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On a Hybridization of Deep Learning and Rough Set Based Granular Computing. Ropiak, Krzysztof; Artiemjew, Piotr Report Mar 1, 2020 5766
The Textual Future of Wordsworth's Classification of his Poems. Pickard, Michael Critical essay Sep 22, 2019 9138
Hierarchical Classification Using Binary Data. Molitor, Denali; Needell, Deanna Report Jun 22, 2019 3989
Background Prior-based Salient Object Detection via Adaptive Figure-Ground Classification. Zhou, Jingbo; Zhai, Jiyou; Ren, Yongfeng; Lu, Ali Report Mar 1, 2018 9422
A New Knowledge Characteristics Weighting Method Based on Rough Set and Knowledge Granulation. Shi, Zhenquan; Chen, Shiping Report Jan 1, 2018 6074
Deep Image Annotation and Classification by Fusing Multi-Modal Semantic Topics. Chen, YongHeng; Zhang, Fuquan; Zuo, WanLi Report Jan 1, 2018 8177
Improving Visual Vocabularies: a More Discriminative, Representative and Compact Bag of Visual Words. Chang, Leonardo; Perez-Suarez, Airel; Hernandez-Palancar, Jose; Arias-Estrada, Miguel; Sucar, L. Enr Report Sep 1, 2017 7263
Classification of Vegetation in Aerial LiDAR Data. Horvat, Denis Report Sep 1, 2017 1026
Individual classification: an ontological fuzzy based approach. Djellal, Asma; Boufaida, Zizette Report Jun 1, 2017 8094
Learning Experiences Using Neural Networks and Support Vector Machine (SVM). Arach, Soumya; Bouden, Halima Report Apr 1, 2017 2486
Performance evaluation of lazy, decision tree classifier and multilayer perceptron on traffic accident analysis. Tiwari, Prayag; Dao, Huy; Nguyen, Gia Nhu Report Mar 1, 2017 5192
Misclassified samples based hierarchical cascaded classifier for video face recognition. Fan, Zheyi; Weng, Shuqin; Zeng, Yajun; Jiang, Jiao; Pang, Fengqian; Liu, Zhiwen Report Feb 1, 2017 6333
Vehicle Plate Detection in Car Black Box Video. Park, Dongjin; Jun, Kyungkoo Report Jan 1, 2017 5307
An optimized CLBP descriptor based on a scalable block size for texture classification. Li, Jianjun; Fan, Susu; Wang, Zhihui; Li, Haojie; Chang, Chin-Chen Report Jan 1, 2017 6938
Impact of ICT on cataloguing and classification of library materials in three university libraries in AKWA-IBOM State, Nigeria. Robert, Blessing Etukudo; Edem, Nkoyo B. Report Oct 1, 2016 4596
Where does this book belong? Let the patron decide. Ayre, Lori Bowen Essay Jul 1, 2016 1428
Tagging content. Keiser, Barbie E. Jul 1, 2016 3067
Fairfax update. Brief article Feb 29, 2016 292
CiteSeerX: AI in a digital library search engine. Wu, Jian; William, Kyle; Chen, Hung-Hsuan; Khabsa, Madian; Caragea, Cornelia; Tuarob, Suppawong; Oro Report Sep 22, 2015 9350
Lane detection and tracking using classification in image sequences. Lim, Sungsoo; Lee, Daeho; Park, Youngtae Report Dec 1, 2014 3130
Entropy based feature selection for multi-relational Naive Bayesian Classifier. Vaghela, Vimalkumar B.; Vandra, Kalpesh H.; Modi, Nilesh K. Report Jan 1, 2014 4355
Separation in data mining based on fractal nature of data. Jirina, Marcel; Jirina, Marcel, Jr. Report Jan 1, 2013 7927
Imprecise imputation as a tool for solving classification problems with mean values of unobserved features. Utkin, Lev V.; Zhuk, Yulia A. Report Jan 1, 2013 9245
Tagging for subject access: a glimpse into current practice by vendors, libraries, and users. Yang, Sharon Q. Nov 1, 2012 2029
CMCCR: classification based on multiple class-correlation rules. Zhou, Zhongmei; Wang, Xuejun; Pan, Guiying Report Apr 1, 2012 5058
A taxonomy for generating explanations in recommender systems. Friedrich, Gerhard; Zanker, Markus Report Sep 22, 2011 5165
Appraisal of classification schemes and their effectiveness in organizing law collections in Nigerian Law faculties. Amusa, O.I.; Iyoro, A.O. Report Apr 1, 2011 3298
Improving morphosyntactic tagging of Slovene language through meta-tagging. Rupnik, Jan; Grcar, Miha; Erjavec, Tomaz Technical report Jun 1, 2010 5614
Using bagging and boosting techniques for improving coreference resolution. Vemulapalli, Smita; Luo, Xiaoqiang; Pitrelli, John F.; Zitouni, Imed Technical report Mar 1, 2010 5059
