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What do you mean use a 'Green Screen'? Lane, Vicki; Spiker, Marsha Oct 1, 2017 1594
Ten reasons to create a classroom blog. Shannon, Jasmine Oct 1, 2017 1527
Engaging the enemy: computer games in the English classroom. Toomey, Margaret Report Sep 30, 2017 5853
Pacesetter in personalized Learning: summit Charter network shares its model nationwide. Jacobs, Joanne Sep 22, 2017 3635
Should professors ban laptops? How classroom computer use affects student learning. Carter, Susan Payne; Greenberg, Kyle; Walker, Michael S. Sep 22, 2017 3261
Now Trending: Personalized learning: can a buzzword deliver on its promise? Horn, Michael B. Sep 22, 2017 1014
A helping hand. Brusic, Sharon A. Sep 1, 2017 1251
Bridging integrative STEM communities: families. Hummell, Laura J. Sep 1, 2017 1031
Evidence-Based Strategies for Effective Classroom Management. Book review Sep 1, 2017 119
Your beginning-of-the-year checklist. O'Hanley, Heidi Column Sep 1, 2017 861
Bahrain's Investcorp Acquires UK Classroom Software Provider for $36 Million. Aug 1, 2017 210
Discovery. de Mestre, Neville Jun 22, 2017 476
Classroom ideas using technology: a snowflake in winter. Thomson, Ian Jun 22, 2017 848
Routines are the foundation of classroom management. Lester, Robin Rawlings; Allanson, Patricia Bolton; Notar, Charles E. Report Jun 22, 2017 8232
Desmos battleship. Stohlmann, Micah Jun 22, 2017 1917
Notebowl and Canvas Announce Partnership. Jun 21, 2017 580
End-of-the-year project solutions. O'Hanley, Heidi Jun 1, 2017 858
Wrap it all up! Lubiner, Glenda Jun 1, 2017 818
Providing Training On English Communication Skills And Classroom Management/soft Skills For Teaching And Non Teaching Staff Of Residential Schools Colleges Of Kalburgi Division Of Kreis. May 23, 2017 128
Providing Training On English Communication Skills And Classroom Management/soft Skills For Teaching And Non Teaching Staff Of Residential Schools Colleges Of Bengaluru Division Of Kreis. May 22, 2017 128
eBackpack. Rivero, Victor May 1, 2017 635
Orchestrate K-12 classroom experiences: collaboration tools help address unique education challenges. Apr 1, 2017 660
The nascence of AR & VR in American education. Nagel, David Editorial Apr 1, 2017 524
Planning and implementing a makerspace in your school: our experts offer 14 tips for adding a makerspace to any K-12 school. Meyer, Leila Apr 1, 2017 2017
How teacher-moms raise their own kids. Mar 29, 2017 1418
International collaborations in the history classroom. Dry, David Report Mar 22, 2017 3829
Steps to creating a new traditional classroom. Scott, Alexa B. Mar 1, 2017 1108
Save time and embrace design. Platvoet, Don Mar 1, 2017 1492
Mathematics Formative Assessment V. 2. Book review Mar 1, 2017 114
Learning from our elders: teachers in rural, black schools understood their communities and their students and provided lessons that are still relevant today. Moore, Renee Feb 1, 2017 1990
Getting students to believe in themselves: surrounding students with messages that they have the ability to learn is at the core of closing the achievement gap. Saphier, Jon Feb 1, 2017 3142
Changing classroom practice through blogs and vlogs. La Caze, Sarah Report Feb 1, 2017 4495
How to flip the classroom--"productive failure or traditional flipped classroom" pedagogical design? Song, Yanjie; Kapur, Manu Report Jan 1, 2017 8430
What effective blended learning looks like: no two blended learning classrooms will look exactly alike--but here are some common elements for success. Pierce, Dennis Jan 1, 2017 1905
Millennial and non-millennial agriculture teachers' current and ideal emphasis on the three components of the agricultural education program. Shoulders, Catherine W.; Toland, Hannah Report Jan 1, 2017 6818
A sense of belonging: childrens' views of acceptance in "inclusive" mainstream schools. Rose, Richard; Shevlin, Michael Report Jan 1, 2017 6065
Teaching the class with the class: debunking the need for heroes. Miretzky, Debra Critical essay Jan 1, 2017 9308
