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Classroom case.

Last December, a judge in Pennsylvania made a ruling that changed biology classes in the state.

In 2004, the school board of Dover, Pennsylvania, voted to require teachers to read a statement about "intelligent design" (ID) during a unit on evolution. Students traditionally learn that living things evolve, or gradually change their features over time. The required statement offered ID--the notion that certain features of living things are so complex that they must have come about due to an intelligent designer--as an alternative explanation to evolution.

Later that same year, some concerned parents sued the school district over the reading of the statement. Last December, the judge ruled in favor of the parents and ID was pulled from classes in the district.

You can read the judge's decision in the Dover, Pennsylvania, case at this Web site:

This New Scientist Web site has a special report on evolution, including links to recent news articles:

For information on evolution, including teacher resources, visit this Web site:
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