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Classic Whittling: Basic Techniques and Old-Time Projects.

Classic Whittling: Basic Techniques and Old-Time Projects

Rick Wiebe

Linden Publishing

2006 South Mary, Fresno, CA 93721-9875

9781610352543 $14.95

Illustrated with step-by-step, full-color photography on virtually every page, Classic Whittling: Basic Techniques and Old-Time Projects is a solid guide to this art of crafting beautiful and functional items from wood, whether for purposes of hobby, stress relief, or just plain fun. In addition to whittling fundamentals, Classic Whittling includes a wealth of sample projects, from interlinking hearts and ball-in-a-cage to "fan birds" (with delicate wingfeathers spread wide), spoons, whistles, walking sticks and much more. Classic Whittling is a "must-have" for anyone interested in practicing or refining their command of this creative and skillful endeavor.

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Publication:Internet Bookwatch
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Date:Dec 1, 2015
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