Embracing new (and old) ideas. Daily, James E. Jan 1, 2017 4658
The Functions of Code Switching in ESL Classrooms of Sindh University. Report Dec 31, 2016 2506
Active and Receptive Behaviours of Trainee Teachers and Students during Teaching-Learning Process in Classrooms. Hassan, Muhammad Uzair-ul-; Parveen, Iram; Riaz, Muhammad Report Dec 31, 2016 7101
Creating a positive classroom environment to meet the needs of the foster child. LaCour, Misty; McGlawn, Penny; Dees, Laura Report Dec 22, 2016 3328
Grades K - 6: helping calm the traumatized, anxious brain in the classroom. Dec 1, 2016 375
Teacher and teacher librarian collaborative inquiry: exploring aspects of the inuit way of life. Ainsworth, Lisa Dec 1, 2016 2178
Integrating digital technologies in the classroom: Lecturers' views on the flipped classroom approach. Hajhashemi, Karim; Caltabiano, Nerina; Anderson, Neil Report Dec 1, 2016 5932
Three ways to use twitter in the classroom. Brief article Nov 1, 2016 159
A preliminary study in applying the function-based intervention decision model in consultation to increase treatment integrity. Gann, Candace J.; Kunnavatana, S. Shanun Report Nov 1, 2016 7777
Implementation and acceptability of an adapted classroom check-up coaching model to promote culturally responsive classroom management. Pas, Elise T.; Larson, Kristine E.; Reinke, Wendy M.; Herman, Keith C.; Bradshaw, Catherine P. Nov 1, 2016 8805
A thematic instruction approach to teaching technology and engineering: thematic instruction offers flexible opportunities to engage students with real-world experiences in the technology and engineering community. Moyer, Courtney D. Report Nov 1, 2016 2331
9 Strategies for managing BYOD in the classroom. Meyer, Leila Nov 1, 2016 1808
How teachers leverage mobile technology. Nagel, David Nov 1, 2016 559
Meeting Rigorous Standards Among Top Topics at PreK-Kindergarten Conference. Conference news Oct 26, 2016 726
Supply Of Computer Equipment, Delivery, Installation, Configuration, Testing, Training To Operate The Equipment, Service Guarantees The Correctness Of Goods Sold, The System For Classroom Management, And Post-sales Support To End Users In Order To Impleme. Financial report Oct 13, 2016 118
Sparking mathematical inquiry: integrating literature and history with the mathematics classroom. Fry, Kym Oct 1, 2016 1441
Building literacy capabilities within an inquiry-based activity in Geography. Kitson, Lisbeth Ann Oct 1, 2016 1846
Ideas for early finishers. O'Hanley, Heidi Oct 1, 2016 885
Connections: clay attachments. Gamble, Tracy Payne Oct 1, 2016 291
Learn something new. Lubiner, Glenda Oct 1, 2016 802
How is disciplinary literacy addressed in the Science classroom?: a Singaporean case study. Tang, Kok-Sing Case study Oct 1, 2016 7637
Wikiquests, microblogging, and personal response systems in the history classroom. Maloy, Robert W.; Greene, Jeremy; Malinowski, Allison; Emery, Joseph; Curtin, Kate Report Sep 22, 2016 6297
An ethic of justice, care, or chance? Moral development in a fifth grade classroom. Morgan-Fleming, Barbara Report Sep 22, 2016 3810
Mathematics teaching, mathematics teachers and mathematics. McQualter, J.W. Essay Sep 22, 2016 4056
Minimize the drama! Refocus the spotlight on learning. Dove, Mary Jane Sep 1, 2016 1821
Teachers and tech: time to reevaluate your perception. Nagel, David Editorial Sep 1, 2016 481
Enhancing classroom audio: beyond amplification. Pierce, Dennis Sep 1, 2016 1383
Connecting students' background experiences to engineering design. Sias, Christina; Wilson-Lopez, Amy; Mejia, Joel Sep 1, 2016 3897
Rfp - Social Emotional Services. Aug 29, 2016 165
(cc/16/0019) Classroom Management System Software For 169 Pcs At Blk 72. Aug 19, 2016 126
Smart Classroom Management Institute Interior Construction. Aug 2, 2016 121
Seoul Upper Extremity Private Participation Seconds The Computer Classroom Management Vendor Selection Announcements (stage 2 Bid (technology, Standards - Separate Simultaneous Bid Price)). Jul 25, 2016 127
Professional development through clinical supervision. Farhat, Amal Jun 22, 2016 7105
