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Classic ASP Debugging Tool from Spline Technologies Enables Developers Uncover Errors in Web Pages Without Server Reconfiguration.

Palo Alto, CA, October 13, 2012 --( Spline Technologies announces a major update to its flagship classic ASP debugging software tool Team Remote ASP Debugger.

Web developers can now remotely edit and debug classic Active Server Pages (classic ASP code) without without manual reconfiguration of their production servers, and without attaching to running processes. Team Remote ASP Debugger fully supports native JavaScript and VBScript debugging languages for simple and complex local, remote and team remote ASP debugging scenarios.

Team Remote ASP Debugger is currently the only web development tool in the world that delivers full-fledged remote classic ASP debugging functionality for a team of ASP developers.

Team Remote ASP Debugger Update Features:

- No manual server reconfiguration now required

- Developers can now step back and forth within their debugging history

- Every classic ASP Run-Time Error is now explicitly Explained - showing the error information hint pointing to the exact place where it appeared in your ASP code

- Advanced ASP form debugging - developers can debug classic ASP Login Form Pages, and ASP Order Submit Form pages

- Show Last Error - developers can see the exact position where the latest error occurred and complete description of that ASP error message

- Variable Watch - developers can enter variables and monitor their values as they change

- Variable Hint - developers can see the value of any variable by moving the mouse over it

- Expression Evaluation and Expression Watch - web developers can monitor complete expressions and watch their changing values as they go

Team Remote ASP Debugger is presently the only classic ASP debugging software tool in the world that does not require attaching to process, or any other manual configuration.

Team Remote ASP Debugger comes with Step-by-Step ASP Debugging Tutorials and Functional Multimedia Demonstration for ASP developers.

Team Remote ASP Debugger System Requirements:

Team Remote ASP Debugger is designed for Windows 8/7/Vista/2010/2008/2000/2003/XP with Microsoft IIS 5.0 or better.

Price and Availability:

Team Remote ASP Debugger is available now at

There are two editions available: Team Remote ASP Debugger PRO Local Edition - for local ASP Debugging (physically on IIS server), and Team Remote ASP Debugger PRO FULL Edition - for remote ASP debugging, including the possibility to debug classic ASP remotely from multiple workstations.

Licensing is offered on a per-developer basis. Single-user pricing starts from $120 for a single-user PRO Local Edition license. Team Remote ASP Debugger PRO FULL Edition costs $190 per user. Priority Phone Support is included. Volume licensing discounts and site licenses are available.

For more information and to see Team Remote ASP Debugger in action, visit

Contact Information:

Spline Technologies

Artem Aroustamov

778 374 0385

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Date:Oct 13, 2012
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