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Claremont; 42 diplomas awarded.

WORCESTER - Claremont Academy seniors graduated yesterday in the Jefferson Center of Clark University.

Diego Rivera was class valedictorian.



Rebecca L. Aguilar, Fabiola M. Baez Lopez, Marie E. Barral, Raymond A. Beltran, Jennifer C. Castro Lainez (NHS), Dimitrius Q. Coates, Henri Cobani, Raymond J. Cruz, Jonathan David, Robert W. Deeds, Erik A. Flores Clemente, Vu N. Hoang, James A. Kiely, Marta Kozlowska (NHS), Sayuri Kuratomi (NHS), Derek J. Lambert, Anthony L. Maldonado, Ivelises Martinez, Luis D. Martinez, Luis E. Matos, Mario E. Moreira, Thanh N. Ngo (NHS), Ernesto Nieves, Nicole L. Okeefe, Danessa I. Pacheco, Oanh V. Phan, Diego A. Rivera (NHS), Josmarie Rivera, Yahira Rivera, Anthony M. Roberts, Daniel Rodriguez, Sandro N. Santana, Richard J. Simone, Kristo Sina, Shyla J. Sneed, Lindsay M. Sullivan, Giovanny Torres, Jose Y. Torres, Joshua C. Towne, Melanie Vega, Eduardo Velazquez and Ivy L. Wanjiku.


John and Abigail Adams Scholarship: Rebecca Aguilar, James Kiely, Marta Kozlowska, Thanh Ngo, Oanh Phan, Diego Rivera and Joshua Towne.

Mayor Lukes Scholarship: Ivy Wanjiku.

William and Mary Miles Scholarship: Ivy Wanjiku.

Telegram and Gazette Student Achiever Award: Diego Rivera.

Award for Excellence in Robotic Design: Eduardo Velazquez and Luis Martinez.

Award for Excellence in Science: Jennifer Castro Lainez.

Award for Excellence in Graphics: Ivy Wanjiku.

Award for Excellence in Music: Henry Cobani.

Award for Excellence in Drama: Diego Rivera.

Award for Excellence in English: Thanh Ngo.

Academic Achievement Award: Sayuri Kuratomi.

School Spirit Award: Danessa Pacheco.

Good Citizen Award: Luis Matos.

HACE Awards:

Academics: Diego Rivera and Jennifer Castro Lainez.

Art: Luis Martinez.

Community Service: Sayuri Kuratomi.

Athletics: Marie Barral.

Scholarship of America: Sayuri Kuratomi.

Latino Dollars for Scholars: Sayuri Kuratomi, Marie Barral, Diego Rivera, Jennifer Castro Lainez, Ivelises Martinez and Danessa Pacheco.

Hanover Insurance Scholarship: Sayuri Kuratomi.

Bay State Scholarship: Joshua Towne.

Athletic Directors Award: Joshua Towne and Marie Barral.
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Date:Jun 2, 2008
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