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Classic Jags reunited by owners after 50-year gap.

Byline: Cheyenne Roundtree Reporter

AFTER being separated for 50 years, fate brought together these two long-lost classic Jaguar cars.

Ray Straughan, 64, from Heddon and Martin Simpson, from South Shields, reunited their two consecutive plated Jaguar E-Type vintage cars, after 50 years apart.

They were The original consecutive plates mean that these two automobiles were likely sold right after one another at the same show room, a half a century ago.

probably sold at the same showroom, just right after each Ray was at a classic car rally last weekend with his red 1966 Jaguar E-Type when Martin approached him and said his blue Jag had almost the exact same plate number, but it was off by one digit.

other Justin Wray-Brayshaw Ray said: "We just can't believe this. It's just crazy."

Justin Wray-Brayshaw, director of B' Modern Classics, said consecutive plates were a rare find, especially because the cars are 50 years old.

He said: "It is not totally unusual, but it is certainly very rare.

"Having the original consecutive plates means they were probably sold at the same showroom, just right after each other."

Ray said he first got the Jaguar bug in the 1960s at 18 years old and his boss would let Ray drive around in his Jaguar from time to time.

Ray added: "I had to wait quite a few years until I could get one of my own."

Ray purchased his E-Type in 2008 and Martin's car was purchased in 1986. In March 2008, The Daily Telegraphed ranked the vehicle first in their list of 100 most beautiful cars of all time.

Depending on the condition of the Jaguar E-Type 1966 2+2 Coupe, the cars can be worth anywhere from PS16,400 to more than PS60,000. Now Ray and Martin are going over their documents trying to pinpoint the history of their Jaguars.

Ray said: "We are just trying to trace it back and see where they came from."

They were probably sold at the same showroom, just right after each otherJustin Wray-Brayshaw


Ray Straughan and Martin Simpson reunited their 50-year-old classic Jaguar E-Type cars

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Publication:The Journal (Newcastle, England)
Date:Sep 27, 2016
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