Development of a clinical performance assessment tool for an occupational therapy teaching clinic. Henderson, Whitney Report Jun 22, 2016 5842
Telling stories of violence in adult ESL classrooms: disrupting safe spaces. Waterhouse, Monica Essay Jun 22, 2016 9517
"Children, be quiet and watch your lesson": the case for video time during class. Petrilli, Michael J. Jun 18, 2016 1180
2016 segyo elementary school after school computer classroom management service phase 2 (specifications, prices simultaneously) tender notice. Jun 18, 2016 129
Incheon buhyeondong elementary mincham computer classroom management vendor selection announcements. Jun 15, 2016 107
Planning and preparing physical education teachers on cardiovascular endurance, muscular endurance, and muscle strength in the implementation of physical education curriculum of form 4 (fitness stem). Syed, Kamaruzaman Syed Ali; Mohd, Faisal Mohamed; Muhamad, Azhar Zailani; Wail, Muil Alhaj Said Isma Report Jun 15, 2016 1922
Low tech tools of empowerment: accessing curriculum through assistive technology. Shaw, Angela Jun 1, 2016 2479
Feedback in the literacy classroom. Poulton, Phillip; Montefiore, Maria Jun 1, 2016 1079
Promotion year 2016 ansan elementary school after-school computer classroom management services bidding for the second phase. May 18, 2016 112
Supply Of Computer Equipment, Delivery, Installation, Configuration, Testing, Training To Operate The Equipment, Service Guarantees The Correctness Of Goods Sold, The System For Classroom Management,. Apr 28, 2016 160
Supply Of Computer Equipment, Delivery, Installation, Configuration, Testing, Training To Operate The Equipment, Service Guarantees The Correctness Of Goods Sold, The System For Classroom Management,. Apr 19, 2016 158
Break out the brushes. Lubiner, Glenda Apr 1, 2016 777
The value of knowing how students learn: every future teacher should understand the science of how students learn. Riley, Benjamin Apr 1, 2016 2275
Seal of privacy: building a 'trusted learning environment'. Krueger, Keith Apr 1, 2016 655
Analyzing how emotion awareness influences students' motivation, engagement, self-regulation and learning outcome. Arguedas, Marta; Daradoumis, Thanasis; Xhafa, Fatos Report Apr 1, 2016 8417
Engagement strategies for increasing student writing success. Huskin, Patricia R. Mar 22, 2016 3620
Providing a dynamic classroom experience. Baron, Roger Mar 22, 2016 7774
New teachers' challenges: how culturally responsive teaching, classroom management, & assessment literacy are intertwined. Lew, Moi Mooi; Nelson, Regena Fails Report Mar 22, 2016 6421
Bidding for school year 2016 light polarization after-school native english classroom management companies (urgent). Mar 4, 2016 123
A day in the life of a board certified behavior analyst, Part 2: the room was crowded and the parents seemed to genuinely appreciate help with this emotionally charged topic. Ross, Robert K. Mar 1, 2016 1557
Per the announcement of the 2016 school year after school computer classroom management services phase 2 contract bid seoul (urgent). Feb 26, 2016 165
Alpine elementary school year 2016 seoul after-school computer classroom management service announcements. Feb 26, 2016 140
2016 after-school native english classroom management services. Feb 25, 2016 139
A non verbal classroom management system - professional development. Feb 13, 2016 134
One thousand private school participating computer classroom management vendor selection announcements (emergency announcements). Feb 3, 2016 111
This & that: how do you inspire personal expression and artistry in your students? Feb 1, 2016 1318
Sketchnoting for a brighter tomorrow. Alexis, Rosa Feb 1, 2016 1824
Starting a new language education program. Harris, Kathy Report Feb 1, 2016 5263
Using response cards in teacher education--a case example in Taiwan. Wang, Hui-Ting Report Jan 1, 2016 5309
Differentiated instruction and student engagement: effective strategies for teaching combined-grade classes at the secondary level. Kizas, Andrew Essay Jan 1, 2016 4339