Improving IF-THEN rules with genetic algorithm. Muntean, Maria; Ileana, Ioan; Joldes, Remus; Olteanu, Emil; Kadar, Manuella Report Jan 1, 2010 1659
Improving classification with Cost-sensitive metaclassifier. Muntean, Maria; Valean, Honoriu; Ileana, Ioan; Risteiu, Mircea; Joldes, Iulian Report Jan 1, 2010 1299
Ed Keating: Vice President, Content Division the Software & Information Industry Association. Interview Dec 1, 2009 702
Devising a classification scheme for Islam: opinions of LIS and Islamic studies scholars. Idrees, Haroon; Mahmood, Khalid Report Nov 1, 2009 6346
Tags hold the secret of eternal life: on-tap tagging tools seem the perfect solution to make content properly searchable. Tabbutt, David Sep 1, 2009 606
Evaluating scientific journals: properties, limits and conditions of effectiveness of classification methodologies. Carretta, Alessandro; Mattarocci, Gianluca May 1, 2009 9081
Improving morphosyntactic tagging of Slovene language through meta-tagging. Rupnik, Jan; Grcar, Miha; Erjavec, Tomaz Nov 1, 2008 5727
Co-training for search-based automatic image annotation. Zhao, Yufeng; Zhao, Yao; Zhu, Zhenfeng Report Apr 1, 2008 3997
Fish inspection system using a parallel neural network chip and the image knowledge builder application. Menendez, Anne; Paillet, Guy Report Mar 22, 2008 3678
Eight steps to successful taxonomy design: when users are not involved in classification system design, their deployments frequently fail. Connelly, Jim Nov 1, 2007 3153
LeapTag (beta). Miller, Ron Nov 1, 2007 1494
The Impact of Reclassification from Division II to DI-AA and from Division I-AA to I-A on NCAA Member Institutions from 1993 to 2003. Frieder, Laura L., Comp.; Fulks, Daniel L., Comp. Author abstract Sep 1, 2007 260
Multi-source remote sensing classification based on Mallat fusion and residual error feature selection. Dongdong, Cao; Qian, Yin; Ping, Guo Report Jun 1, 2007 5756
YCSc: a modified clustering technique based on LCS. Tamee, Kreangsak; Bull, Larry; Pinngern, Ouen Report Jun 1, 2007 4591
The successful transition to IDC-10. Brief article Jul 1, 2006 203
Systematic reviews and librarians. McKibbon, K. Ann Jun 22, 2006 5992
Rejoinder to taxonomy of health networks and systems: a reassessment. Bazzoli, Gloria J.; Shortell, Stephen M.; Dubbs, Nicole L. Jun 1, 2006 4144
The effect of changes in hospital reimbursement on nurse staffing decisions at safety net and nonsafety net hospitals. Lindrooth, Richard C.; Bazzoli, Gloria J.; Needleman, Jack; Hasnain-Wynia, Romana Jun 1, 2006 7924
Who searches the Internet for health information? Bundorf, M. Kate; Wagner, Todd H.; Singer, Sara J.; Baker, Laurence C. Jun 1, 2006 6746
Health policy roundtable: producing and adapting research syntheses for use by health-system managers and public policymakers. Folz, Christina E. Jun 1, 2006 5012
Toward a more reliable federal survey for tracking health insurance coverage and access. Kenney, Genevieve; Holahan, John; Nichols, Len Jun 1, 2006 10605
Commentary--how to improve federal health data for coverage, access, and state-specific needs. Helms, W. David; Nichols, Len; Patel, Shitang Jun 1, 2006 2985
Evaluating medical effectiveness for the California Health Benefits Review Program. Luft, Harold S.; Rappaport, Karen M.; Yelin, Edward H.; Aubry, Wade M. Jun 1, 2006 6776
The California cost and coverage model: analyses of the financial impacts of benefit mandates for the California legislature. Kominski, Gerald F.; Ripps, Jay C.; Laugesen, Miriam J.; Cosway, Robert G.; Pourat, Nadereh Jun 1, 2006 6217
Veterans Health Administration multiple sclerosis surveillance registry: the problem of case-finding from administrative databases. Culpepper, William J., III Brief article Jan 1, 2006 111
Avoiding pitfalls in enterprise taxonomy projects. Hoey, Michael Apr 1, 2005 927
The use of frequency methods for classification of visualized transparent polymeric foils. Syrova, L.; Ravas, R.; Grman, J. Report Jan 1, 2005 1346
Classification Based on Tree-Structured Allocation Rules. Vaughn, Brandon; Wang, Qiu Abstract Jan 1, 2005 146
Creative discovery through classification. Gallenstein, Nancy L. Sep 1, 2004 3669
