Jafar Bolouri; Abdul Aziz, Farah N.A.; Ali, Report Sep 1, 2011 7009
Scanning electron microscope description of the Afowo oil sand deposits in south-western Nigeria. Akinmosin, A.; Adeigbe, O.C.; Oyemakinde, O.O. Jul 1, 2011 1867
Kaolinite thermal evaluation in geotechnical engineering. Namdar, Abdoullah Technical report Apr 1, 2011 3190
Kaolinite chemical composite and morphology in geotechnical engineering. Namdar, Abdoullah Technical report Apr 1, 2011 2833
Application of infrared spectroscopy and chemometric methods to identification of selected minerals. Ritz, Michal; Vaculikova, Lenka; Plevova, Eva Report Jan 1, 2011 5088
Villagers ready for battle over mining; UK Coal wants to mine coal and fireclay. Dec 29, 2010 366
Supply of raw materials (clay, gypsum, iron ore, sand, fired clay) to cover its requirements for the first half of year 2011. Oct 29, 2010 114
Titanite-ilmenite assemblage in redwitzites of the Slavkovsky les Mts. (Bohemian Massif, Czech Republic). Rene, Milos Report Oct 1, 2010 4478
Geochemistry of rare earth elements in marine oil shale--a case study from the Bilong Co area, Northern Tibet, China. Fu, Xiugen; Wang, Jian; Zeng, Yuhong; Tan, Fuwen; Chen, Wenbin; Feng, Xinglei Report Sep 1, 2010 5336
Effect of different feed additives on growth performance and blood profiles of Korean Hanwoo calves. Sarker, M.S.K.; Ko, S.Y.; Lee, S.M.; Kim, G.M.; Choi, J.K.; Yang, C.J. Report Apr 1, 2010 7645
International Year of Planet Earth 8. Natural hazards in Canada. Clague, John J.; Bobrowsky, Peter T. Report Mar 1, 2010 14426
Soil spatial variability of drainage properties in relation to phosphate retention and mineralogy on a river terrace of northern Manawatu, New Zealand. Senarath, A.; Palmer, A.S.; Tillman, R.W. Report Feb 1, 2010 4826
Effect of different feed additives on growth performance and blood profiles of Korean Hanwoo calves. Sarker, M.S.K.; Ko, S.Y.; Lee, S.M.; Kim, G.M.; Choi, J.K.; Yang, C.J. Report Jan 1, 2010 7645
Dealumination as a mechanism for increased acid recoverable aluminium in Waikato mineral soils. Taylor, M.D.; Kim, N.D. Report Dec 1, 2009 9056
Effect of partial removal of adsorbed humus on kinetics of potassium and silica release by tartaric acid from clay-humus complex from two dissimilar soil profiles. Datta, S.C.; Takkar, P.N.; Verma, U.K. Report Nov 1, 2009 7419
In a material world. Stellaccio, Anthony E. Sep 1, 2009 1117
Contrasting books on clay mineral science--how should they be judged? (Shortened title two books on clay mineral science). Jeans, Christopher V. Critical essay Jan 1, 2009 8015
Prehistory of clay mineralogy--from ancient times to Agricola. Pabst, Willi; Koranova, Renata Report Jan 1, 2009 9772
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