Flipping awesomeness in CTE. Crevier, Sean Jan 1, 2016 1158
Art history strategies. O'Hanley, Heidi Jan 1, 2016 868
Choosing choice in education. Rubenstein, Elizabeth Jan 1, 2016 842
Variants of Teaching First Course in Database Systems. Abid, Adnan; Farooq, Muhammad Shoaib; Raza, Ishaq; Farooq, Uzma; Abid, Kamran Report Dec 31, 2015 5504
Impact of Classroom Intervention on Secondary School Students' Argumentation Skills. Abbas, Zaheer; Alamgeer, Muhammad; Bhutta, Sadia Muzaffar Report Dec 31, 2015 4000
Managing Rural-Urban Divide Inside University Classrooms: A Way Forward to Promote Positive Classroom Climate. Report Dec 31, 2015 5145
Reflecting on classroom practice: spatial reasoning and simple coding. King, Alessandra Report Dec 22, 2015 2660
Yeomricho 2015 computer classroom management company for private participation announcement (stage 2 bid). Dec 19, 2015 125
Private participating computer classroom management. Dec 7, 2015 120
Coteaching and the learning commons: building a participatory school culture. Loertscher, David V.; Koechlin, Carol Dec 1, 2015 3240
Genius hour in the library. Rush, Elizabeth Barrera Essay Dec 1, 2015 4275
Images and illusions. Rennie, Richard Dec 1, 2015 722
The big picture: pre-service teachers' perceptions of 'expert' science teachers. McKinnon, Merryn; Perara, Sean Dec 1, 2015 8314
2016 school year, school after school seongnam songhyeon native english classroom management. Nov 26, 2015 138
Strategies make a difference. Abram, Stephen Nov 1, 2015 2129
Empowering teachers with low-intensity strategies to support academic engagement: implementation and effects of instructional choice for elementary students in inclusive settings. Lane, Kathleen Lynne; Royer, David J.; Messenger, Mallory L.; Common, Eric Alan; Ennis, Robin Parks; Nov 1, 2015 11757
Investigating the collateral effects of behavior management on early literacy skills. Gage, Nicholas A.; MacSuga-Gage, Ashley S.; Prykanowski, Debra; Coyne, Michael; Scott, Terrance M. Nov 1, 2015 6104
Proper planning for success and sustainability. Gatlin, Jennifer; Dumas, Josh Nov 1, 2015 1074
Literacy at work in Missouri: embedding literacy strategies into the curriculum. Kline, Katie; Payne, Heather; Sheerman, Julie Nov 1, 2015 1937
Faculty Brown Bag sessions: professional development, problem solving, collegiality. Gergens, Brian; Van Noy, Richard Nov 1, 2015 1703
Printing with a purpose. Lubiner, Glenda Oct 29, 2015 781
Creativity in the english class: activities to promote EFL learning/Creatividad en la clase de ingles: actividades que promueven el aprendizaje del ingles como lengua extranjera. Avila, Hernan A. Report Oct 1, 2015 4756
A learning transformation guided by teachers: Surrey Schools is the winner of the 2015 Sylvia Charp Award for District Innovation because it stopped just handing out technology to its 125 schools and instead asked its educators to share their ed tech ideas--and to put them to work in the classroom. McCrea, Bridget Oct 1, 2015 2028
6 Solutions to BYOD challenges. Pierce, Dennis Oct 1, 2015 1438
It's not the device, it's what it can do: when choosing the right computer for your district, our expert suggests focusing on what you need rather than what you want. Owens, Daniel Oct 1, 2015 1382
Engage me! Lauterbach, Crissy Oct 1, 2015 1161
Today's games are tomorrow's coders. Oct 1, 2015 1175
Should supervisors intervene during classroom visits? More and more, administrators are tempted to jump in and get involved during short teacher observations. Marshall, Kim Oct 1, 2015 2908
Goldilocks Discourse--math scaffolding that's just right. Dale, Rachel; Scherrer, Jimmy Oct 1, 2015 1766
This & that: what pieces do you use as preparation for the Bach Two-Part Inventions? Oct 1, 2015 1479
Assisting novice teachers with promoting democratic education in the social studies classroom. Tannebaum, Rory P.; Peterson, Margaret; Tierney, Molly Essay Oct 1, 2015 6273
Managing software engineering student teams using Pellerin's 4-D system. Doman, Marguerite; Besmer, Andrew; Olsen, Anne Report Sep 22, 2015 5550
