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Clap trap.

It was nowhere near as cringe-inducing, but MN Dem Senator Amy Klobuchar did evoke some nostalgia for the 2016 GOP prez primary.

First, a reminder: Back in '16 Jeb Bush (remember him?) reached yet another low point while delivering a speech in NH, just days before the primary. After telling his audience that he would have a "quieter" presidency, the audience was silent. That's when JB had to cue the audience to respond. "Please clap," he said, without any irony.

So at the five-hour "town hall" put together by CNN on April 22 at St. A's (would anyone not doing it for a living self-inflict such a mind-numbing media experience on themselves?), AK had her very own Jeb Bush moment.

First, she started telling her electoral history, all of the election victories she's chalked up. "Every single time I've run I've won every single congressional district in my state, including Michele Bachmann's."

She waited.

Long enough.

And then said to the audience: "It's when you guys are supposed to cheer, OK?"

The big difference between AK and JB? At least AK had a smile on her face. JB, not so much.

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Date:Apr 26, 2019
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