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Clarke studies revisited, the famous technical studies reorganized by key.

Clarke Studies Revisited, The Famous Technical Studies Reorganized by Key, by H.L. Clarke and edited by Larry Clark. Carl Fischer, 2016.; 68 pp., $14.99.

The Herbert L. Clarke, Technical Studies for the Cornet has been an essential resource for all trumpet players since it was first published in 1912. The 10 studies and eight etudes develop technical facility, endurance, range and lip flexibility; and are used by all levels of players, from beginners to professionals. Each study consists of a specific pattern, which is repeated in various keys, ascending chromatically.

This new publication Clarke Studies Revisited is reorganized by key to assist beginning students in gaining familiarity with less complicated keys and to make it easier to navigate. In my studio I regularly use a key-centered approach with Clarke studies, and we "jump around the book from one section to the next" as editor Larry Clark explains in his Introduction. This book definitely solves the problem of ripped pages and confused students. While Larry Clark has created an authentic re-organization of Herbert Clarke's studies, there are a couple areas where I believe alterations would be acceptable without compromising the original.

First, students or teachers new to Clarke studies should understand why specific studies are absent in this edition: because they do not exist in the original edition (for example, the Sixth, Eighth and Ninth Study in F-Major). Perhaps it may be beneficial to create these missing studies.

The First Study does not have a key signature in either edition. In future editions of this resource, editors may consider the benefits of working chromatically within a key signature. It would certainly add to the consistency of becoming familiar within a particular tonal center, something that this resource accomplishes quite well.

Despite these, and a few other small items, I know that many will both enjoy and appreciate this new edition as much as I did. I would not replace this over the original edition, but would definitely have both.

--Reviewed by Leslie Linton, London, Ontario, Canada

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Author:Linton, Leslie
Publication:American Music Teacher
Article Type:Book review
Date:Dec 1, 2016
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