Research-based worksheets on using multiple representations in science classrooms. Hill, Matthew; Sharma, Manjula Sep 1, 2015 4535
Living assessment passes the test: living assessment is an intertwined, interactive, and instructive part of every student's learning every day. Suskind, Dorothy C. Sep 1, 2015 2017
Global outreach 2015: tools for tapping into the worldwide classroom. Rivero, Victor Sep 1, 2015 934
Seoul gwangnamcho computer classroom management company for private participation announcement (urgent). Jul 16, 2015 123
Manejo del salon de clase: un reto persistente para docentes practicantes de lenguas extranjeras. Fernando Macias, Diego; Sanchez, Jesus Ariel Jul 1, 2015 7727
Innovative classroom strategies that prepare college graduates for workplace success. Rateau, Richard J.; Kaufman, Eric K.; Cletzer, D. Adam Report Jul 1, 2015 7518
For the technologically challenged: four free online tools to liven up a mathematics classroom. Northcote, Maria Report Jun 22, 2015 6809
In defense of snow days: students who stay home when school is in session are a much larger problem. Goodman, Joshua Jun 22, 2015 3063
Investigating self-efficacy levels of physical education and sports teachers in terms of some variables. Turan, Mehmet Behzat; Pepe, Osman; Bahadir, Ziya Report Jun 1, 2015 2842
6 ways videoconferencing is expanding the classroom: with instant access to international collaborators, virtual field trips and courses in other districts, learning can happen anywhere in the world. Raths, David Jun 1, 2015 2664
4 features to look for in a 21st Century LMS: two districts share their experiences of choosing a learning management system that does a lot more than help teachers post assignments. Schaffhauser, Dian Jun 1, 2015 1539
3 key trends in AV Technology for schools: with active learning environments on the rise, new systems must support collaboration in the classroom and on the Web. Pierce, Dennis Jun 1, 2015 2389
Responding to the needs of the contemporary marketplace: the use of the cross-pollination class projects in the undergraduate classroom. Coleman, Daniel R. Report Jun 1, 2015 2472
Think creatively. Hay, Julianne Jun 1, 2015 1653
Meaningful literacy: the significance of enriched learning environments. Lim, Claudia Jun 1, 2015 1473
Reflecting on the year. Lubiner, Glenda Jun 1, 2015 793
Humor in the classroom. McLaughlin, Charlie May 1, 2015 966
Next up: beacons! Abram, Stephen May 1, 2015 2275
Examining the effects of teacher-directed opportunities to respond on student outcomes: a systematic review of the literature. MacSuga-Gage, Ashley S.; Simonsen, Brandi Report May 1, 2015 10421
Improving classroom behavior through effective instruction: an illustrative program example using SRA FLEX literacy. Martella, Ronald C.; Marchand-Martella, Nancy E. Report May 1, 2015 9064
5 ways to extend tablets beyond the screen: here's how creative educators are using hardware and software to build a bridge between the digital and physical worlds. Raths, David Apr 1, 2015 1814
Sharing screens all over the classroom: Val Verde Unified School District uses mobile hardware and software to keep students and teachers on the same page. Pierhler, Christopher Apr 1, 2015 455
Exploring the effects of active learning on high school students' outcomes and teachers' perceptions of biotechnology and genetics instruction. Mueller, Ashley L.; Knobloch, Neil A.; Orvis, Kathryn S. Report Apr 1, 2015 8486
CAEP advanced standards and the future of graduate programs: the false sense of Techne. Schwarz, Gretchen E. Report Mar 22, 2015 5775
Analysis of active learning methods--clicker technology versus class discussion. Findlay-Thompson, Sandi; Mombourquette, Peter; Thompson, Bruce; Blotnicky, Karen Report Mar 22, 2015 4044
Evaluating the effectiveness of writing center classroom visits: an evidence-based approach. Ryan, Holly; Kane, Danielle Report Mar 22, 2015 7582
Translating pedagogies: leveraging students' heritage languages in the literacy classroom. Pacheco, Mark B.; David, Samuel S.; Jimenez, Robert T. Report Mar 22, 2015 7602