Good taxonomy is key to successful searching. Samler, Steve; Lewellen, Kathryn Jul 1, 2004 742
The corporate taxonomy: creating a new order. Woods, Eric Jul 1, 2004 1889
Creating and using taxonomies to enhance enterprise search. Holgate, Lisle Jul 1, 2004 1569
Automate classification and improve information discovery. Stearns, Susan Jul 1, 2004 937
Good taxonomy is key to successful searching. Samler, Steve; Lewellen, Kathryn Jul 1, 2004 748
Categorization--it's all about context. Sravanapudi, Ajay Jul 1, 2004 850
Creating and using taxonomies to enhance enterprise search. Holgate, Lisle Jul 1, 2004 1564
Automate classification and improve information discovery. Stearns, Susan Jul 1, 2004 930
Web conferencing made simple: experts expect Web conferencing to be widely adopted faster than any previous collaboration technology. Winfeld, Liz Jun 1, 2004 1088
Chains and links. Weinberger, David Jun 1, 2004 770
Convera introduces new taxonomies. Brief Article Apr 1, 2004 122
The art and science of classification: Phyllis Allen Richmond, 1921-1997. La Barre, Kathryn Mar 22, 2004 12187
Classification and categorization: a difference that makes a difference. Jacob, Elin K. Jan 1, 2004 11175
A roadmap for proper taxonomy design: Part 1 of 2. Vogel, Claude Jul 1, 2003 2182
Property's use and classification may be considered in property valuation. (Cases in Brief). Brief Article Jul 1, 2002 302
History under one roof. GALLAGHER, JOHN Brief Article Jun 19, 2001 680
German dry wines. Walker, Larry Brief Article Apr 1, 2001 173
Constitutional classifications and the "gay gene". Transcript Mar 22, 2001 3219
Contraries and Counterweights: Descartes' Statical Theory of Impact. (Monist). Brief Article Mar 1, 2001 226
Top 10 HOT JOB. COMEAU-KIRSCHNER, CHERYL Brief Article Dec 1, 2000 198
Emancipating Instances from the Tyranny of Classes in Information Modeling. PARSONS, JEFFREY; WAND, YAIR Jun 1, 2000 18372
In Anticipation of Our Editorship. Cochran-Smith, Marilyn; Scanlon, David; Dudley-Marling, Curt; Friedman, Audrey; Jackson, Janice; Pin Mar 1, 2000 1278
The Role of Classification in Knowledge Representation and Discovery(1). KWASNIK, BARBARA H. Jun 22, 1999 10874
Introduction. BOWKER, GEOFFREY C. Sep 22, 1998 2100
Social Constructs and Disease: Implications for a Controlled Vocabulary for HIV/AIDS(*). GILLASPY, MARY L. Sep 22, 1998 7067
Grounded Classification: Grounded Theory and Faceted Classification. STAR, SUSAN LEIGH Sep 22, 1998 6288
Mapping Beyond Dewey's Boundaries: Constructing Classificatory Space for Marginalized Knowledge Domains. OLSON, HOPE A. Sep 22, 1998 8588
The Kindness of Strangers: Kinds and Politics in Classification Systems. BOWKER, GEOFFREY C. Sep 22, 1998 15947
The Dynamics of Classification Systems as Boundary Objects for Cooperation in the Electronic Library. JACOB, ELIN K. Sep 22, 1998 8024
Psychiatrists make Diagnoses, but not in Circumstances of Their Own Choosing: Agency and Structure in the DSM(1). SPASSER, MARK A. Sep 22, 1998 11031
Hybrid or inbred: the purity hypothesis and Hollywood genre history. Staiger, Janet Sep 22, 1997 5996
Keeping classification current. Dallao, Mary Jul 1, 1997 1782
Choosing classes in conceptual modeling. Parsons, Jeffrey; Wand, Yair Jun 1, 1997 4419
Re-viewing remakes. Verevis, Constantine Mar 22, 1997 6523
Promiscuous realism. Wilson, Robert A. Jun 1, 1996 5605
Developing young children's classification and logical thinking skills. Micklo, Stephen J. Sep 22, 1995 2396
Jail classification: improving link to intermediate sanctions. Wells, David; Brennan, Tim Feb 1, 1995 1812
Dewey classification committee approves revisions. Oct 1, 1994 424
Classification schemes for scores: analysis of structural levels. Elliker, Calvin Jun 1, 1994 11567
Title-keyword indexing of intergovernmental organization materials; Pro-Cite can greatly improve public access to IGO documents. Wise, Mary Porter; Kirby, Diana Gonzalez Bibliography Nov 1, 1990 1905
Archives: tying up history. Holland, Max; Bird, Kai column Feb 2, 1985 447

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