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Classroom buzzing with excitement.

Washington: The classroom is buzzing with excitement and energy! Students at "Vardanants Aspetner", Yerevan basic school No. 106, glance periodically at each other and grin.

They eagerly play the Super David e-game. Each of them is busy competing for the highest score in the game. The Super David e-game has been designed by the Dasaran educational platform for a very practical purpose: to help raise awareness among children about natural disasters and to equip them with the basic knowledge and readiness for emergency situations.

Alina Sahakyan, the children's tutor, said, "Nowadays you can motivate and engage children through e-games. It creates a sense of competition, so that they become immediately focused and start learning enthusiastically. We have several class hours dedicated to addressing the topic of natural disasters and this game is a wonderful tool for us."

The e-game consists of a range of questions and challenges dedicated to eight types of natural disasters: earthquakes, fires, lightning, landslides, floods, storms, rain deluges, and rock falls. By correctly answering the questions, students can earn stars and, after completing all eight stages of the game, they win the "super" award. The game is designed for students from the first-grade up.

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Publication:Daily the Pak Banker (Lahore, Pakistan)
Date:Dec 14, 2017
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