3 tips to caffeinate teacher and student presentations: an award-winning teacher and author shares her secrets for transforming slide shows into interactive learning experiences. Burmark, Lynell Mar 1, 2015 1066
The bring-your-own dilemma. Rivero, Victor Mar 1, 2015 2054
Curiosity and metacognition. Jones, Virginia R.; Talbott, Rachel k. Mar 1, 2015 1536
Habits of mind: curiosity. Jones, Virginia R. Mar 1, 2015 1145
Creating the curious classrooms. Brusic, Sharon A.; Steinmacher, Joseph G. Cover story Mar 1, 2015 1672
Finland, collaboration, and co-teaching. Loertscher, David V.; Koechlin, Carol Feb 1, 2015 1394
Opening up your classroom to a community of conversations. Finn, Roxanne Essay Feb 1, 2015 1658
Peer review in the classroom: is it beneficial? Woodward, Gary M. Essay Feb 1, 2015 4487
Research and teacher self-inquiry reawaken learning: some of the most useful research and thinking about education can happen with teachers in the classroom. Blumenreich, Megan; Falk, Beverly Feb 1, 2015 2404
Four tools for bilingual classroom learning. Feb 1, 2015 288
9 IT best practices for BYOD districts: districts with successful bring your own device programs share their key strategies for rolling out and managing student-owned devices in school. McCrea, Bridget Jan 1, 2015 1204
Keeping an eye on learning: differences between expert and novice teachers' representations of classroom management events. Wolff, Charlotte E.; van den Bogert, Niek; Jarodzka, Halszka; Boshuizen, Henny P.A. Report Jan 1, 2015 13648
Don't tell them: the top 10 tips for student success in online courses. Simonson, Michael Column Jan 1, 2015 594
A brave new curriculum: empowering teachers and students in times of trauma. Engebretson, Kathryn E.; Weiss, Alexandra M. Report Jan 1, 2015 5339
The impact of student expectations in using instructional tools on student engagement: a look through the expectation disconfirmation theory lens. Schwarz, Colleen; Zhu, Zhiwei Report Jan 1, 2015 7289
Classrooms and chat rooms: augmenting music education in initial teacher education. Klopper, Christopher; Weir, Katie Report Jan 1, 2015 5262
Assessing in a choice-based classroom. Zalmstra, Dale Column Dec 24, 2014 849
ACTIVE-ating artificial intelligence: integrating active learning in an introductory course. desJardins, Marie Dec 22, 2014 1353
Note-taking in a mathematics classroom. Hoong, Leong Yew; Guan, Tay Eng; Seng, Quek Khiok; Fwe, Yap Sook; Luen, Tong Cherng; Karen, Toh Wei Report Dec 13, 2014 1816
Learning to like algebra through looking: developing upper primary students' functional thinking with visualisations of growing patterns. Wilkie, Karina J. Essay Dec 13, 2014 4473
10 creative art-teacher tricks that really work. O'Hanley, Heidi Dec 1, 2014 867
Textures and textiles. Lubiner, Glenda Dec 1, 2014 817
Improving education: view from classroom. Brief article Nov 21, 2014 105
Perceptions about Implementation of Differentiated Instruction. Robinson, Lora; Maldonado, Nancy; Whaley, Jerita Report Nov 7, 2014 440
Inquiry and intellectualism: professional development for inclusive education. Schlessinger, Sarah Essay Nov 1, 2014 2448
The five-minute demo. Bedrick, Anne Nov 1, 2014 848
Frame-worthy gadget prints. Felice, Cathy Nov 1, 2014 614
Making prints. Lubiner, Glenda Nov 1, 2014 792
Descriptive analysis of teacher instructional practices and student engagement among adolescents with and without challenging behavior. Himn, Regina G.; Scott, Terrance M. Report Nov 1, 2014 8030
Social-emotional learning is essential to classroom management. Jones, Stephanie M.; Bailey, Rebecca; Jacob, Robin Oct 1, 2014 4033
Uncovering the deal in classroom management: a new teacher reaches out to a veteran teacher educator after discovering the reality of managing his own classroom. McDonald, Joseph P.; Hudder, Daniel Report Oct 1, 2014 2572
Effectively meeting the needs of military-connected children through literature in the elementary social studies classroom. Anderson, Hillary; Cutter, Stacey; Hill-Anderson, Bethany Essay Oct 1, 2014 3357
Excavating the past: An archaeology simulation for the elementary classroom. Russell, William B., III Essay Oct 1, 2014 2454
Expand your reach: new-world role combines coaching teachers and teaching students. Bertrand, Romain Sep 22, 2014 750
Critical comments on the general model of instructional communication. Walton, Justin D. Critical essay Sep 22, 2014 5570
Starting fresh in the new school year. O'Hanley, Heidi Sep 1, 2014 827
Reflecting on Monet. D'Ambrosio, Gigi Sep 1, 2014 1546
Character trees. Sheskin, Vicki Sep 1, 2014 843
From the heart. Lubiner, Glenda Sep 1, 2014 788
From phone bans to BYOD: devices that were once considered distractions from learning are finding their way into more and more classrooms. Piehler, Christopher Editorial Sep 1, 2014 307
Are cellphone bans worth the trouble? While many districts see personal mobile devices purely as distractions, other educators are embracing their potential as learning tools. Schaffhauser, Dian Cover story Sep 1, 2014 2592
4 keys to designing the classroom of the future. Thompson, Greg Sep 1, 2014 2019
Inclusion solutions: exploring standards, English language arts, and the inclusion classroom. Yearta, Lindsay Sheronick; Jones, Julie P.; Griffin, Jonathan Report Sep 1, 2014 2283
Taking advantage of Web 2.0 technologies: classroom blogging basics. Morgan, Hani Report Sep 1, 2014 1726
L'entretien d'autoconfrontation: la prise en compte du point de vue de l'eleve pour developper l'activite en classe. Moussay, Sylvie; Flavier, Eric Report Jul 1, 2014 7627
Conduite de l'entretien aupres des jeunes scolaires: le cas de l'autoconfrontation dans une approche << orientee--activite >>. Guerin, Jerome; Meard, Jacques Jul 1, 2014 6501
Study the relationship between parenting styles and exam anxiety: an examination of the moderating role of classroom management styles. Nejad, Mohammad Ali Taleghani; Asadzade, Hassan; Nikookar, Azam Report Jun 20, 2014 5636
Study the relationship between classroom management styles and pupils' exam anxiety. Nejad, Mohammad Ali Taleghani; Asadzadeh, Hassan Report Jun 1, 2014 2732
'Once there was a ...': reclaiming storytelling in the middle years. Kirkby, Jane; Faulkner, Julie; Perrin, Julie Report Jun 1, 2014 5149
Future reading: using technology in the classroom. Spencer, Ryan; Smullen, Tori Jun 1, 2014 2769
The role of virtual manipulatives on the concrete-pictorial-abstract approach in teaching primary mathematics. Lee, Ngan Hoe; Tan, Boon Leong Jeremy Report Jun 1, 2014 6156
Responsibility with painting. O'Hanley, Heidi Apr 1, 2014 882
Figure study Fridays. West, Debi Apr 1, 2014 852
Painting pointers. Lubiner, Glenda Apr 1, 2014 770
World views: Creating significance of learning in the classroom. Zucker, James Essay Apr 1, 2014 3275
Making the most of unanticipated opportunities. Stockero, Shari L.; Van Zoest, Laura R. Report Mar 22, 2014 2905
The wisdom of the crowds--sometimes. Stephenson, Brett Report Mar 22, 2014 869
Reflecting on lab practices. Hunter, Jeffrey C. Essay Mar 22, 2014 2022
Classroom management: a world of misconceptions. Garrett, Tracey Mar 22, 2014 3780
Response to Euclid at the core: recentering literary education. Appleman, Deborah Essay Mar 22, 2014 2203
Many "right answers," many "wrong ones": a defense of close reading in the high school classroom. Oubre, Kate Essay Mar 22, 2014 2108
Classroom notes on teaching The Odyssey. Smith, Helaine L. Essay Mar 22, 2014 1780
Building paper houses. Smith, Michael W. Essay Mar 22, 2014 1421
"Thanks to All at Once and to Each One": Continuing the Conversation. Bancroft, Corinne; Rabinowitz, Peter J. Essay Mar 22, 2014 7701
Determinants of digital distraction: a cross-cultural investigation of users in Africa, China and the U.S. Chen, Leida; Nath, Ravi; Insley, Robert Report Mar 1, 2014 11546
9 Lessons from 1-to-1 pioneers. Schaffhauser, Dian Mar 1, 2014 3827
These global collaboration projects go way beyond Skype: here's how one program is engaging Web 2.0 skills to bridge cultures and classrooms--one project at a time. Noonoo, Stephen Mar 1, 2014 1691
Unplug the kids: technology isolates children from each other and may be hampering their communication and collaboration skills. Walmsley, Angela Mar 1, 2014 624
Drawing and color. Lubiner, Glenda Feb 27, 2014 749
Art-class management strategies. O'Hanley, Heidi Feb 1, 2014 827
A question of clay. Hathaway, Nan Brief article Feb 1, 2014 785
It's time for clay: tried & true tips for art teachers. Lubiner, Glenda Feb 1, 2014 736
Adaptive learning technology: what it is, how it works, and why it's being used. Feb 1, 2014 1220
The three R's in 3D: affordable 3D printing for the classroom takes shape. Piehler, Christopher Brief article Feb 1, 2014 327
4 ways CTOs can impact the classroom: successful tech leaders share their best practices for making technology translate into learning. Raths, David Feb 1, 2014 2435
Tweeting in the classroom: Twitter can be a smart instructional tool that links students with real-time information and connects them to authentic discussions beyond school walls. Journell, Wayne; Ayers, Cheryl A.; Beeson, Melissa Walker Feb 1, 2014 2606
Tablet technology keeps missed learning hours to a minimum. Feb 1, 2014 503
It's not about the apps. Cole, John Feb 1, 2014 1970
Conversations and stories. Meiers, Marion Report Feb 1, 2014 1673
Substantive conversations--the importance of oracy in the classroom. Arnott, Nikki Feb 1, 2014 1977
Extending children's vocabulary and comprehension through oral and visual literacy. Cochrane, Victoria Feb 1, 2014 1570
Not just for history: Primary sources in the science and health classroom. Anderson, Mary Alice Jan 1, 2014 1763
Variation in Mean Academic Gains across Classrooms in the Tennessee Voluntary Pre-Kindergarten Program. Hofer, Kerry G. Report Jan 1, 2014 461
The Incredible Year Teacher Classroom Management Program: Initial Findings from a Group Randomized Control Trial. Reinke, Wendy M.; Herman, Keith C.; Dong, Nianbo Report Jan 1, 2014 661
Promoting Teachers' Social and Emotional Competence: A Replication Study of the Cultivating Awareness and Resilience in Education (CARE) Program. Jennings, Patricia A.; Brown, Joshua L.; Frank, Jennifer; Tanler, Regin; Doyle, Sebrina; Rasheed, Da Report Jan 1, 2014 480
Uncovering the Motivating Factors behind Writing in English in en EFL Context. BA1; Aakir, Ismail Report Jan 1, 2014 321
Drawing information in the classroom. Hartel, Jenna Jan 1, 2014 1092
Culture and history: tried & true tips for art teachers. Lubiner, Glenda Jan 1, 2014 741
A measure to evaluate classroom teaching practices in nursing. Herinckx, Heidi; Munkvold, Julia Paschall; Winter, Elisabeth; Tanner, Christine A. Report Jan 1, 2014 5287
Love, engagement, support, and consistency: a recipe for classroom management. Prior, Jennifer Jan 1, 2014 2297
The educational and social challenges of children with celiac disease: what educators should know. Chick, Kay A. Report Jan 1, 2014 2807
Don't quit playing: video games in the STEM classroom. Jenkins, Brian Jan 1, 2014 648
Interactive reading in preschool: improving practice through professional development. Kindle, Karen J. Report Dec 22, 2013 7471
AI grand challenges for education. Woolf, Beverly Park; Lane, H. Chad; Chaudhri, Vinay K.; Kolodner, Janet L. Report Dec 22, 2013 10216
An empirical study of the factors affecting weblog success in higher education. Zhang, Sonya Report Dec 22, 2013 8676
From kitchen to studio. Gamble, David L. Dec 1, 2013 354
Texture and fibers: tried & true tips for art teachers. Lubiner, Glenda Dec 1, 2013 802
Google Classrooms take students on Virtual Field Trips. Brief article Dec 1, 2013 251
A Pinterest primer. Brief article Dec 1, 2013 235
Self-predicted classroom behaviour without external controls: imagining a 'Lord of the Flies' scenario. Lewis, Ramon "Rom"; Montuoro, Paul; McCann, Patricia Report Nov 1, 2013 10811
Technology is changing the world and our classrooms. DiBlasi, Howie Nov 1, 2013 2689
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